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  1. Vote: clans #1

    One BIG problem i see with this are Overlords.
  2. Didn't that finally get adressed last Patch? Also, c-grade doesnt give u more adena than using b-grade
  3. Enchant fail every time

    In L2, that's what we call "Skill", my Friend. This whole game is an RNG Fiesta. Skillcrits, Attack Crits, Magic Crits. Which buffs u take by Cancel? Does Stun/Fear/Silence Land? There are not many things that are not affected by some kind of randomness in this Game.
  4. I think u mean 420-560 Mat Boxes But while your calculation is somewhat realistic in the best case scenario, let's be real: What you'd need for this to be true is a small map (fortress perhaps), high activity (peak time) AND no other Spoiler on the same Team as you are. Good luck with that. I think what might need a second look are Warlords. I've seen it multiple Times now that a B-grade Warlord sub got more Score/"Dmg" on TvT events or Boss fights than any stacked full S-grade DD. Their debuffs/Stuns all appear to count as Damage, propably to make adena gain calculation simpler, which is perfectly fine. The Numbers need to be slightly adjusted though in my opinion. No random B-grade sub should be able to "outdmg" (as counted by the score system) all DDs on the Map, while also gaining a big adena boost since they're only using low grade gear. Don't get me wrong, i think it's great that warlord is playable and can get farm for doing it's job! But i'd like to see them require a little more gear and/or effort to get this done, like pretty much all other classes have to aswell. tl;dr: stuns/debuffs from warlord count as too much dmg in terms of score/reward system
  5. Enchant fail every time

    Damn, you're REALLY unlucky. Try not to go outside your House, you might get hit by a Meteor or struck by Lightning.
  6. Nice Try

    Sibley is actually a player? Could've sworn it's just JayCutlers alt char edit: That Luffy begging to Prevy is pretty hilarious i have to agree But oly smacktalk when you got like 10-20 Chaos ppl on oly manager nonstop against 1 pp and 1 gladi on Order competing is a little lame.
  7. Elo System reset after each Server restart?

    Ye, i know that. But you'll have to trust me that it happened multiple times during the last week that everybody's elo got set to 2k again on all classes/subclasses. I'll let you know when i see it happening again.
  8. Elo System reset after each Server restart?

    I've seen it go back to 2k elo for everyone several times since launch tho, what's that about then?
  9. Not sure if this is a feature, a bug or because you're tweaking the numbers for the Elo System, but it appears to me that after each Server restart, all Players Elo is reset to 2k, which results in the first 10 maps or so after that to be really unbalanced often since a rank 1 b-grader has same elo as full s-grader at that point.
  10. Take adena

  11. Consumable Items

    To clarify what i meant: I was talking about Skills that are consuming items like Major Heal/Major Group Heal (Spirit Ore), Gladi/Tyrant Force AOE Skills (Energy Stone), Death Spike (Cursed Bone). Could propably also add Hero Skills and some others to that list. Since those Consumables are free in NPC shop anyways, there should be no point in having them Consume Items which you need to restock/buy.
  12. Consumable Items

    If it's possible, i think it'd be a nice quality of Life change if all consumable could work like Soulshots/Spiritshots/Arrows do on this Server so you just buy them once and don't have to Restock. Notable Exceptions from this Rule i noticed: Energy Stones (Gladi/Tyrant), Spirit Ore and propably Cursed Bones for Necro (didn't test this)
  13. death buff sound

    I think what he means is the Buff your team recieves when it's behind which boosts your atk/cast speed amongst other stuff i believe. It has the Sound Effect of Malaria from Hot Springs and/or Poison.
  14. Honestly, i was completely fine with donator advantages until now. They got a head-start in form of early gear advantage, but they were still bound to market prices and supply of AA, or they had to buy it at 40a each from NPC which isn't exactly cheap. Now however, with AA being 25a at the Donation Manager, purchasable by Donators only, the whole System got flipped on it's head: Donators are now suddenly the main supply of AA, diminishing the value of them for any farmed ones, while also generating free Adena which is basically only limited by Market Demand for anyone able to use that NPC: Just buy tons of AA for 25a each from NPC and sell to Players at 27/28a each and get tons and tons of adena for doing NOTHING.