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  1. enchant them to atleast like +7 to raise their skill level and it should be better. still propably not worth to try it on all those stacked archers/daggers. root on mages is propably your best bet since they at most got baium and no AQ and most don't buff mental shield
  2. Well, the main Problem they suffer is that no root/stun lands well in Interlude as soon as People get Boss Jewels. And if you don't Stun or Root someone as a Tank, they will just kite you and laugh at you
  3. Even with 100% increased damage, the classes would still be kinda unplayable in events sadly. That's just how Interlude is =/
  4. Dick comparison 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 arenas

    Sure, sounds fun. Maybe add a Top List of People with the highest win Percentage/wins/losses/kills/deaths just for extra dick comparison, with no real meaning ingame
  5. It would be fine IF it would behave that way. Currently, you do not stop attacking when you use a toggle skill, but instead simply nothing happens. It's like you didn't even press the Skill.
  6. Nah, i'm just a guy who plays for fun. And there's no fun for me in a 1-sided server, hence i do my best to keep you roaches from becoming too cocky
  7. Like i said, "only so he couldn't take" xyz, that's just pure Fanboy Style. So yeah, keep holding Dicks with others so you can "win", if that's what makes you proud of yourself
  8. Sure, cuz that's the only Hero you tried to take by having JayCutler feed you I mean no disrepect, and i get why you would dislike luffy, but you're really just behaving like Fangirls. Every Topic its "Luffy this, Luffy that", and talking about "dominating" when the 2 biggest allies on the Server joined together to "dominate" Luffy, it's just kinda sad really.
  9. slco didn't dominate shit. You held Dicks with Drugaddicts on Oly aswell as on Siege. 2 Allies vs 1, simple as that.
  10. This is just a "minor bug", but can be pretty annoying depending on the class you play. While you are auto-attacking a target (/attack), you cannot use any kind of toggle skills. you first have to stop attacking, then toggle, then start attacking again. Other stuff like Change Armor Set Macros work fine while attacking, just Toggles don't for some reason.
  11. Battle Roar Augmentation

    So yeah, cool this is still not fixed after 1 week, because jaycutler keeps abusing it in olympiad to heal from 20% hp to full.
  12. Remove Elven Town

    The difference for elven Village is the Tree/Water in the middle i believe. if you move your camera to face away from the center, FPS is alot better. So yeah, nothing can be done Server Side about that i suppose,
  13. Angelic Icon 2

    lol, try playing titan then.
  14. Battle Roar Augmentation

    yup, that's what is happening