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  1. +5 Wit, +4 Int??? Better use +4 Int +4 Wit +4 Con
  2. Larina


    Hows about Ivory Tower, Castle Siege ?? that alone are 2 more maps where they are pretty good because of the lack of space and they can hide behind any door/wall. There are maps good for every class, dont need to change them.
  3. Larina


    Geodata is really a Problem for CLOSE range fighters. Archers can also hide sometimes in any Building and hit out from it and you are like WTF. Mages can do the same. All range DDs can do it. Also it should be forbidden to receive heal through Walls.
  4. Larina


    You say by yourself that Fighters need 21 Buff slots. Thanks god that we got 24 slots. Also there is a Expert Skill that increase Buffslots. So if 24 arnt enough take that. Nothing more to say.... all his complains are destroyed. Shot00016.bmp Shot00017.bmp
  5. Larina


    Siren isnt Vital for mages?? So they dont need to do MCrits?
  6. Larina


    That guy just QQ. Mages take atleast 3 Dances. Concentration, Mystic and Siren. And not 2 as you lie arround. Also mages here habe to use PoWater and not Magnus. You speak in other threads like you are the creator of L2 and as a living Database. But the threads you just opened show that you got not even 1 clue.
  7. Larina


    He lie about 8k dmg from a mage. The truth is that mages kinda suck here unless you got a +10++ AM with passibe m atk amd active m atk. Archers hit mages in +8 DC for over 3,5-4k. They got a larger range as mages, way more hp, receive max 1k each hit(crit maybe 3k but they are rare). But ofc mages are the problem
  8. Larina


    I would sugfgest to Improve the Geodata. You can shoot through Walls as they arnt any. Also would be great if there is a Software like Smartguard etc to Block Adrenalin etc. And for the ones who say: "ewwww ist not working in here" IT IS.
  9. Without zerk i have 35 more pdef but 500 less matk GG. With Cov mages loose mtk, m crit rate and do 0 damage anymore. To some ppl here on forum i will not answer anymoe since some ppl have the IQ of the dead fish(atleast the fish know that he have to swim with the stomach up) and the only thing they can do is to insult.
  10. Shot00013.bmp Shot00014.bmp Shot00015.bmp
  11. You are the most QQer of the whole community. So explain what is wrong About that Archers should be skillusers?? All other classes have to do it so why they not?
  12. To be honest, i didnt posted any screen xDDDD I think you choose the wrong Person. And i Play that game also since C1. Also i use Shield, the buffs for it. Use CoV??? so i wont do any Damage as mage and my crit rate would be fucked up. If Archers had a lower crit rate (like 200-300 Max, Need to be tested) it would be also better. but i jsut was at an Event and got hit by archers and made screens of it. This ones i am gonna upload
  13. Others with a +6 Bow do also 3,8k Damage and thats to much. Archer should be Skillusers anyway and not only autohit.
  14. You Forget that Archers got a way higher Crit rate as Mages. And also more HP. As Mage you are 2-3 Shot for Archers. yap if you remove your jewels you wont get a 10k crit by a amge here. And Titans can hit more.