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  1. Tank

    Just try one moment to dont act like your name please.
  2. Tank

    let me tell you that emerald is up fo to boost Soulhounds. He just waits for a player like you with good equip providing some screens to give him a feeling about their real situation.
  3. Tank

    Why you think that pictures will be deleted ? They are needed to check the circumstances/stats etc. So please post them. It would be the best if you create a new thread about.
  4. Tank

    he do melee attacks so you would reflect dmg. With the 2 reflect buffs(1 buff/1 song). With your current hp/cp you would reflect more than 6k dmg. That doesnt kill him but its still something.
  5. Tank

    This actually wont change the dmg output but according to your skill bars you both (and i guess most of the people) missing reflect buffs. Destros like Topqq dont even think about to touch me since they know they die in few seconds by reflect once they would. (of course i have an additional skill for that) So Gluttony wouldnt be able to kill 3-4 ppl out of 10 when all would attack him and using reflect buffs. He just would kill himself.
  6. Buffing

    i heard the opposite. For example if you have 600 crit rate it counts 500 max. If the enemy have a crit reduction buff for like 100(like i said just a example so dont hang me on the numbers) your crit chance isnt 400 then, its still 500 due to the "overcap" before. Im ready to learn something new if this shouldnt be true.
  7. Buffing

    Due to eye of Paagrio he should take focus all the way since the 500 gets reduced.
  8. About changes in general

    If it would be my server i would remove attribute stones/juwels completly and lift most of the class nerfes (some are still needed like cutting healers somehow since their heals would be op compared to the lowered overall dmg). In my opinion the attribute system is the core problem for unbalance in all his facets. Additional i would remove class specific buffs and buffs like Eye of Paagrio from the buffer and wouldnt give out belts/shirts and pvp effects on armor/weapon for free/low price.
  9. The character is stuck in the city.

    Curious that you are the first guy who ever reported this problem when "many people" have the same problem. I suggest you to delete your current h5 version and download the game from a source from our site and apply our system patch after. EDIT: Seems your right and other people explore that too.
  10. About changes in general

    Answer is simple. First of all you had a lower mcrit rate (like you have now) and you also had a counter class that was able to also 2 shot you too (archer). About the weapon drop im on your side. Thats something we can talk about if its useful to have it or not.
  11. About changes in general

    Sorry advol, but thats the most hilarious argument. The population dropped just because of the op spellhowlers with their op healers behind and not because of the sph nerf. Because of the sph nerf we just lost your high stacked mage partys...thats all. And dont get that as an insult but i dont have the feeling that your parties are a loss for all the casual players out there.
  12. About changes in general

    Atleast in my case it had nothing to do with, that i dont understand the attribute system. With 300 wind resist and even on heroic valor with 8k mdef i still took over 2k mcrits. From any top sph i took 8k + mcrits on 3k mdef. So yes, working on the mcrit damage/rate was a good idea.
  13. About changes in general

    of course it is since like i said i have 3k mdef ( epic set +10, which is, except tanks, one of the highest mdefs in game due to ogre totem) and right now even 350 wind resist. So why i shouldnt compare end game equip vs end game equip ?
  14. About changes in general

    You starting a word gambling here and you know that. Archers have a lower atk speed and probably even a lower crit rate on you as you on him due to Eye of Paagrio. And about Titans you gave the answer your self...your party would burst him down before he even can reach you. Since its small scale pvp now of course they shine more as before. if you talk about a tyrant with a healer behind we could also talk about mages with a healer behind. I wasnt able to burst down healers like katerine so i also wasnt able to burst you down. And like i said i still get 4k mcrits from players like Deadlykisser so stop arguing like if sph/mage is a fully useless class now. You lost dominance, nothing else. Deadly still manages to be top 1 in some maps.
  15. About changes in general