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  1. mirage

    th are not op, they hit like shit and miss so many skills. its the only thing that makes it playable. its already nerfed as is,learn to target
  2. deathmatch geodata

    same thing happened with me once during zaken rb event if it's any help
  3. restart for server

    events stopped after we got ported for hunting ground mini game. there was no timer and no other players spawned. now crystal still think hunting grounds is going on but time doesnt go down
  4. Strider cluttering

    i dont care if people use striders in towns (except offline shop, i dont think this should be a thing).... butin event it'sanother thing.
  5. disbanding parties when going into mini event

    i am pretty sure all of them, but i will double check and update later
  6. disbanding parties when going into mini event

    parties still disband even after update
  7. about magic critics

    so much this. but +1 mcrits are way broken
  8. obtaining noble ring/necklace after staff

    thank you, that was very helpful
  9. alright so i'm not sure if this is a bug or not but i've been having a lot of trouble obtaining pvp necklace on my alt. on my main, i obtained it no problem (and many others said this too), ring was decently easy as well. then after, i went and killed rb to receive staff.... HOWEVER... on my alt, i obtained RINGthen STAFF. i usually play healer on it, and the requirement for necklace is "kill through pvp", so i make nuker on her. ive made 1000+ pvps and still no drop. so this leads me with 3 questions: 1) is this a bug, or is drop rate super rare? i knowfor quest on retail, you need ring and necklace BEFORE you get staff, so thats why i think it might be a bug. 2) what is drop rate on ring/necklace? 3) can healers (and even spoilers for this matter) obtain the pvp necklace? technically, they get "kills" for heals/rez/spoil. the npc said you need to kill players. does this mean ACTUALLY kill them, or do these "kills" count as well? ty if you are able to clarify this.
  10. Summon HP BAR BUGG

    lmfao peper ur a funny dude
  11. Change main class

    what if you cant sub class you want to change to? my friend who is th wants to make ghost hunter sub but cant due to class restriction
  12. is it possible to keep party from previous event when entering mini events like russian roulette, etc? i understand certain events you shouldnt have party (death match, ffa), but i am not sure what the reason is behind party disbanding every time for these others. ty
  13. Clear the chamber lack of motivation

    +1 get rid of clear the chamber. too much running for not THAT good xp. other mini events are more fun (siege, devils instance). maybe cuz it has less running and im lazy, idk
  14. Titans-redesign

    maybe should have tested titan before going full retard on spoiler for 1 week straight. LOL
  15. i thought events were supposed to last for 1 week? since the server went up on saturday we had 3 different events (letters, enchant staff and medals). is it supposed to be like this or are they supposed to last for a week like they used to? thanks