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  1. weird, they always crit me more than 2 times in 5 spells.
  2. just create a tab with titan pre frenzy oly stuff. or just give demons doom on every orc creation.
  3. lovehate


    All these last comments just prove how much u wanted to go one side just because of Rhaegar going chaos. I'm not in MW, never played in a single pt of them if not just because i know Rhaegar and i join him sometimes. Always played solo in the last 3 season of this egofiesta XD I'm actually stating facts, you are calling them MW but no one of the former clan members was there this season, it was mostly a friendly randoms reunion
  4. lovehate


    Everyone crying about the server dying so fast yet u all went 1 side to fight Rhaegar's clan (which was full of randoms this season) because of your stupid ego. if a lineage 2 server dies fast is because of players, zerg=no fun=no point to play=no people online u simply should've fixed that chaos-order unbalance after 1 week max, it's your duty to make things competitive, u can't expect a party to be competitive when there are limits like 5 people pt max or 1 gladi x party bullshit.
  5. lovehate


    aside flame, i don't get why fighters should be nerfed on interlude, they don't have rush or any gap close skills like h5. this is the reason why i stopped to play really fast, it's not about being good or bad, it's about why shouldn't I play with the same possibilities as the others, i don't want to rely on stream buff nor OE stuff, in fact last days i played dagger with absolutely nothing except baium/qa and i was oneshotting basically everything (makes no sense). maybe the server is just intended to be mage/archer oriented because the majority of the community plays that which means quantity=longevity=donations? :V
  6. gladis are doing around 500 with sonic buster or sonic storm :V
  7. man u just did 1.1k with hydro blast which means it's gonna be around 3.5-4k crit, do u call that balanced?
  8. lovehate

    Enchant drop

    Well, higher enchant drop is too low then because everyone is selling them 200a lower than merchant and it's really hard to try to OE and keep up with progress (buying epics and end gear) unless you donate or u play in a clan where everyone focuses on 1 stuff
  10. he's actually trying to provide a solution to make people play only 1 char instead of creating new ones over and over again to get more adenas, which is something fucked up. bind main character gear bonus to all account and make only 1 account x ip.
  11. lovehate

    Balance on team

    Look at all these top farmers crying because they even want to win epics, hello? Open your own server and play alone then, it's healthy to lose if u have more gear, there will be more competition and u don't have to hit the dummy only after 1 week.
  12. lovehate


    everything is normal if casters hit u for 4, 5, 6k archers for 3, 4k daggers 3, 4, 5k but hey gladis are too strong. Let's make their aoe, which is their main source of damage, do not more than 700 on robe players so we turn the class called in the game "duelist" actually a "clownist" because he can't 1v1 anyone
  13. lovehate


    I do care about nerf because when u have to 1v1 someone like a dagger or even a nuker and your sonic buster/storm does 600 damage when they land on you 1.3-2k blows or casters that just crit u 3-4k it's quite impossible to play. The only viable way of playing solo gladi right now is being overgeared or going in the crowd when someone else is going in and abuse their cc/damage.
  14. lovehate

    Enchant drop

    I was just wondering if what i'm gonna propose it's good or not: What if we drop enchants based on our equipment? Example: I have S duals and armor C and B jewels - i'm gonna have a chance to drop only ews/eab/eac i mean, i don't see any problem in that unless i'm just stupid :V
  15. lovehate


    It's obvious that u still gonna have a full gladiator server if sonic buster is retard proof and actually hits everyone AOE when it is supposed to hit only frontal targets. keep in mind that if u fix that, finally we gonna get rid of all those abusers that don't know how to play gladi at all BUT u also gonna kill gladiator for good because u nerfed the shit out of it (30%aoe/15%single) what i suggest is to buff the aoe a lil bit and fix buster properly