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    mirage cd is already nerfed as well as is dash, if you nerf mirage even more it will make TH meaningless since the only purpose to use TH instead of GH or WR is to get mirage/dash because TH is worse at everything else.
  2. Hero Weapon

    yea me too after restart I can't see it or equip.
  3. When Baium got discount

    LOL nice system btw
  4. dagger nerf ?

    The difference between me and you is clear and simple, you're here demanding for buffs or "fixes" that will never come and I'm in the game killing noobs like you. You also sound a bit mad, maybe you need to reroll to an easier class like mage or archer Your english alone makes me laugh btw so if you want keep qqing here than go ahead, I'm going to play some maps gtfo.
  5. dagger nerf ?

    I'm better at this game than you will ever attempt to be, I've been hero with TH in previous seasons and I've been top pvp with it as well, if you can't make it work then don't blame the server and start getting good, you had 15 years to get good sadly you will keep being a trashcan. Good luck mate.
  6. dagger nerf ?

    TH sucks until it gets epics + S grade, and if you get refresh then it's 100% mirage and dash uptime. GH/WR are and have been always better at getting kills, THshines more in 1v1 and in outnumbersituations where mirage helps you a lot while gh and wr will drop like flies.
  7. Warlords

    So am I missing something changelist that I didn't see? I've never seen this many warlords in any season I've played, even the top players are making warlord subs??? why? they basically go full tank with 20k+ hp and spam stuns while earning easy money and assists. I wouldn't be making this post if my 52 con with resist shock + fortitude/war frenzy were enough to keep me out of stun but sadly I'm still getting stunning because everytime I try to go in a teamfight there are at least 4 warlords spamming stuns. I remember one season OLs were the farm bots with cp/hp spam so it wasn't that bad watching a lof of OLs playing around since they weren't annoying to deal with.... but warlords dude they are cancer.
  8. Gladi/tyrand

    I've been in many seasons, and in the last 3(interlude) Gladis( tyrant is still inferior in AoE) have been ruling the server from the beginning to the end, people think they do a lot of damage which is not really true since you can't expect normal damage if you have A duals++ vs C grade. Once people start to get their set and tattos gladis will not hit that much BUT if you add that they can be immune for 20 seconds ( celestial + barrier) and the cd isn't that long then yes they become kinda annoying to deal with. My suggestions without touching damage: - Make Celestial shield self-only. - Make Barrier cd increase x2 This way they will think twice before pressing dash and spam aoes.
  9. FuerteApache

    vuelve el fuerte apache mejor no juego esta sesion jajajaj
  10. new features

    alright, it's fine maybe im a bit biased since I suck at enchanting so probably I will never use normal scrolls over blessed
  11. new features

    thank god you removed the machine. About the normal scrolls I feel like they will be avoided unless they cost a lost less than a blessed, maybe put a option to exchange them for blessed? like 4 normal scrolls = 1 blessed.
  12. Summoners

    interesting, could be included to the progressive systemlike when people unlock A items, penalty 0.5 S items penalty 0 or something like that. That would be make summoners more fun to pick in my opinion.
  13. BadHombres

    alright hahaa nice then we will meet ingame
  14. BadHombres

    lesleyyy I for sure will play with you guys is Maze playing this season? I got the discord in my other account but i forgot the pw
  15. Custom UI

    custom UIs should be bannable since they allow noobs become better and exploit the game by using cheats such as auto target making skills as mirage and aggre useless, they can toggle auto attack + auto assist so they don't even have to press a single button to pvp. Just my personal opinion, I know only a few people have these kind of UIs and the mayority don't even know about them so it shouldn't be a problem, I just hope you get a lot of critical errors by using them