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  1. add limit to WLs

    Can u add limit to archerslike tankers,healers ? is impossibol , there are 2131231 Archers with 3k+ crits doing nothing but spamming right clickevery 2 sec
  2. Movement issue - meele classes

    not when i played in 2016/7
  3. Movement issue - meele classes

    So go reroll phantom summonerifu cant comprehend holding down f1 to chase down your opponents

    -1 elven village ftw
  5. Movement issue - meele classes

    +1, stop clicking f1 to chase your opponent and melee should be np
  6. Lel, The Movie feat XZERGSIDE

    did u finally get wrhero this season?
  7. Vote: Epics & Tattoo in progressive gameplay

    +1 also voted for progession
  8. Golem's - Newbies

    I like pepsi
  9. Tyrant archer

    they 100% got banned for OL bots on adrenaline. i'd have members from empire begging me to invite overlords to my clan (who i had no idea were bots, i thought they were just randoms so i just went along with it). i'd see them on for like 2 days straight, then never see them online after that.
  10. cant log in

    everything is fine now
  11. cant log in

    was playing on server fine and then i got dced, now i cant log in and system doesnt show me any error message (password incorrect or anything) anyone else have this problem?
  12. Yamadas macro

  13. Npc on olympiads

    go play ct1+
  14. New Achievements - Double Kill, Triple Kill, Etc.

    really good suggestion, also i'm all for that double/triple kill thing. sounds sick
  15. Red Primeval Crystals

    no just get rid of them. if someone needs sp, then farm. the fact that they are in these boxes reduces the overall value of boxes of luck. if its a debate then make poll (i am 100% certain everyone would agree to get rid of them)