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  1. Too Long; Didn't read.
  2. Im done with all of you

    I was totally expecting Drama when i read the Topic Name. Slightly Disappointed.
  3. When you dmg the Summoner while the Pet is in Sleep, the Pet instantly wakes up from transfer Pain "Damage", which is not how that interaction works
  4. That's interesting. Any Idea what could be the Cause of the Target Animation simply not showing for me? I used the latest Patch for the Server at the Start of the Season on a Fresh Interlude Install
  5. Only that the second animation is not visible, atleast not for me what's shown on the screenshot is the animation on finishing the cast btw, which appears around the caster
  6. The Damage Skill "Event: Fire" shows up around the casters location, not around the location he targets it at
  7. Expert's Tranquility

    not sure if the str/int increase shows up, but my matk went up when i added it, so i'd assume if anything it's a visual bug
  8. Look, i can see why you can't spam single target Heals on Overlords since they're quite tanky while also providing CP Heals. Can't Ress Overlords? - ugh, a bit weird since it punishes active play where you run risk of dying, but heck, you propably got your reasons. But that even Cleanse is forbidden to be used on other Support classes is just plain ridiculous in my Opinion. Pretty much every 2nd Debuff in this Game is close to a Death Sentence when it lands, and since - guess what - you can't get ressed either, there's only to town left for you, making party play really awkward unless you got an SE in party (they CAN ress OL for some reason?)

    someone watched too many dvp movies of full geared archer hitting lowbies or something
  10. CANCEL

    then you'd have 10 spoilers surrounding him and ganing up on him! Can't cancel stick when you're perma stunned!
  11. CANCEL

    Change Server to Spoiler only please, fair pvp for all! Epic 10 Minutes fights!
  12. Chance Buff Augment

    You wouldn't be able to stack chance + buff augments. You can only have 1 Augment Buff Active at the same Time, no matter what. You could, however, stack chance Buff Augment + Passive one the same like you do Active + Passive, since the Chance ones also last 4 Hours i believe.
  13. Clan Shop

    Boy am i glad to see those SP Crystals in there. Always been the most sought after reward from Lucky Chest

    mmhm i dunno, i played today for a bit after a 3 day break and it was like 60+ ppl in event

    Mirage is pro 3rd party software mechanic. just block out those target cancel packets and oh look, instant pvp advantage! Much fun.