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  1. Hi

    I honestly think the Server has become alot better in terms of balance since Launch. But too many ppl quit by now for the Changes to do anything.
  2. I have Seraph Heavy Armor with Attribute on it but didn't apply the Attack or Defense Set Option on it before the Patch. Now i cannot do that anymore under Armor Upgrade and I'm stuck without a Set Bonus.
  3. Planned Changes (Poll)

    Well, some ppl will always be fcked from big changes like this. And if you wipe, the ppl who nolifed hard are gonna be mad. I personally wouldn't mind if there would be a wipe AFTER the class balance has been somewhat adressed though.
  4. Planned Changes (Poll)

    Those are good Changes so i'm voting yes. They don't touch the Class-Balance and permastun issue at all tho so it's still a little doubtful imo. But it's a good start.
  5. WTF!!!!!

    Archers are fine guys, don't worrie! Heavy Armor users with range resist buff dying from a single archer on stunlock at 1100 range is completely fine! How dare those idiots try to play some other Classes anyway just because they thought it would be "fun" to play or bring some diversity to the Fights. Gotta Stunlock 3-shot dem n00bs, lulz!
  6. Disable Land Rates / Durations

    It doesn't change the fact that most fights are basically just a dice roll weather stun lands or not. If u get stunned for 10 seconds, u're dead. simple as that. If the odds are slightly lower, what changes about that?
  7. Disable Land Rates / Durations

    Honestly, just lowering the land rate by adding Resistance of Saha to NPC would just make things more random, and not sure if that's the way to go
  8. Disable Land Rates / Durations

    Right now this whole Server is a big Crown Control Fiesta. Personally, I dont think that's fun to play at all. Especially for any type of Melee Class, you typically just eat the chain CC until you die unless you got some kind of celestial ability up... Let's just take Archer Stun as an example. It's cast almost instantly, lasts for ~5-10 Seconds and Lands over 90% of the Time. This is true for the Majority of Stuns from all Classesbtw, it's just an Example.That means u're pretty much just dead during that time without being able to do anything. A possible Solution to that would be to lower the Stun/Debuff Durations and/or Land Rate like it has always been done in Interlude/H5 Servers. The Problem then however would be that many healers are practically impossible to kill already right now unless you chain disable them for like 15 seconds with multiple ppl hitting them. So with low Disable Durations, Healers would be basically impossible to kill. So what i think would be a good Idea is to lower the CC Durations to make Fights feel more interactive, and lower the Amount of Heal from Healing abilities at the same Time.
  9. You get silenced even while standing way outside of the Poison Field Area.
  10. DM = impossible unless u're one of the most farmed players. Battlefield = total dmg done to flags done counts now and not last hit, and as you can see, u won't outdmg farmed daggers/archers on this one so i didn't even try. I don't want to turn this into a "QQ Donator nolifer omg" Thread. I'm fine with not having the strongest char. I'm just having trouble seeing how u would ever be able to gain higher ranks with a mediocre farmed char to start being able to compete like this.
  11. That's another thing. How are you supposed to get Top Player multiple Times to Rank up while fighting against Rank 7/8 farmed ppl for it?`Only way is Tank/Healer Dual Class, if u don't have that, u'll propably never be able to Rank up anymore at this Point of the Server.
  12. My Point remains that making it based on this ELO system is broken.
  13. read again before you answer. how u wanna gain kills and elo as warrior or tank rly? im not saying the classes are useless. just that this rank system punishes them
  14. Player Rank used to be purely Cosmetic, i guess you wanted to go for something different this time, fair enough. HOWEVER, the Rewards from the Ranks, especially Rank 7, are pretty much busted. All 4 Dual Class Certificates at the same time? Holy shit. The Fact that you can obtain Subclass Certificates and Dual Class Certificates (which are pretty damn strong) ONLY through Player Rank, which heavily favors DD and Healer Classes, since all others will have huge trouble getting enough Kills and/or Elo, is a bad Idea i think. To obtain higher Ranks, you actually cannot play classes like Tanks or Warriors and are forced to play DD or Healer. The Elo System has always been a little iffy, but it was fine on the old Serverssince it was only used to balance Teams and not a necessary requirement to unlock Skills and/or Items. This System only makes the Gap between farmed ppl now and casual players even wider aswell.
  15. Party Balance

    So you're telling me being able to debuff ppl from the stacked party with 3 healers for like 8 seconds compared to 21 seconds immunity is fine? Okay.