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  1. Agent001

    But its a good way to increase their post/like count
  2. unban

    actually people were banned for a reason so even when a unban would increase the population a bit, the community wouldnt benefit from those "toxic" players
  3. unban

    Even in old days being hero on offi was just a matter of cash *hello DanielDefo*
  4. Mass cp/hp restore

    what do you wanna tell me ? I dont get it
  5. Mass cp/hp restore

    Was changed that you just can use it in party
  6. we had a talk about that few seasons ago and the result was, that there wont be a change, since everyone is able to go up there and you are still able to hit them (even when they have a advantage of course) It works in 2-3 Fortresses
  7. about magic critics

    well explained..i hope people like @metallica understand how it works now.
  8. about magic critics

    he never said that. However the opposite is the truth
  9. about magic critics

    no he said something different...hope you will figure it out
  10. about magic critics

    and are returned after few seconds...its up to everyone themself if they wanna use it. but since the landrate of surrender is kinda low, when ppl starting to get epics its definitly an option
  11. about magic critics

    of course it does...
  12. about magic critics

    u dont have all water resists...
  13. about magic critics

    guys you can be sure, when emerald comes on he will take a look into it and fix it
  14. Missing buff.

    check if it was really a random buff or resist water/fire/wind buff. Because in the past that happend sometimes due surrender debuff and death
  15. Titans-redesign

    actually you got a point in there, that there could be some more love for fighters in the beginning, that they can be more challenging for mages and a decrease of their power again after some progress. But where would you mark the line for a nerf. When you increase the power of fighters in the beginning, you have to nerf it later without any doubts. And ppl would start to make topics like hemo in any case. Now with a mage advantage or with the other option, about fighters nerf after some progress. So its actually better, atleast in my opinion, that ppl are weaker at start and gain power instead of having power and losing it after a while compared to mages u know