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  1. Reanimate server

    I already quit until next season, but what i suggest and that will be with no doubt very successful is that you open Interlude on december, many people will be free for a long time on the ending year holidays and i assure it will be full full of players. There's no better date for a fresh season, meanwhile you can open a gc or h5 until december and then open an interlude again.
  2. Rebirth exp penalty

    I would like to suggest a little modification on the rebirth penalty system. -I think that the general penalty of having lower gain on exp if you decide to lvl up your subs with one or two rebirths on, is completely fair, or else people should lvl their subs before making them, which both are up to the player and i think it doesnt have to change. -My suggestion is that after your 3 rebirths are complete, your penalty on exp dissapears, i dont think it affects on anything to have normal rate on sub leveling, because if you choose different subs and want another rebirths, you have to pay the delete (And spent 6k before also), and when you are full rebirths, this penalty kind of binds you to your subs and base class, and if you change your opinion and want to try another sub, it's totally impossible to lvl up, i know there is full level for 7k, but that shortens gameplay and as rebirth penalty exists, it is kind of mandatory if you want to lvl a sub. And if you want to test subs and fool around? Paying 7k for every little idea you have is too much It restricts the gameplay a bit and i think having the choice of leveling subs freely would make the playing a bit more fun for everyone and would keep them motivated. In my case, i am very into the end game stage and i am full rebirths at this point(obviously), i want to play on some other subs but the exp gain is ridiculous, many clanmates quit because they lost motivation to play (this was not the reason, but it can help), this could help people to find fresh things to do when you have everything and game starts to get repetitive and boring.After spending time and adena on our rebirths we should be free from penalty
  3. Votemanager error hopezone

    The router rr is not working anymore with me, is any GM at least AWARE of this? cmon its weekend, a small look on forum and you could know... Do something...@Emerald@Ruby
  4. Votemanager error hopezone

    Same issue here, we are 2 players on same ip, we never had issues before, now the other person can receive the vote but i can't.
  5. Hopzone - Vote reward

    can't get them also, another person on my ip could get the vote but not me. It says cant check hopzone votes
  6. Fortress and CTF

    Fortresses are good maps but very short, since you make half pvp and fort is captured and then it ends in 5 minsI would like to suggest that the number of captures for spawning the raid increases, or making the time to capture the fort a bit longer, or putting the mirror downstairs in the middle of the room instead of up. CTF too, good maps but too short, could maybe increase the number of flags taken to end map? because it's another that mostly lasts 5 min And regarding my previous suggestion about battlefield, it was destroyers!! They kill the flags very quick and maps shorten a lot I forgot to add, time interval on siege maps is wrong!! I dont know if its meant to be that way, but by the time castle teleports you on first round, the other faction is already inside throne room, i dont know how to explain but timings are bad, usually when walking to throne room the castle is captured.
  7. Modify Battlefield Flags

    Destroyers too! I saw it yesterday It's sad because battlefield maps are soo good but too short They spawn raid inmediately.
  8. Modify Battlefield Flags

    I would like to suggest that Battlefield flags weren't easily killed by dagers, because when we pick a battlefield map, if it's too open they will go and kill flags as a tantrum to finish map quickly, like INMEDIATELY after it starts, or to be top player way too easily just to farm achievements.If it's possible it would be nice to the flags being resistant to dager attacks (and frenzy) or maybe require a bigger number of players to kill them? if you need more people to take down a flag, it would be a big pvp bait and that's super fun.
  9. For next (Interlude) season.

    Nooo, cat buff would make hell for mages, unless you decrease the resists defenses for us to have a chance, we don't hit for 3k as often as a fighter!
  10. Dagger Skills Bug summary

    Daggers are doing just fine, bluff lands sometimes, but they are hard to kill, even on crowds, and land hits for over 6k, and mostly do more than 40 kills on a map. Complaining because it's free? Providing them crowd control is not the solution, plus backstab works fine, when i run it works 100% when they hit me from the back.
  11. Melee Maps

