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  1. Site improvements

    I like it, will be any incentive to stream? I mean I may be able to stream this a few days but I'm pretty sure more people will stream this season if there was actually an goal or a reward, there's none gve streams in L2 and most of the streams are from RUS which is boring since I don't understand nothing. This way you will get more players or at least they watch the server running they may like it and join, it will probably be a really low number but still I guess it's worth trying.
  2. about dagger classes

    After playing seasons with GH and TH, I can say GH is better for getting kills since they do a lot more damage from behind but in the end game where everybody has epics and shit I think TH is way better since you can basically have 100% uptime mirage and dash.
  3. Next season

    lmao what? duelist and tyrant gameplay in this server is plain and simple, - get a healer - spam aoe - profit.
  4. Next season

    open at 21 you still can do it
  5. about dagger classes

    dagger is fine, it has its pros and cons like every other class that isn't named duelist. They hit hard but they also need to be behind you to do the damage and they usually go without bishop because they need to be fast and shit.

    i did my weapon +12 with 14 scrolls, u suck
  7. Server offline?

    nvm it was me.
  8. Server offline?

    is it off again? or am I the only one that can't log in?
  9. Server offline?

    ye probably ddos rip
  10. THskills

    well this is java offi boy, land rate for th is low here and u will have to adaptif not then just play gh or wr.

    wow u actually got a job or something? good for you I'll be sad because I don't have anybody else to flame and puffy is a joke I can't flame him
  12. Death Match

    could we see the % in the statics then?

    where are you? probably one of those spoilers ahhaahaahahahahahha
  14. Drop Rates & Adena Rates

    it's the same for skillsas emerald said no more 2000 bogs/enchants per season that was stupid now you have to actually farm them. maybe increase bogs in oly and thats all everything else is fine.
  15. Drop Rates & Adena Rates

    it's fine stop crying, if you want to oe your weapon then you will have to invest some money.