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  1. About new season

    Can't wait for new season. Tried to play on some russian gve but l2ovc is only way to go..
  2. NoFear

    O matulu chyba kiedyś z wami grałem jak to ekipa Nonsense!
  3. Crimson Noble

  4. Polska grupa/klan?

    Ja będę pykał z ekipą z poprzedniego sezonu, jak ktoś chętny dołączyć to pm. CENTRAL jesteś na tym forum?
  5. Crimson Noble

    Guys, thank you for fun we had on server. Hope the new season will start soon and we reunite under Crimson Noble tag again. Gimme contacts to you here (Faceoff, Realness, Hellak, elGreko and rest of ppl)! Your Father!
  6. New hats & accesories

    C'mon! Noone wants new funny hatz?!! Damn people, what a shame! @Emerald - any chances for those accesories?
  7. New hats & accesories

    I love to customize my toons. Any chance we get new head accesories (afro, blue hair etc and ofc my favourite bamboo vietnam hat?)
  8. Looking for player name Hellak

    You want to get items back? Hellak is in my clan
  9. Buffs and more teamwork

    good ideas! and maybe add goldbars for killing spree we could exchange for nice accessories like hats?
  10. Who is Your Boss 3

    Holly Molly brada' fokin dB 10 is wat' feels bad when crit hits order ass! Lord vader comming back tommorow
  11. Exceeded box limit

    I logged 1 char for trading and then started game with second account. The game crashed after few minutes and now I'm stuck. Can't login and play even on 1 account. There is msg window: box limit exceeded. Is there any chance to fix it?