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  1. Economic problems? I am a graduate and work as an economic scientist, I have some tips. 1st Adena. Little currency in the economy and few products, makes money more valuable than it really is. +GAP Increase the currency flow, so the margin for trading increases (No savers). -GAP Increase supply and demand options. -GAP 2nd Bonus for set armor abuse. I'm not sure how this works but it sets a precedent, to powerful weapons and boss jewels with basic sets to earn bonuses. + GAP 3rd Farm area used by bots. New players cannot access the area because older players use the main character to protect their bots. 4º The main events happen at different times. That is, the strongest participate in everything with everything, example would be to make a Boss or another, a castle or another would have to choose and prioritize, thus opening space for the others.
  2. Until you see this, which strangely appeared in the statistics on your server page, the snowball effect is already so great plls already asking for the end of the season, because many ppl come here to find HI5 server. Now try to explain why you accepted nerfs on melle class from feedbacks coming from archer F1 players its funny, by the way it should be clear the tanker would be strong against archers, after all it is expected, but for me it can make the tankers and WL even more weak, the target now is tyrant, but i want see when it's the glad's turn.
  3. What boost? Remove almost ever disruptive skills from tanks, WOW too op lose target need click again. -30% def all tanks and Phoenix Knight don't win boost dmg and i dont know what change was made on blunts. stay online or just look your stats class count, which by the way was removed from the site.
  4. What I saw, interlud players who didn't play or don't know how play hi5, first sv hi5 that I saw being taken by archers
  5. TchuckyZ

    Warlord class!

    True interlud has less things, but hi5 are great cronic they just fix kamael, pll come from interlude which is crowed by archer and mages, so they want bring this to hi5
  6. TchuckyZ

    Warlord class!

    Its true its my 1º season, but i read your forum and changes, mybe (blaming the nerfs on "interlude players" is yet another invalid argument) just see in STATISTICS that was removed, the number of players per class, this should serve as a tip, my 1 season on this server, but not on hi5 and this is the first hi5 that I see taken by archers
  7. We don't have tankers because this archer zerg come to forum crying to nerf and to put restrictions on tankers, looks like this archers don`t do much dmg on tankers, who would imagine such thing.
  8. TchuckyZ

    Warlord class!

    OK bro, if you dont care, go Home >Boards> Suggestions> Accepted then you will understand the story, after all 1º class i try was WL too.
  9. TchuckyZ

    Warlord class!

    I can tell 100% you are new on sv. I will tell you a story, almost pll here come from Interlud archer/mage l2, then in hi5 they face the melee classes are back, but they want to play with archer again, like one majority clan almost only arrows. What they do, come to forum to ask for nerfs melee classes, tankers WL got nerf and restrictions. Try Tyrant, but fast, they already start call to nerf him too.
  10. Tyrant is great on X1 like WL i great on mass pvp. This nerfs only stop when archer and mages become the only classes in sv
  11. Mages dont need buff or nerf, they just get crushed by archer and melee DDs becuse they can't have tankers giving cover with aggro and disruption.
  12. Problem is not the tyrant, problem not having classes on the server that can stop it, like disruptors (Tanker and WLs) both with nerf and restrictions withdrawing classes like that breaks the balance and starts a snowball
  13. All nerfs and restrictions focus on the frontline classes(WarFront) DDs,tanker and WLs children of Interlude if you only want play with archers back to interlude, hi5 brings back all melee, what you don't see in this hi5 sv, wtha hell is that, Hi5 sv almost 0 melee but crying is great against tanker, just because he is the antagonist against archers but it looks like all kids wants play just pressing F1 Mass pvp is for Warlord, remember OLD sieges in crowded places? a lot of WLs Balance SV melee< Vs >>>>>Range, just see scores