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    Agent, everything was becouse my archer was weak.. no items no rb jws.. nothing..i was mad.. i quit for week but then i join again with new char ... i take everything in a week and i become a top player in server.. and when i playing for 1month i realise that server is unique.. i did a mistake for the server.. now im here im helping for adverstive and everything.. dont judge my mistake.. p.s. sorry for that i blame you.. wish you good luck to you and veilside,ellyn Mojo!
  2. Advertise Events

    5days left.. post server everywhere l2groups,pages..

  4. Yes, they should be a part of progressive gameplay-ofcourse if you want to bring ppl give them to try the server with full items becouse they can get s-grade easy but what about jws? they need to farm 1week for valakas.. so my opinion is to low price of Raid Boss JWS. becouse is not fun when newbies go to zone and play vs old players (full char)
  5. Golem's - Newbies

    Just put back golems and everything will be fine newbies can grow up and f2f with old players
  6. Golem's - Newbies

    what about augments? what about skills +15? what about weapon/armors +10? there so much newbies and they dont have chance to grow up without golems .. all old players running with wep+ 16 armors/jws +100and full augments
  7. Golem's - Newbies

    Agree, no chance for newbies to play against players with gear +16 armors/jws +10, Skills +30 and Augments Golems need a lot for newbies (for me to )
  8. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    @ichakalaInterlude is most played client , and if you want new players its simple just bring BR/RU players here. but @Emeraldis the boss he will choose what to do.. if he need a help with adverstive i can help, everybody can help
  9. Advertisement Event

    @Mayhemthis is suggestion section if you dont post suggestions dont reply me
  10. Paladin

    @ImmunE i think he can help you
  11. Advertisement Event

    1. Post server in fb l2 groups, and forums for l2 2. Skype event. Download program below for mass message "clownfish"for skype l2ovc.com ♦ Most Complete GvE Interlude Server ♦ Features and Informations: ♦ l2ovc.com ♦ Grand Opening ♦ Expected 1000+ Online Players! ♦ Server Web: l2ovc.com
  12. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    +B+0-7 = 158-14 = 3014-18 = 60+A+0-7 = 308-14 = 6014-18 = 120+S+0-7 = 1008-14 = 20014-18 = 400 like this?
  13. New Season

    Luffy said all truth
  14. New Season

    Emerald, i will help you with adverstive .. i have a lot of l2 friends