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  1. 2nd time on 5 mins DC

    Still super laggy and dc too very often
  2. Take a look at mage balance.

    Uhm dude wtf, archers towards end season hit for 3.7k+ non TP mages, with a +6 DC set, it has always been that ridiculous if u lucky hit 2 crits mage is gone... The problem is u... be patient.
  3. Agent001

    Hehehe agent still stays relevant even as a spoiler, no one can get over him He's not the insulter type and always comes with solid clear facts and people gets mad This topic is pointless
  4. Ench rate

    I used max rate and spent 100 ews and got nothing, just once an am to +6 and then I tried to +7 and zero.... I never knew the real percent anyway cuz i suck at math.
  5. Archers?Is it mage server?

    You need to gear up and do some other stuff. Then it will be the normal 2.5k to mages at the end, and no mage will hit you for 2.5k later, so i think it's pretty fair, when game develops mages stay behind in terms of damage, it's just the early game where they are strong Plus you don't even have crit jewels yet,that makes a big difference
  6. AutoRespawn ON/OFF

  7. Fortress and CTF

    Fortresses are good maps but very short, since you make half pvp and fort is captured and then it ends in 5 minsI would like to suggest that the number of captures for spawning the raid increases, or making the time to capture the fort a bit longer, or putting the mirror downstairs in the middle of the room instead of up. CTF too, good maps but too short, could maybe increase the number of flags taken to end map? because it's another that mostly lasts 5 min And regarding my previous suggestion about battlefield, it was destroyers!! They kill the flags very quick and maps shorten a lot I forgot to add, time interval on siege maps is wrong!! I dont know if its meant to be that way, but by the time castle teleports you on first round, the other faction is already inside throne room, i dont know how to explain but timings are bad, usually when walking to throne room the castle is captured.
  8. Olbots

    First i start as a question, i don't know if there is a restriction of overlords inside event just like with healers? Last season the ol population was BIG ok fine, but they were abusing, no it's not QQ. You see, anyone who spent a couple hours could realize that there were 3 or 4 olbots per clan, especially on big op clans, i think that's too much considering the amount they heal on HP/CP, i myself was in one of those zerg clans with olbots and i think it's unfair to the rest. Could you impose a small restriction regarding overlords? The next start will be very heavy with those million OL's per allyAnd they're a bit hard to kill when they are a little smart and buff properly. People can't have nice things or too much freedom, they inmediately find a way to abuse your generosity
  9. New way to get Noblesse

    Raid area will be PvP? And is it going to be free for both factions or raid in the middle?
  10. New expert skills effects

    Short on debate material? Braindead boy. Use these soft tissues to wipe your delicate hurt ass, you got owned up there by boss Agent
  11. New expert skills effects

    So? who the fuk would fight without transfer pain on? That damage was on late 2015 season, all that was needed was a bw+6 set, if you didn't play don't speak sh1t. I'm on my total right to complain, but as i see it's not blindly balanced anymore, so maybe they won't be as nasty as they were back then, summoners even underwent to a nerf because they were scary unbalanced.
  12. New expert skills effects

    That was last season, previous seasons when pony hit you for 2.5 k and you gave 200 dmg to a summoner with nukes, does it look somewhere near balanced to you? Plus the servitor healing and nonstop bane... They run like retards and pony sweeps you, while your 200 dmg ofc won't be nowhere near enough. I don't know what's the solution to that.That's why they were nerfed and i can't believe gm boosted them for 2 people complaining but meh, let's see what kind of OP they get i hope it's not too much
  13. Olbots

    Clearly, It's kind of strange you didn't notice 3 or 4 overlords per ally on maps. As i guess, you all think it's fine. Nevermind then, if you didn't see Swiss olbot army and some other clans you need your eyes checked.Towards the end it stopped tho, so late joiners have no word.
  14. New expert skills effects

    We already hit summoners by 200 with magic Now look at that passive. What the hell !!! Can mages use it too? otherwise it's a notorial defeat by the summoners QQing You nerfed them for a reason. On a wizard that passive would be amazing!!! No more 3k by damn archers
  15. Enchant gambling NPC

    Until A grade is fine but, you see, enchant selling provides economy to the server, and this gambling would affect a little the business. Other alternative could be that the gambling requires enchants too, so it doesn't affect the selling.
  16. Starting Grade Interlude

    Nah, seasons are kind of short, it's a waste of time, plus, some c sets are sh1t and some C weapons have too good SA, like dagers for example, and would do a very noticeable difference. B sets are a bit more fair regarding statuses, and weapons are more diverse on SA.

    This is awful news This class is stupid. When we are top gear you hit them for 200 and summon hits you for 2k. That's nonsense. Could you shorten their attack range atleast? So they are easier to kill, they just go far and farm kills and no, the actual range is too much already, that's too much advantage above other classes in my opinion. Or make them weaker. And i suppose summon friend can't be used when the both people are in attack mode, because if you are killing the summoner he will summon another dude right there...
  18. grand crusade

    Don't push for interlude, it's too soon, Let's hope it's on decemberA lot of people will play
  19. New season

    Any is fine as long as it's not Interlude. I hope gm is smart and opens interlude on december Meanwhile he can open whatever other chronicle he wants, I'll play
  20. Fun server

    It's not the end, seasons reopen all the time, i have around 3yr playing this server and it's like that, when a season is done we all wait until next one. About changes, it's good we have changes anyways they will be fully applied in next season, as gm once said that seasons are also for testing new features and improving. So just wait until next one
  21. 'Easy' - The Movie

    Aww in the end photo on the corner i'm sitting with Lumy and Thedogroberto haha <3 Nice vid btw, see u next season all
  22. Rebirth exp penalty

    I would like to suggest a little modification on the rebirth penalty system. -I think that the general penalty of having lower gain on exp if you decide to lvl up your subs with one or two rebirths on, is completely fair, or else people should lvl their subs before making them, which both are up to the player and i think it doesnt have to change. -My suggestion is that after your 3 rebirths are complete, your penalty on exp dissapears, i dont think it affects on anything to have normal rate on sub leveling, because if you choose different subs and want another rebirths, you have to pay the delete (And spent 6k before also), and when you are full rebirths, this penalty kind of binds you to your subs and base class, and if you change your opinion and want to try another sub, it's totally impossible to lvl up, i know there is full level for 7k, but that shortens gameplay and as rebirth penalty exists, it is kind of mandatory if you want to lvl a sub. And if you want to test subs and fool around? Paying 7k for every little idea you have is too much It restricts the gameplay a bit and i think having the choice of leveling subs freely would make the playing a bit more fun for everyone and would keep them motivated. In my case, i am very into the end game stage and i am full rebirths at this point(obviously), i want to play on some other subs but the exp gain is ridiculous, many clanmates quit because they lost motivation to play (this was not the reason, but it can help), this could help people to find fresh things to do when you have everything and game starts to get repetitive and boring.After spending time and adena on our rebirths we should be free from penalty
  23. Reanimate server

    I already quit until next season, but what i suggest and that will be with no doubt very successful is that you open Interlude on december, many people will be free for a long time on the ending year holidays and i assure it will be full full of players. There's no better date for a fresh season, meanwhile you can open a gc or h5 until december and then open an interlude again.
  24. Votemanager error hopezone

    The router rr is not working anymore with me, is any GM at least AWARE of this? cmon its weekend, a small look on forum and you could know... Do something...@Emerald@Ruby
  25. Votemanager error hopezone

    Same issue here, we are 2 players on same ip, we never had issues before, now the other person can receive the vote but i can't.