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  1. draft


    When the same thing happens time after time its not a coinsidence mate.Besides those are just 2 screens i got in 5 mins diff from 2 diff mages it can't be just luck! Lots of ppl complaining about it in game already
  2. draft


    Will u ever take a look at the fcking MC rate from mages or we have to spam it in every single post so that u understand that its fcking OP???? Examples http://prntscr.com/namcpc 2/3 hits MC http://prntscr.com/namczr 2/3 hits MC And thats just 2 examples i got in 5 mins i can go on an on about it and find tons of screens for u. Just fix it already!
  3. There's been a shop in town for quite a while now that is buying everything 1 adena. Screenshot provided! http://prntscr.com/n8kwxc
  4. No1 really understands that but for god shake its fcking annoying.Every day u see new ppl rank1 with dc and am hitting u for 4-5k thats fcking crazy and yet ppl complain about archers!
  5. How about doing the same for fcking daggers?Each day more and more ppl create daggers and just get a healer in pt(that normally hide behind a wall).It's getting annoying AF already
  6. He already deleted my post about 10 mins ago so there is your proof mate!
  7. draft


    So i saw hachiko playing archer with tlm heavy there is no penalty for light users to use heavy?