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  1. I'm back

    Hi everyone, hope you are all doing fine and having fun. is it too late to start now ..? I don't have as much time to play as before, so I am not sure whether it's worth it or it's better to wait for the next season.
  2. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    We often tend to forget, including myself, that Emerald and the rest who help him out, provide us with this gaming experience for free and consume their own free time for the rest of us. ( I doubt you make any /or big/ profits out of donations, but only to cover your running costs and time spent). The L2 Community as a whole has changed so much in the past 10 years. We've become much more demanding, while in the same time the game's golden times have long passed and there is much less to offer in terms of server quality. There are less enthusiasts like Emerald to provide a high quality server to play with nothing in return (whether it is customized or close to/retail like)...What I am trying to say, L2 community nowadays is too spoiled. So, just a thank you for your efforts, and in that context, I wish the OvC community more patience and understanding ...
  3. Start New Season Please

    +1000000, launch new season campaign and go for it, it's just painful to keep going like that.
  4. About Events

    Really like your ideas. Thumbs up
  5. L2.exe not launching

    Ok , strange. I rebooted my net router, then I started launching without internet - it gave me a strange error after few seconds, then i put the whole game installation folder in my AV exceptions, and then it started working again..i managed to start the game
  6. L2.exe not launching

    appeared same issue with me. Today i start my pc and go to l2.exe and it just doesn't start. The game does not launch.... Win7 here..any solution? l2ovc.dll doesnt help me, i put the patch again, still nothing.
  7. augments

    No way. It should stay as it is. Getting a nice augment should only and entirely be the result of one's own luck and investment and not due to 'buying it' whether from shop or another player.
  8. Dagger: Adventurer

    I understand your points. Some tweak to dash/mirage (maybe mirage not taking a buff slot) would balance the 3 dagger classes. But in general if you are not happy with TH (dagger class = dominant class in OvC).... come on What should I say then to my beloved Titan class, which is stripped off of all its dignity? And with every season getting another nerf without valid reasoning behind it. (at least I do not find "people said it is too OP" as a valid reason). For example, people say certain popular classes are too OP, but they don't get ridiculous nerfs and perform just fine, do they?
  9. Pre-frenzy for events

    Without dummies, it is still possible to pre-frenzy in town. I don't understand why are you so "against" certain trademark features of this class. In retail titans were always about pre-frenzying and then joining the fight - anytime, anywhere, including Olys which you now are aware of. After all, it is just a damn 1 min 30 sec SELF-BUFF and you are a slow, low p def and low m def class. If the enemy is reckless enough to not stay away from you and spam 900 range skills from 100 range, then it is not the titan's fault or the class being OP. It is as simple as that. Same goes for daggers' backstabs for example.
  10. Pre-frenzy for events

    Abusing? OP? If that's abusing, i can give you an example of something else - how would you comment Necro's continuous summoning, also in town - before events. By your logic - so that it is not OP and abusive, necros should be able to summon only from a dead corpse, in OvC aka, killed player. (Just consider this as a random example). And who told you it was OP? You probably decided it was OP after the continuous crying of people who don't know how to play against such class. Do you think that's fair? Pretty subjective way of deciding what and which class is OP and which not. Tomorrow they will tell you frenzy for 1 min 30 sec is OP, or it's small re-use after proper buffing and gear is OP - and then what - you will also nerf that? I am aware you make the decisions, but know that I don't agree with your points about my suggestion. Ok, I will just accept it - some classes will always be neglected and remain nerfed, while others more favoured. I am sure you are perfectly aware of your server, but look around - approx. 90% of classes are 3 types. I won't mention them. How do you want diversity of classes and more enjoyable gameplay when you limit certain classes so much! peace
  11. Pre-frenzy for events

    Please consider boosting a bit the little pride Titans have left here by enabling entering events (such as Deathmatch, Battlefield, etc.) with zealot/frenzy/guts as before. I don't find this too OP, because I suppose this is the initial reason why you disabled this opportunity for Titans. An important argument to support my suggestion is that for new Titans one of the few chances to gain decently fast XP is on such events (especially Deathmatch). If they could enter on frenzy this would increase their chances of a successful event. Now, it takes at least 1/3 of the event's time of 5 min to be able to make your first frenzy. Finally, saying something is too OP has an easy counter argument - "just make the same char/set up yourself and try it out." So if people find Titan with 30% dmg cap pre-frenzying on events too OP...
  12. titan balance

    Why are not titans allowed to enter deathmatch on frenzy anymore? Is this also too OP and something people cry so much about? Like seriously Emerald , don't you see you have put yet another feature to reduce the variety of playable classes :)? PS. Chevignon - you received 6k from a skill crit. Skill dmg is indeed capped, Titan is ridicilously nerfed , but who cares
  13. titan balance

    Good buddy, thanks! Had some break of L2, thinking of joining back in this OvC season or next You? PM if you want PS. You've given valid points
  14. titan balance

    What about me? QQ Technically titans are supposed to be 1-hit-killing machine. For 1 min only though. And they are such, in low-rate retail-like IL servers. And that is why Frenzy/etc. is 1 min 30 sec and has special requirements to use.
  15. who is your boss?

    Agents is saying only truths, he didnt say nothing wrong, and all you gotta say "you are funny", cause if u had valid argument to fight back you would tell them, but you dont. I am having so much fun. Luffy pls keep quiet man, the only good players from your clan left you cuz you scammed them, you so pathetic.