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  1. Video (Interlude season)

    i enjoyed watching
  2. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    A moderate 2.0 is still far away from being seen on any private. About the Dex files..we will know in 2 weeks, when they launch their "hidden" Project. Right now they are still in CBT and wanna going OBT very soon before they going live middle of march.
  3. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    u can trashcan all those files...full of bugs
  4. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    Getting good classic files is kinda impossible right now. There is no private server out who have top files when it comes to debuff calculations. In case of content classic is pretty limited till 2.0. And there are no useable 2.0 files out there. Not to mention about the full advantage of mages in case of everything
  5. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    I wanna say: Thank you to emerald and the whole community too. All together managed to get the best OVC Season so far. Offering ur help/skills and experience for future improovements is something that makes parts of community very worthful for the Gm Team. However, im pretty sure, the time will come and all of us have to stay together to prepare a new, great and successfully season So, stay tuned and prepared for future Announcements
  6. Finally +16 S weapon!

    abc u missing the point that no one else before archieved a +16 S weapon in this season. Not u, not maze, not anyone else from the dominating clans or random players. Ur right, when u say that it doesnt have effect anymore in the current stage but its a kinda unique archievement in this season

    gz man..first +16 s weapon this season !

    Respect In all the seasons i never managed to complete all archievements...
  9. How old are you guys?

    im 30
  10. Offline Shops

  11. Rebirths work in Oly?

    they work EDIT: after research i said something wrong..they dont work
  12. Augmentation bonuses

    Hi Mayhem, this answer is fullfilled with feelings. I just can tell u the same as i did to the thread opener: If u think they are wrong bring a proof with a source that they dont work as intent. This is actually my source for Interlude augments: Now is ur turn...
  13. Augmentation bonuses

    Welcome to interlude. BTW if u get active magic barrier u get around 5 % mdef increase. Quote:"It should be ~10-15% for sure": Please dont start to argue a bug report with feelings how something should be. Bring proofs(sources) to make a proper bug report. Thanks
  14. Summoner deserve some love

    i just wanna remind that we have 31 classes...not 24. And its a difference if u can play just 3 classes or 3 types of classes... In my point of view 14 out of those 31 are playable and u can benefit from them