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  1. Hoseki

    Outdated shops

    the server is allready dead mate
  2. server populated with all kind of classes ? what are you talking bullshit about ? 85 % of the characters are archers and now daggers Please do not talk bullshit just for nothing
  3. 5k / 4k give me picture i dont believe what you say
  4. wasting time of this server i dunno what this guys called administrator do but it is totally bullshit nerffed archers with crit dam like hell , nerffed daggers with allot of lethal strike and u hit them they are like u hit a mosquito and so on
  5. the problem is that everyone who has archers and daggers and other overpowered chars are not complaining off course they all want to profit from them, anyway the truth is i watched and watched over and over again the statics everyday you will see people that had before mage now they are switching to archers and daggers WANT TO TRADE AM ACUMEN FOR DRACONIC BOW FOCUS / DAGGERS WANT TO SELL THERE DC ROBE SET ETC ETC... BRAVO you just opened the market for archers / daggers etc etc... now its very hard to sell / buy from people some good mage stuff Conclusion better change the name of the server ARCHERS VS DAGGERS and put in topic no sense to make mages
  6. yes true dont even bother, just wasting my time for nothing here so good luck with archers vs archers thing 🙂 maybe that is the reason why people already left the server.
  7. ah and for your information * Added Song of Wind Storm to buffer and default schemes. * Removed archer nerf from human/elf/dark elf archers. * Reduced nerf on trickers from 10% to 5%. * Increased tyrants/gladis damage nerf by an additional 5%. * Increased tanks defense nerf by an additional 5%.
  8. if it's what you say here, please answer this question: Why everyone are selling the mage gear for archer gear ? If you wanna know who is doing this i have plenty of friends in clan who are allready selling mage gear for archer gear ... and what you explained above mage with VALAKAS and POW they still dont nuke like archers you can ask everybody.
  9. critical damage over critical damage from archer's ... it is very annoying please do something about this problem, you reduced the magic crit damage from mages, ok i understand but do something about archers they are unstoppable, also the market now every one is doing archers because of this
  10. Hoseki


    aggree with the UNBALANCED characters... how it is possible for a mage with full buffs to make 10 hits and only 1 crit hit ... archers 1/3 is crit or maybe 1/2 ... 75 % m crit reduce wow this is something you dont see everyday. thats why when you enter you see full of archers on the server gg
  11. + on the voting system, one of the best to get the server in top 10 asap.
  12. many of unbalanced classes on this server ...
  13. same problem here can't login