    Oh no, i like this, but it smells like excessive spawn camping and that's no goodWe need to have the open maps you hate for variety, there can't be all closed melee maps, thus i hate PI and Ivory crater Good ideas are: -Villages and towns: all of them are great maps, i'd suggest putting the spawn points on alleys and not inside shops, since it provides too much place to gladi camping and it's being an issue lately. -Cruma tower (I know there are maps there, but no tvt maps atm, it's a good map but need some spawns to be a bit closer) -Ivory tower (Upper part, not crater) -Forgotten temple, Elven ruins, School of dark arts-> (this ones needs a bit closer spawns to the center, i think they are too separated, these are good maps but the spawns aren't in the best positions) -The starting area of dark elves: The middle is perfect for a domination map, and it would be a very fun map since it have 4 openings on all directions, it would be pure pvp from every corner. -Crypts of disgrace is a great place for a map too, the spawn and the inner part with towers. Then, maybe change the map options for voting, to more popular ones, escort is ignored completely, people usually picks domination, tvt and battlefield, so we could see just one option of the least popular ones, since other good maps lose the chances.
  12. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    I've been hit from 2k to 4.6k, you're probably missing level and the needed jewelry for that.

    It's been like that since like 3 seasons ago, you should read a little!
  14. Problem maps are usually pvp maps, the ones without guards, but smaller maps are more troublesome, some examples are: Town maps and the more structured the worst (Dion, giran, hunters etc) ( They hide inside shops or small corners shielded by walls, the area is perfect to spam aoe) Hot springs and any map with high mountains, so they stay in a certain high part, and usually spawns are too far from action, so there is more likelylow pvp activity near the spawn they camp. I noticed in maps like hot springs and those open field maps with mountains, that some spawns are too far from the pvp core area, so it makes it very easy to stay waiting and spawnkill, since there is a very small flow of enemy factions around. As i observed, in my opinion, these are the troubling maps @Emerald
  15. This is getting annoying, seriously Can we ask for a little nerf?So they actually have to go out to kill? and i don't like them also Shot00010.bmp
  16. I get what some of you say, but ya know, even if i wanted to run away (sometimes works) Gladis kinda hit hard and i can't give 2 steps without being rekted Making 2 spawns won't help much also, because this would cause specific spawn farming when one faction is on a lesser number or with a weaker build, and the map mechanics would be specifically front to front, it would lose movement.

    I agree if only it hits as it used to with full summon rebirths. Otherwise just having an 80 summon without any big investguarantees you 3k per hit and i don't agree with that, not everything should be as easy.
  18. Question about gear prices

    Sup! I'm wondering if this season will be these when A grade starts lowering price after some time, and S grade will be only for adena on last stage? I tried reading info, but the post is old and i don't know if this time it will be different regarding that matter Could you tell me if it will be that way? And if it's possible, the range of prices after each time? It would be very useful
  19. Death Match Identity

    Sup! I would like to request that in death match we are all anonymous again, because clans are teaming up inside this event in squads of 3 or so, the point of deathmatch is all vs all right? I have screenshots in case its neededI dont know the reasons for that change, but people are starting to abuse it
  20. I think this range for ritual skill is too wide? Plus the Overlords ok their skills don't land too much but they don't seem to have a high MP consumption even if these skills SUCK mana? they spam cp's + seals and keep doing it for a while... while bishops would have gotten dry of mana waaay before. As i know and seen before, cp skill range is not as WIDE as this
  21. Unblock character not working

    It worked thank you
  22. Hello, since yesterday afternoon my char got bugged when porting to a map, then my char appeared back at town but with nothing around and i couldn't move or chat, then i closed client and tried to log back in, my char is dead and won't load in-game, i tried web repair a thousand times and it's not working, it stays on loading part and won't go past it. char name is "AraChan". I hope it can be repaired as soon as you can
  23. Unblock character not working

    I logged into my boyfriends pc and i could unstuck it, case solved
  24. Unblock character not working

    Also it seems it doesn't work on dead chars
  25. Progressive bullshit

    You should consider that joining 11 days after opening is a fair disadvantage, all people have a decent gear mostly and farming 1k adena is not as easy as 11 days ago, Imagine it for B-Graders at this stages....and for spoilers, stealing 10 adena sometimes for running around doing nothing is enough, the rest have to deal with more things to earn adena than running and waiting for loot, plus, no one wastes time on spoiler and nobody cares, you said that because you suck as a mage, i saw u yesterdayStick to spoiler and don't load your rage on server just because.