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  1. Chevignon


    22) Do not request / ask / talk about a wipe / new season at anytime, anywhere - these are up for team's decision only.
  2. I wanna remind both of you to talk english in main forums. Thx in advance
  3. So help me out about what exactly do you complain ? Is it, that you didnt had the knowledge about all the weapon effects OR is it, that you just forgot about the differences ?
  4. please type .info right after the boss is done, make a screenshot and post it here
  5. Chevignon


    the difference between U and rhaegar is, that he actually farmed that money in a legal way
  6. you didnt manage to make enough pve/pvp points. According to your class increase ur value for your team (aka more dmg against the enemys/more heal/more assists/more dmg on the boss themself) When you type in .info meanwhile the boss fight you see your points and the current average points you need to get rewards.
  7. Chevignon

    Farm Zone

    New players have to learn that they cant take the top spot as their farm spot. If they follow this simple rule im pretty sure that they can farm in peace.
  8. we had that in the past. People used it once and then never ever again.
  9. Sailren RB is bugged. Enemy faction isnt ported out and he dont spawn.
  10. Chevignon

    5 vs 5

    we had those small tvt options in the past and it wasnt used
  11. actually there are allot of options. Just for example the stuff ppl mentioned above +skill crit (100%) +zealot (100%).
  12. Im confused. About what are we even talking about here ? Is it somehow connected to L2 ?
  13. The 30k archievement will stay unique forever 😄
  14. @ZirconiumIs that your second account ? 😄