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  1. news

    here is your life signs then
  2. news

    just stay tuned
  3. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    pretty nice idea. We never tried this before and i actually dont see a downside. (if others find one/some, just keep posting)
  4. [Interlude] Future Plans

    it was allways well explained and clear and ppl still didnt got it.
  5. Thank you staff

  6. Do you have any proof (description source, forum source/video source) for this claim ?
  7. South American Proxy

    Dont worry, i had understood the mood of this suggestion. If u have trouble, my advise for u is to try this: its not a program, that u need to run every time, it just optimize your ping settings once (with a restart). Try it and let me know if it solves your problem.
  8. South American Proxy

    Are u from South America ? If yes, do you actually have ping/lag problems that would make those proxy urgent to install ?
  9. Im done with all of you

    thanks for those lovely words (even when the thread name leads into something different)
  10. Buff count

    u can get up to 24 by divine inspiration books
  11. about population / future steps

    We had this locked Tier once and what happend. All veterans came to the forum and complained, that they have "nothing to do". as u see another prove for , that pvp is just the needed part to archive their real goal:Progress. The random spawn for rbs were also changed in the past, since people complained, that as a casual player they mostly dont have a chance to be part of the raids, since they arent there. As u see again, its not like, that those features werent there. We had them, All. People will always find a reason to complain about just everything.
  12. about population / future steps

    sure testing a new game style could be an improvement. However emerald have some more hybrid maps in mind, which could increase the game fun
  13. about population / future steps

    the idea themself is good but in the end its the same result as before...veterans destroying newbies. So setting up a limit for enchants would avoid that. But a limit on enchants limiting the veteran farmers in their "item progress". As u see its 2 sided again, which one is the right side ? is there even a right side ?
  14. about population / future steps

    as you probably know, we had a bigger reward for sieges in the past which leaded to ? in my memory always the same no lifer clans took it over and over again and increased their current advantage much more as before. (correct me, if im wrong) can you be more detailed about your idea to attract sieges for randoms please ?
  15. about population / future steps

    Every season we get those improvement threads when the playerbase goes down and nearly every season there is a change in features in different directions (like easier enchant/harder enchant, easier equip farm, harder equip farm, easier epics, more epics and so on) and still every season u will see this decrease. In the first seasons i also believed that its a matter of features and a change will help but after all the seasons and changes in all possible thinking directions i came to the result, that it doesnt matter what u change or not...its the community themself, that is based on zillions of different interests, that u will never suit them. I watched a while all those russian GvE projects and they have the same issue after few weeks. I have to admit, that there is something, that was never tried before (atleast i think so). That all starts with top gear and we allow just slighty improvements (like max +6, epics). So instant pure pvp, like it was mentioned by "mojo" above. But i can already take a look into the future of such a season. It wouldnt work too, since all the hardcore players (and no doubt, l2ovc have a big core of those kind of gamers), wouldnt be happy since they will be maxed out after 2 days or would leave, since they dont benefit from their item advantage against newbies. We would get suggestions to increase the enchant level, to create new archive goals etc. Implementing those new goals would lead into new advantages for veterans against newbies and so on. Main Core of people arent interested in the pvp themself. They wanna see benefits like increasing equipment or total pvp domination or both. Its a circle, that always leads to the exact same point, as we are now.
  16. Hi

  17. Treasure Hunter : Useless Class

    Since Sosa is every season the best adventurer out there with a current KD of 17:1 i doubt that its a matter of land rate (of course th have the lowest land rate of all daggers). It seems more a problem of player skill and player movement for successfully stabs. (never do front stabs for example)
  18. Tank Classes.

    its not up to gms to take a look, its up to you to describe as detailed as possible the problems first. So go ahead
  19. blblbl

    if an answer doesnt suits you, it doesnt means that its bullshit.
  20. Zaken

    moved to bug report since this was fixed seasons ago. however we should think about to change the location of zaken completly since the ship is a full disadvantage for the team which spawns downstairs. (with just a bit of tactic its impossible to win)
  21. illegal farming

    that case happens every season (mostly at night, when not much ppl are on). Overstacked ppl playing against newbies so both (newbies/veterans)arent able to archive anything. So they ally and farm adena like this.
  22. kinda bug

    a bit more details would be nice
  23. OvC Seasons

    this year its the 2nd season.
  24. Fail Enchant system

    if you are really interested in to change something, that doesnt suits in your opinion, create a more detailed topic...thanks