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  1. Dear Emerald

    Are you implying that discussions on this forum have ever been constructive to begin with?
  2. Dear Emerald

    This, If endgame stuff is faster to get but still takes time to get if you can only play casually, all this will do is make the gap between the top and low-end players growat a faster rate. If you want to make that gap smaller, what you would need is stuff like daily login rewards or something similar, which is hard to realize in a game like L2 because a system like that would just be abused by ppl making 100 Accounts.
  3. Dear Emerald

    Jealousy? Hardly. Just making a liltle fun of you because a bachelor of finance has hardly anything to do with the topic really and you seemed so full of yourself because of it
  4. Dear Emerald

    Ladies and Gentlemen, i hereby present you the only person with a bachelor's Degree in Finance and therefore there is no doubt in my mind that he is the most qualified to talk about complicated topics like ingame economics and making accurate statements like 10 Adena < 100 Adena. Thank you for bestowing the blessing of your wisdom upon us, oh wise one.
  5. Thing is, u can't even know what kind of resist buffs etc the targets have that the skills are used on, so judging skill land rates by videos with small sample size and limited information is a bad idea if you ask me. If there were leaked off files like there is for older chronicles it'd be easy to check, like this it's really just guesswork. And honestly, outside of Olympiad, i don't think that making everything "retail like" has ever been the Goal of this Server. Just remember 1 second duration Fear/Mass Fear on older Chroniclesbecause it used to be so OP. And even with 1 Sec it was still a good Skill for Fights like we have them here. IMO let's focus on real Bugs first and not "this Skill maybe has higher land rate on Retail" kind of Stuff.
  6. yeah, give the highest dmg class a 100% disable pls and QQ about 0 dmg tanks who can disable. in the same post. lulz.
  7. Damage is too high (PvP time is too short)

    It's Beta of a Chronicle that this Server has never done before. Balance issues are to be expected imo. Give it some time =)
  8. Tank debuff

    Oh noes, a class that does 0 dmg has the ability to disable someone! srsly.
  9. Critical error on open L2.exe

    Same thing when you right click on L2.exe and start as Admin?
  10. Critical error on open L2.exe

    Really no idea then. Make sure all your Drivers are updated and all Windows updates are installed maybe? I don't know.
  11. Critical error on open L2.exe

    Since the Error is about NWindow.dll, check if it's the correct File maybe? Mine is13.677.168 Bytes big.
  12. Critical error on open L2.exe

    You also used the Grand Crusade OVC Patch and not one from the previous OvC by mistake, right?
  13. For objective based PvP like on OvC, this Skill seems to have way too low cooldown and/or too high proc rate (100%). When there is 2 of those Skills next to eachother, you constantly get moved between the 2 and can't do anything really. And that goes for everyone. I'd suggest that any kind of Pull Skill (Shadow Snare, Chain Strike, Chain Hydra etc) give u Pull immunity for a few seconds after u get pulled. This way, the Skills still do what they're supposed to do (Pull ppl together), but its not a complete AOE perma disable for any kind of Melee like it is right now.
  14. If you use chain strike (tank pull skill) on a target that is moving, it will show like he is pulled but then instantly move him back to where he was before. works fine on standing targets. Also, if somebody gets stunned while moving, the move order doesn't stop and he keeps running while being stunned.
  15. Critical error on open L2.exe

    maybe post error message if you expect help?