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  1. you could try to pm "hello" ingame...hes a pretty good trickster
  2. As i recall the report about got denied due to not enough infos. About the belt thing im hearing the first time about it. Feel free to make a bug report about it (because i know that you know how emerald likes those reports)
  3. Good point ! I had made an intern report about it a while ago but it got fully forgotten. Will hint Emerald about it right now.
  4. Hi man, yes im still around. I play sometimes more sometimes less the seasons or sometimes i even skip one. Actually i still have to go to work etc so i wont be that much active ingame but i will play. about your question i would share a link which will hopefully enlighten you:
  5. check before write please...
  6. You will have a NPC buffer in town with most of the existing buffs. But you wont have buffs like Blessing of queen or the seraphin buffs. They are self buffs only
  7. Just be careful if you make changes like this as an non experienced user
  8. in case of armors he speaks about the advantages of masterwork armors compared to non masterwork ones of the next higher grade
  9. Chevignon

    new hf season

    We want to avoid the passiv protection problem.
  10. Chevignon


    I see often people coming up with ideas and features from successfully servers from the golden age of L2. The flaw (in my opinion) is, that they fully ignore the change in the l2 community themself. If i go back 8 or 10 years ago and taking a look at my life i was without girlfriend/wife, kids, social and job engagements that take peoples lifetime today. So what i wanna say is, that most stuff which was working 10 years ago doesnt work today anymore because of peoples individually life change/life style.
  11. Chevignon


    The downside of removing epics from the shop is, that mainly hardcore players/clans will have epics in the end because they will bid extremly high prices to every random that was lucky enough to get an epic juwel drop. I can imagine bids in a range that a newbie can get Full S armor/juwel/weapon and tons of enchants for it and guess what...most of them will do this trade. On the other hand it will take a while till this scenario kicks in. I like the idea of removing Epics from shops but i dont like the timer idea. If epics arent buyable they shouldnt have an expiration time. About the Prices for A-S grade: Veterans might remember that we had allot higher prices in the past and allot people were complaining about the prices and that they cant afford S grade. With the last fixes emerald reduced the adena income in several ways. We will see if this impact have the effect you're looking for.