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  1. About land rate

    Shock Stomp has always been ridiculous on this Server and seemingly bypasses all Stun resists. Then again, do Warlords have anything else going for them? If they got 0 Stuns that work, you might as well /delete class
  2. unban

  3. That's some next-level ingame implementation
  4. There's a bug in the Geodata that enables players to get on top of the Roof of the Fortress. To access the roof, you have to go up here to the corner, then click on top of the roof and u will bug down:
  5. Reasons why Summoners are (sadly) still bad

    The way that Adena rewards work on this server forces you to do "my gameplay". Like i said, i'd also very much welcome being able to play defensively and focusing on the Bane / Supporting type role in bigger fights, however, you get no rewards at all for that.
  6. Last restart changelist?

    I think it was stated in announcements before the restart that the bug that did make events get stuck was fixed.
  7. Magic Crit

    you can't expect to even get close to capping out mcrit rate without capping out all items needed for it. even in retail interlude, u needed valakas, pow, wm, siren dance, wm active + passive or hero weapon to get capped mcrit. and guess what? even ncsoft nerfed that right in the next chronicle because they realized they fucked up. yes, it can be a tall order to fullfil, but those are the requirements if u wanna go lulz faceroll i crit all the time.
  8. Magic Crit

    Play class like summoner which has no way at all to further progress its dmg, then come back to QQ pls
  9. Magic Crit

    k, go for active + passive wild magic then, same thing
  10. bp rank

    try summoner then, i'm rank 8
  11. Magic Crit

    Get Active WIld Magic Augment and Hero 2h Nuker Weapon and try again
  12. Alright, Summoners got quite the nice Power Spike once they hit lvl 77 to pickup the Expert Summon Empower Skill, however, after that there is almost no way to further progress your Character. While all other Classes can increase their attack and defense through their Gear and enchanting it, Summoners are Stuck with boosting only their Defense. Don't get me started on "but you can enchant your Pet". Each Skill Enchant on the Pet is like 20 Patk, so if you would push your Pet from +10 to +20, you would end up Increasing it's Patk from around 5k to roughly 5.2k (estimate), which is an Increase of 4%. Their 79 Summons are also delegated to "PVE Pets", since even though they got superior stats compared to the basic Summons, their damage in PvP is really low. No Idea why that's a thing btw. Which brings us to the Next Issue: the 20 Buff Slots Cap on Summons. Since the Expert Skill takes a Buffslot and so does the Catbuff/Ponybuff, you're left with 18 Buffslots to use. Since you absolutely need all the Patk, Atk Speed and Crit Buffs you can get (including Mental Shield since otherwise Erease lands 95% of the Time), i ended up even cutting Buffs like Bless the Body, Focus and Shield, which turns your Pet into a "lol i get 2-3 shotted by any geared DD" glass cannon. A defensive Buffset and playstyle is impossible since you HAVE to deal damage to people to get any rewards, using Warrior/Mage Bane on ppl gives nothing. In Short: I think the Buff to Summoners in form of Expert Summon Empower was good, but not consistent since it's a one-time power spike and doesn't make them scale at all. Personally i think changing the Buff to havelower static stat boosts, but give a % boost based off the Master's Patk/Matk/Pdef/Mdef to the Summon similar to how it was done in later Chronicles with Servitor Sharewould be a good Start. That way they might scale into the lategame better while not changing anything for Olympiad, thus making them OP there.
  13. While you're stunned, you are currently prevented from changing targetorgiving commands to your Summon.
  14. Magic Crit

    Finally the first QQ thread because Mages don't have 100% mcrit rate anymore
  15. If it would have atleast a cast time needed to summon it, it would be more reasonable. you could still be the first getting to objectives on battlefields and such, but not use it to just make ridiculous escapes in situations where you should have been dead.