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  1. Frenzy bug

    why u think it shouldnt work with a bow ? any source ?
  2. we had ertheia once. ppl got hitted for 100k+.
  3. Ring of Goddess (Nobless)

    just from pve zone. Chance is kinda low
  4. Is this still bannable?

    Dont see a reason for since it isnt any kind of scam or missleading shop message
  5. Balance

    1bp on one side and 4 bp on the other side are kinda not possible since there is a balance system which prevents bp's joining their faction side when there are already too much bp's of their side inside. This scenario just can happen, when there were already atleast 3 bp's of your side and 2 bp's decided to leave, which i highly doubt.
  6. Mages

    u screenshoted the few moments, when those things happen. Even with all mcrit related things u wont get over 2-3/10 mcrits. Sometimes i dont have a mcrit for 15-20 spells to have 2 or 3 in a row right after. And if u dont believe me, feel free to test it your self on the training dummy
  7. Ally Deletion Penalty

    Dont forget, that u were talking for Snapchat too
  8. Enjoy to look into all patch notes of all chronicles,_Patch_Notes&xid=17259,15700019,15700186,15700190,15700253&usg=ALkJrhhSAt7nVXzIAV-8AnYRVOAGpJ2J4Q
  9. vote buff reward bugged in my char

    This happens sometimes and there isnt anything to do about from server side. Its a Programm, Firewall, VPN, Port whatever on your pc, which prevents that ur votes are counted.
  10. Fake shop

    legit since he dont try to trick anyone into by missleading shop names etc
  11. Server

    he wont be able to answer u. I just banned him

    Since the thread opener didnt showed up again and probably just created this forum account to load off his sadness... CLOSED
  13. Rename God modivation to Green Modivation

    a good example how different ppl seeing it
  14. No reason ban?

    everything is said. CLOSED
  15. Rename God modivation to Green Modivation

    24/7 ? Even few mins after still no God motivation buff... And about the adena income: Im sorry for u, that YOUR max income is 500a/map. Deal with it or find a way to improove it if u wanna gain 50/ews a day or whatever your goal is.