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  1. Chain stun

    Is this a "yo my 90% land rate warlord stun can't chain stun 10 ppl at the same time" qq thread?

    Well, doing something like increasing the Time that a Summon stays dead on the Ground before disappearing (thus increasing the Time until they can resummon AND leave the Summoner vulnerable for some more Time) would be justified IMO.

    Ssssh, don't tell Mages to buff Cov, maybe I'll stop critting them for 5k on my Archer sub then
  4. Force barrier and debuffs

    Sadly, this is "working as intended" by the L2 Devs. Let's not forget it's the same Devs that made OL Clan Celestial Shield last for 30 Seconds, make stuff like Seal of Blockade and Stigma of Shilien debuffs that cannot be resisted, made Berserker Rush Impact a 0 Cooldown spammable AOE Stun, etc etc.

    you're wrong: Cancel land rate is notnear100%, it isliterally100%. You cannot resist cancel and buffs like Arcane Protection that promise Cancel resist are a Lie. And yes, don't even get me started on how Cancel even bypasses Celestial Shield, which no other Skill or Debuff in the Game does. It's beyond broken.
  6. Supports balance

    You can stay connected for 10 Minutes? I envy you.
  7. Meele Attack Delay

    From personal Experience, this is often just caused by your own character location how you see it on your screen not being "in sync" with where you actually are server side. This happens alot in L2, since as far as i know, when you do an action like let's say clicking on the Ground to move somewhere, you just send an "i want to move to coordinates xyz" Packet to the Server and after that, the Client will just show your Character moving with it's movespeed towards that Location. During that movement, however, there is no actual synchronization between your Client and the Server about where you actually are, that only happens when you do another Action. So then on your Client you maybe see yourself right next to the Enemy, but on Server Side, you are actually still further away from your target, so you cannot use a melee skill even though you see yourself right next to your Target. tl;dr: L2 Netcode is old and bad. Not much can be done about that probably.
  8. Buff destroyers

    How is pre-frenzy not an Option? Learn2Titan lmao
  9. Elo Balance for Hunting Grounds?

    I'll just leave this here to further demonstrate how Number of ppl is all that matters in this Event (just check the Score)
  10. Elo Balance for Hunting Grounds?

    Certain Mini Events like Hunting Grounds put everyone on an even playing Field by setting same hp/cp/atk speed etc and all having same Weapon. So why are those Events also balanced by Elo? Having more ppl is really all that counts there and the Elo rating you gain/lose in Events literally loses its Meaning there.
  11. global chat delay

    And what sould a Delay change about that?
  12. do something about lag

    Sadly it's been really bad for the last few Hours, since the lag spikes often result in disconnects for me, followed by not being able to log back in for a minute or so afterwards
  13. do something about lag

    It's not lagging anymore now. Since the Server crashed.
  14. Summoners joke

    reward for killing a summon could propably be too easily abused
  15. Strong PC, low FPS

    L2 and Ryzen are naturally a bad Match aswell, since it's an old game that basically only uses 1 CPU Core and Multithreaded workloads is where Ryzen shines. You can try overclocking your R5 2600 (really good CPU to overclock usually), but other than that, there's propably not much you can do. What you can try is using the l2.exe and l2.ini from the optional folder in the OVC Patch, those raise the Ram the Game can use, which might make the game run better for a little longer before it starts becoming slow. Just restart your Client between Maps every now and then (don't have to restart PC like someone suggested, we're not living in Windows 98 times anymore)