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    If im not mistaken its 1 minute. Which is already allot of time
  2. Melee Maps

    -All town maps -Elven ruins. One side starts at entrance the other side at the end. -border outpost.One side starts at the one side the other one at the other end (Invisible walls outside the area should be good that ppl dont run to ABG or Varka Outpost)
  3. Successful Server

    it looks like, if they have stolen whole maps and gameplay from diablo 3
  4. Chance Empower

    yes. there are just few useful augments like celestial shield or clarity for oly
  5. ACCOUNT ERROR unblock your char. let me know, if its work
  6. Mage server.

    topic locked. kappa had the chance to get stuff explained well by allot veteran players here in this topic, but ignores all of them and prefers to be stubborn and flame and be offend to everyone who isnt on his side. Its proofed since several IL seasons, that mages have a advantage in the begnning and lose their dominancy, when certain classes get enough progress and/or melee maps were choosed.
  7. Mage server.

    1. its 20+4 2. after i bit of progress most archers 2 crit every mage. Top archers will crit mages for 3,xk dmg. Daggers doing the same 3. since u allways speak about the resists it kinda looks like, if u wanna have all resists that are possible, that mages hit u for 200 dmg
  8. Clan War

    actually that isnt a real proof that it doesnt work since its possible that those clans get killed more often than they frag. Since ur Clan rep cant go below 0 it stays at 0.
  9. Accounts

    u can restore it by email
  10. Question

    till now u asked normal Question and even a flamer, like u, deserve a answer on this
  11. Flame Section.

    it was communicated in the past, that u can start flame wars in the General Section. (Just keep in mind, that you have to speak in english)
  12. cant start l2

    U need @Emerald here, since i actually dont use windows 10 and know, that some people explored issues with it, since interlude is an old client.
  13. Question

    Have fun. But dont expect, that i start to answer in forum and dont expect to find me ingame
  14. Opening date

    good morning detro
  15. So soon man.

    reason for it is pretty simple: If u wanna talk in general, u have to speak english. For everything else is the international section. (and yes, greek language is international:D)