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  1. flaming is ok and part of the game, blaming the gm for a bug and making it look he did it for one side it's not ok buddy.
  2. point 13, he isn't ruining any events (example wall hacking) point 20, don't even understand why you put this poin 21, who's the one making drama?
  3. not to mention every top kills is a sph, even advol one of them admits his damage makes no sense yet emerald reverted the nerf, facepalm
  4. thanks for letting us know that not even that % was good enough, but also thanks Emerald for realizing it and reverting the nerf
  5. maybe the first time we agree in something even though I didn't understand half what you said. Emerald we get it, this server is for randoms but please stop punishing organized people for playing THE GAME, thanks.
  6. congratz u can keep playing 12+ per day and farming adena on newbies, daddy emerald did the change for you guys! enjoy!!
  7. * OLs are now considered healers.* Removed the SPH nerf. nvm classic emerald strikes once again, it was a fun week anyways punish organized players to reward randoms that will leave after 1 week (and who don't donate a single euro), amazing job!
  8. the p.s. made me laugh. i think luffy was the only sts that quit, everybody else is still playing there's also servers coming out this week so that may be a reason as well. until now Balance changes have been pretty good imo.
  9. Emerald please don't do anything because 4 or 5 nolifers can't farm adena (they have already farmed more than the entire server) this system is made for that purpose, to stop you guys of getting MORE ahead of others, you already get top kills top score top whatever, now you will have to wait for the normal players to catch you up.
  10. L O L then maybe u shouldn't make your char with 1233123123123123 people playing it so you don't get top gear in 3 days???????
  11. yea guys lets ban this annoying person for ruining the experience of our top player!! aaay rhaegar thanks for the laugh
  12. LOOL best answer so far
  13. lol, put some resists maybe? all he does is perma stun you, you have money buy antharas or zaken, problem solved. you really want to ban a guy because hes into you? how lame can you be lmao grow a pair pls
  14. wait if u enable ally he may ally with the entire faction lmao this clown doesn't know rules he's a kid 19 years old thinking hes good for playing all day and barely making 40 frags with FULL GEARED archer LOL I wouldn't be surprised if kat actually help u in siege because I'm pretty sure you are already done with oly feed waves since you don't know how to play your main class. @Emerald all of your efforts for making siege interesting and fun, this guy doesn't care and he's killing any competition hes literally recruiting everyone, the other day I saw this +16 wep guy BOP he invited him then he left next day lel. @Rhaegar you are the only one losing, since you are so proud of being a competite player, you are killing your own competition dumbass.