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  1. Augment: Battle Roar

    Are you sure that u buffed Regeneration ? Because the God motivation buff have the same icon and doesnt take a buff slot
  2. honest discussion

    not sure which class eagle was, but if he was sps or necro, u have ur explaination since u dont have any holy resist/dark resist. And u hit ppl for 300 dmg, when they have all 3 dark resists stacked (like me). In this case its important to land an successfully dark vortex +gloom, otherwise ur dmg is garbage. And about the point, that he hits harder: The reason could be, that his light skills have more power as ur death spike. Or that u just can have 2 resists against light skills but 3 resists against dark skills. PS: better take away that paagrio CP buff and take Song of renewal (its such a important skill since it decreases your re use delay of magic skills)
  3. Chain stun

    Hello peper, my research had the result, that between interlude and high 5 there was a change in some debuffs like stun, that u are able to chain stun them. description of Interlude: description of high 5: I didnt found the patch note for, but according to my research the change must be made in gracia final, since there was the first time, that the skill description didnt had " The target can not be stunned or dazed again while this is in effect "..inside anymore.
  4. Tank and RB requirements (yeah, again)

    I have the same opinion. Tanks are very helpful in those events with all their dmg binding abilities.

    U should understand, that playing as class cannon must have a price. U want maximum dmg output, fine. But then deal with it, that u get high dmg. And actually its not the only class who would deal 4k dmg to u with this pdef. Archers, gladis/tyrants will crit/skillcrit u for the same. Not to mention about, that u are soultaker and ur summoned pet would reduce this crit dmg by half which means, he would need 11-12 crits in a row to actually kill u. And last but not least u have fear...
  6. Elo Balance for Hunting Grounds?

    Thx for this Suggestion. I would like to see a change there too. Actually, since Chaos is pretty week and die very often, they have allways a good advantage in player counts which is a real problem in those events, where equip and skills doesnt matter.
  7. Summoners joke

    Yesterday night i was watching kwolf (Spectral Master) and his Spectral Lord in Cruma Tower Domination map. I also got chased multiple times by his summons and im fully on his opinion: Summoners are fine. Their crit dmg is decent and im sure they can bring some robe users in trouble but every DD can wipe them pretty easily. For their enemys its important to keep the overview over the battlefield because when u see the pet coming from far away u still have enough time to do the needed actions to survive. At all summoners life isnt that easy as ppl trying to provide.
  8. Multibox to be allowed.

    I understand your problem. Since i guess there wont be any dual box allowed i would offer u my help in transfering Materials/parts/whatever to your second char. If u are interested in, feel free to pm me ingame "Chevignon
  9. Force barrier and debuffs

    If u still think that its bugged feel free to show proofs
  10. Force barrier and debuffs

    Cancel doesnt count as debuff and also isnt a dmg skill. "Buff canceling" is their own thing So no...
  11. Geodata bug

    no screen, but can confirm that. Happens, after running a while close to the pillar
  12. Strong PC, low FPS

    this ia a good tip. Also starting l2 in compatility modus for win xp/win 7.
  13. Twitch Streamers
  14. Twitch Streamers

    great intro
  15. Mixer streams can be possible?

    thx for the answer. So i might not stream the start