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  1. Using Winamp in 2019, ofc u'll get banned
  2. What's a Validation Period supposed to be when it comes to Olympiad? Usually Olympiad runs every Day, here only on Weekends. But by that logic, wouldn't Mon-Thu be Validation Period and Fri-Sun Competition Period?
  3. Got Hero (which in itself should always reward Noblesse Gate passes even when low on Points) with something close to 50 pts (don't remember exactly), but apperantly I "don't have enough Points"?
  4. Insane lag issue

    I can't even login
  5. Feline King pet Damage on healer with cov

    Fact remains that especially Cats are borderline "broken" since they got the crit chance / crit dmg buff from Buff Cat. They hit as hard as a fully Stacked Archer and attack way faster at the same time
  6. in-game scoreboard

    pro tip: stop using 3rd party interfaces with shitty built in cheat functions and u won't have issues
  7. might be related to systemmsg-e.dat, check if the interface replaced that
  8. error when changing resolution

    Can probably modify l2.ini to do that, since u can also remove the middlemouse = camerareset bind there
  9. error when changing resolution

    If that doesn't help, you can try manually entering the resolution you want into your Option.ini example: [Video] GamePlayViewportX=1920 GamePlayViewportY=1080
  10. Why remove Tattoo from normal Shop?

    It's base pdef and gets effected by buffs
  11. Why remove Tattoo from normal Shop?

    So getting roughly as much Pdef as going from B-grade to A-grade Armor is hardly Game changing? It's a necessaryItem to have, especially when you start seeing Drac Archers which is already happening. Ppl already Donate plenty without pulling "exclusive Item" Stuff like this, which is completely Fine! (I personally drop 10-20 Euros every season myself, because I'm fine with paying for something I enjoy) All I'm saying is that a move like this creates unnecessary "incentive" to Donate. And by the same "just buy FA from Adena" Logic, u could also put pretty much anything, even Boss Jewels, exclusively to Donate Shop and Drop from Grand Bosses. I'm pretty sure if that happened, you'd be pissed too. Well, this is basically the same Thing, just on a smaller scale.
  12. Why remove Tattoo from normal Shop?

    Where do you think those FA came from? Some "idiot" who spent 20 Euros. It's the same Thing in the end, just that you have to Farm an additional 10k Adena if u don't want to pay 20€, AND someone else has to pay for you.
  13. Why remove Tattoo from normal Shop?

    Was too slow with editing previous post, so sry for double post. I also never called it "op", it's simply that making only a select lucky few (drop) or donators (shop) be able to obtain it in a reasonable way creates anadditionalGear Gap for no reason other than Greed imo
  14. Why remove Tattoo from normal Shop?

    Doesn't answer the question why ithad to be removedfrom the normal Adena Shop and those methods you listed would beadditionalMethods for obtaining it. And whoever said it's shit needs to have their Brain checked. It's as much Pdef as upgrading from B-grade to A-grade Armor Set, while giving some mdef and speed on top
  15. Why remove Tattoo from normal Shop?

    Which would mean for everyone who wants to own a Tattoo of Power, someone has to Donate 20€. Definition of Cashgrab.