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  1. Windows 8.1 and l2.exe

    do u start the game with the l2.exe from your system folder ?
  2. am i doing something wrong?

    clan windwalk buff and or pow probably. also blinding bow speed icnrease could be a reason
  3. L2OVC doesn`t work anymore

    maybe this one helps u
  4. But his buffset is still a pain
  5. L2OVC doesn`t work anymore

    server works..i just logged in.
  6. Dagger: Adventurer

    i remember that there was a nerv for h5 that it just active if the dmg is above a certain point (500dmg?). Maybe this one is applied here too and isnt written in balance info
  7. Dagger: Adventurer

    im interested in your source how it is in retail. I ask that because u will be surprised when u notice that the chance is nerved here
  8. augments

    i disagree because everyone knows which augments would be taken. And veterans have enough money to buy it even when it would cost 30k each and would bring more disadvantage for newbies. Its also a great way to remove money from the market. Much more as if u would buy it
  9. Death Match Event

    i would like that too.
  10. Lethal blow

    I already said that im not a help in this case since my knowledge about dagger skill mechanics is not enough to say something about. If u know the values of wm active/passive why u ask about it ? They will be the same here then. If u have doubts about do some tests (like i did with magnus/pow) and if u find any serious proofs that they are wrong make a post with screens etc in bug forum. Remember U have to proof that something is wrong..not Emerald.
  11. Lethal blow

    ofcourse i cant proof that wm augments or pow are working correctly. I also dont see a way to check if the percentage of them are right or if there are few % more or less as normal player But i know that u mcrit more often with pow than with magnus since i tested it on training dummy and the results in my circumstances were around 1/10 with pow and 1/16 with magnus PS: since pvp count matters for u. The 2 top pvp mages using Pow...
  12. Lethal blow

    Didnt knew that a higher rank have something to say here... However i dont think that i know..i know it since it was explained quite often. And the mcrit rate with magnus is lower without any doubts.
  13. Lethal blow

    he have one but hes just bored to explain it everytime again. So take my words as explanation Just about ur lethal blow/backstab question i cant give any help
  14. Lethal blow

    I thought it was already explained but i do it again. Ur base mcrit rate is nerved by 75 %. Base means without any buffs/items. Also pow gives a higher mcrit chance than magnus. Right now on me its around 1/16 with magnus and 1/10 with pow. But i still missing passiv/active wm which would increase the chance much more. The weakpoint of pow is the speed and the mana management. When i dont die for a longer time in maps my mp bar goes near to zero. Thats why most mages prefer Magnus.