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  1. wow what that's fucked up, if it's as you said then it's retarded,why did Emerald implemented that ncp? +20 skills sounds stupid af.
  2. At this point Emerald should know how long each season can last I don't know why are we still in a season which is 3 months old. From my experience of many seasons I've played here, most people leave by the end of the first month few people keep playing 2nd month and the 3rd is empty. I logged on yesterday I made my char and went to a map with 15 people at max? maybe 2 or 3 more, the enemy team had 3 db +16, I logged off. And it isn't Emerald's fault at all, I mean he can keep improving and adding more and more stuff but the server will inevitablydie at some point, that's a fact. All servers are the same, they provide fun for a short time and then they die, that's normal and it's even worse in factions because all you do is pvp. This season is already 3 months old as I have said and it doesn't have enough players to make it playable so @Emeraldany date for the next season yet?
  3. Agent001

    is agent still playing frenzy bot 1-2 hits? I remember last season the poor guy played 24/7 and he still couldn't take my spot when i was doubling the kills in every mapand the only thing he had to dowas press 2 buttons. I didn't read the post and I'm not even playing this season I just wanted to say ignore Agent, he's a waste of oyxgen, the guy plays this game all day in his room thinking he's good at the it for playing with frenzy. He also doesn't speak english, I don't know what language he's trying to speak but I always lol at him when he tries to. EDIT: almost forgot, he first plays spoiler obviously he can't play anything else to get adena because he's terrible at this game, then when he's done he goes titan
  4. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    Btw I can do the same or even more frags with or w/o bishop, it depends how well I play and pick targets that's all. TH is indeed inferior to aw/pw in getting frags but at end game with good gear you can have mirage and dash 90% uptime which makes you really hard to fight so you start making more frags. AW/PW is way better because they have 90% blow rate, mortal strike + focus death also they do more damage than TH so they SHOULD make more frags than any TH if they don't that means either they are bad orthe TH played really well. You can achieve 270-280 speed with aw/pw all the time using blinding blow but they need to use pow and not cov so they give up defense over speed. Problem with this server is that the blow rate is extremely bugged, so TH doesn't have any change to compete vs aw/pw because they have 90% blow rate buff while th only has 30% if you use critical blow. Also Lethal Blow damage is bugged, it does way more than it should do, what Emerald could do is nerf the damage from formula or critical damage and increase the blow rate for skills.
  5. My opinion on daggers is fix the land rates( prioritize on th tho), do something about bluffand nerf the damage a bit. Becauseright know th is the most useless dagger for frag because he does less dps and he landsless blows, gh/pw with epics can 2 shots mages if lethal crits. Anyway I have a lot of fun with th and if I play really well I can get closer togh/pw frags but I wouldn't mind a nerf on damage from the formula whilealso increasing the land ratefor blows.
  6. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    still waiting the 8k backstab pic.
  7. 1v1 anytime, pm sin. come with your dagger i'll fight with no armor so you have a chance.
  8. btw if what I think is right then the problem here is with the MEN stat, because trick and switch NEVER work, I haven't seenthat they successfulcancel target in 3 seasons I've played here.
  9. if you got killed x4 time vs a dagger in a respawn then sorry friend but you're bad.
  10. I put the video just for showing that the skills aren't not working correctly, the players on that video all suck hard but it doesn't matter.
  11. well sorry for not knowing a skillfrom a freaking 10 years game, sorry my bad. anyway as you have said it has 2 effects, one doesn't work and the other doesn't even land. is it a bug? yes. Everyone who has played an interlude with off files knows that bluff always turn back the enemy.
  12. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    show me a pic of a 8k backstab also your pdef and buffs. bluff doesn't even land wtf are you saying. full lethals are removed and the cp ones you say are really low chance.
  13. So with the "nerf daggers pls im terrible at this game" thread, I wanted to do it a fix/solution thread for dagger skills that are in fact bugged. 1.- Bluff Bug: It doesn't turn the foe and I don't know the land % but it's really really low, people don't evenuse resist shock. - This skill will always give you the enemy back IT DOESN'T MATTER if it lands or not, it always turn the enemy the stun itself is a % but it always turn the enemy, also as I have said the land% is extremly low almost 0. 2.- Lethal Strike Bug: It does more damage that it should inflict. - This skills indeed does more damage than deadly blow/backstab but here it almost x3 them if it's crit. 3.- Backstab Bug: it's a stab but it seems it doesn't recognize the back... - Seriously this bug is the worst, it barely lands from the back, like something from the code isn't reacting to the back position or whatever. These all are BUGS, so if people don't understand this thread please, these skills are not working as intended. A video from a l2off interlude server. Watch how every bluff he uses turn the enemy to his back, see how every backstab he lands from back actually does damage (don't see the lethals because they're banned here lol) Please Emerald at least check it, and prove me wrong, prove me that these skills are not wrong.
  14. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    don't worry about th, I willdestroy ppl this week with it.
  15. A grade price

    that's the lowest i think.