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  1. i agree with 1-3-5 , god motivation deathboost are disgusting , epics randomly spawned and who is getting the relic ? maybe make it with last hit or most damage ? or something like the top damage dealer in pvp damage + pve damage.
  2. Birdman


    #FREE#LUFFY or we all leave
  3. I just got dm passive in my db , but i tested with other db same + and its exactly the same damage.First time i see dm dont work , fix it , as soon as possible
  4. Birdman

    Balance on team

    i agree with detro you Need to balance people better , this elo system is bad, chaos have many WL's rank 1 with c grade armors (but they do their job)
  5. hey , what a noob , only spam stun and 1.5k critical with archer , gf see you next season