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  1. Some suggestions.

    there are no useable classic 2.0 or 2.0+ files out there and 1.5 is too limited in content + there are also no good files out there. (except .club which made a decent 1.5 till now). Not to mention about the big balance flaws which occur on full buffs
  2. HI5/Gracia

    if u remember glads and tyrants were killing machines and killed mages in 2 hits. pala was kinda immortal and also a killing machine on ai+fi and the item difference was too big. newbies in s grade were still 1 or 2 hits from s84 chars
  3. help me plz

    u have to verify that u arent a robot.

    whats the sense of a new season when u need to fix the problems first that caused this issue....
  5. help me plz

    recover ur password then
  6. The guy that runs your server top kek

    critism is allways welcome but not in an non useful way like this. Ur welcome to spread ur ideas with the staff and the community to improove the server.
  7. :(

    closed. i dont see any useful goal of this thread
  8. Orfen is Bugged

    actually that isnt a bug since orfen is aggro. but we could start to speak about her spawn since its allways next to one of the factions
  9. About Server

    install the client if you download the game from Official Site, you will need to install the game launcher first, and then install lineage 2. If you download the game from Google Drive, just extract the files somewhere on your computer. after download the patch below (delete ur old system folder). then create a account (read carefully how) start the game and have fun
  10. Problem with client

    actually im not a help here anymore since i dont use xp anymore.

    Rich kids life
  12. How are newbies suposed to farm ?

    Was allways like that in all beta's
  13. Interlude

    topic closed. Not server related topic
  14. Grand Crusade Open Beta

    ur out now ?
  15. Grand Crusade - Rank System

    Its closed beta for now