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  1. OvC Seasons

    this year its the 2nd season.
  2. Fail Enchant system

    if you are really interested in to change something, that doesnt suits in your opinion, create a more detailed topic...thanks

    nothing of this will change because u just get raped on archer, because u dont know how to buff properly as u have proven above.

    after u clarified ur resist buffs i cant tell u, that ur problem is inside your resist buffs. Thats why u get "6.7k crit dmg". Nothing to change here from gm side..its all up to you
  5. OvC Seasons

    Hello never...for now most seasons last around 3 month. Thats allways up to the player community. About the offline time i would say (dont hang me if someone knows better) its around 3-4 Weeks (time for improvements) no, it wasnt and wont be just interlude. In the past we also had h5 and grand crusade

    with full resists of a specific element u will get hitted for 200 dmg, so NO, u arent on full resists against everything (thats not even possible with the current amount of buff slots). So choose more wisely. But if u really wanna get a help, screen us ur buff bar and we can talk about.

    the solution is inside your buff management. According to your description it seems that you have a very bad one
  8. Event Registration

    maybe u dont notice, but you arguing with feelings and on the other hand u say, that admins " word doesn't mean much". I also dont like the rude attitute in your posts. So, for now, your words doesnt count for our community too till you use an other behavior.
  9. about the "nerfs"

    Your mdef is secondary in interlude. Your main resists will be gained from resist buffs since they are additive and not multiplied.
  10. When Baium got discount

    please clarify what do u wanna tell us

    actually he flaming that shit every season : his ingame name is DeathRow (th)
  12. enhmerwtika

    topic moved to international section. Speak english in general Forum please.
  13. Next season

    first of all its +80%. Second, its not additive %, its ur current resist x1,8. Since base chances are around 90% (except some fear skills which are 70%/50%) its still high. And if u add this song to the npc buffer u would weaken classes, which CC effects are their only way to make some frags Not to mention the rb juwels, which debuff chance increases are additive, not multiplied. (so for example +20% are real 20 % and not ur current chance x1,2)
  14. Next season

    useless since u would need to weaken everything, which makes classic unique...(for example cc effects)