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  1. GoDDoNotSleep

    rate up

    Rotfl LMAO Yama da iz da' best ))))))))))))))))))) !!!!!!!!! Alllert !!!. It's a huge decline in people's Lives aswell when u work with za Devil 😉 ^^' .
  2. daca-mi bag 22 cm in ma.ta imi spui tata? . ( If i put 22 cm in your mom , will you call me father? ) . My Bradar' From Anadar' Madar. The end.
  3. tu vezi-ti de lungu' nasului ca nu ne tragem de sireturi. Ti-am oferit destul respect cand esti in plm un pielea puli. Ti-am vorbit frumos , te-am lasat in pace , da vezi ca n-ai varsta mea si puteam sa-ti fiu tatic pana acu' , vezi-ti de lungu' nasului iti spun dinou. Supara-ma in continuare ))). In loc sa-ti revi in plm sa vii cu picioarele pe pamant , sa aud niste scuze :))) , sa-ti controlezi cainii , ca te-ai trezit peste noapte Barosan cu bishop=i dupa tine si cu tot felu' de ajutoare , tu , devii si artzagos. Nu demonstrezi nimic , te faci cunoscut nu cu lichele care sunt in juru' tau , ci cu tine insuti , singur. Invata asta. you , gotta check how you keep your nose up around , we don't have jokes between us . I offered you enough respect , when u are.... i stop there. I spoke nicely towards you enough time , i left you alone be whatever the f u wanna b , but watch it we are not on the same PAGE/Age , i could've been your father , check your nosy character i'm saying that again. Continue to upset me ))). Instead of recovering yourself and wake up , hearing some excuses from ya , controling your autoassist dogs with interfaces , cause... u just woke up over the night "KING Of The Hill" with non stop bishop around ya and all kinds of helps from every1 , you . becoming...all knowing aswell huh? U do not demonstrate a thing , listen that , u make yourself known ,not with "Peasants" that are around ya , but with yourself , alone. Learn That today.
  4. ‘We’ll eliminate you’: Donald Trump says ‘we terminated Iran general to stop a war not start one’ Prepare , it's the beginning when the world will end ))).
  5. It is.pretty handy aswell for others when u run out of them and u forget or dont really have time to use them . It doesnt make your class so op . But as i see "your boss" already accepted this . I am a hater when it comes to destroying what i like , and that is Lineage. And what iritates me more is that , i get banned when 😉 ; or my mouth is shut ; when i speak the truth . And when a kid of 18 years comes on , believing he knows anything about lineage , you all suck his c0ck and make jessus christ out of him .
  6. GoDDoNotSleep

    Raid Boss

    About the raidboss events. It's still spamming there be4 1 of the faction wins , i mean the small rb event. Actually it's kinda useless rb cause all u get is like some box of luck innit. Suggestion . Either get a stronger rb that gives aswell more rewards and 1 that cant be exploited and frkin killed , from any of the faction, be4 it wins the actual battle nor just delete the frkin event , and think about smthg else bettah,cause it's useless with it's running circle madness.
  7. ))). You're a figure of your own self #Emerald , but being yourself is so hard nour days . When i made a post about this , you strongly rejected it in 5 minutes .
  8. GoDDoNotSleep

    dear GM

    Nobody said anything about any boosts , i said leave the game as it is . Read my previous posts plx. Not what a line that sounds somehow fo' ya . That's why i write a page , So it can be understood .
  9. GoDDoNotSleep

    dear GM

    Thats why u have th , thats why u have m crit , that's why u got cancels , curses and etc to use them not to get rid'o em or nerf chances of'em. But indeed obviously , wih no doubt , the 2 most op classes that can get are indeed tyrants and duelists
  10. GoDDoNotSleep

    dear GM

    Oh , and another thing , *Delete bishops fo'life " from a pvp server. Ofc , some1 was telling me in the past "there no such thing as deleting a char". (But let's rewrite that when u already have blade dancers and swordsingers out of that :-j . ) , well u cant delete dem' but making them playable in a way in which it can even get top 1 on kills and stuff like that , it's outrageous . Ye let bishop be whatever the f it wants to be , but just dont mix it with a dd. Bishop should only be used by a person only as in castle sieges it or by its own means ( for example a clan leader/member , in order to help his mates with no , "rewardingly bonuses" , same with ol's , theyshould have reward just for debuffs and dmg accordingly ). and lets see how.many "good persons" would play them just not for the rewards and for it's main purpose as a char :-j it should just freely help and free )))))). *The change comes from Within My Sons* :-j
  11. GoDDoNotSleep

    dear GM

    and some1 please unban my accounts cause i can be everywhere anyways. It's not like , there's something i did so wrong ,that it hurt any1's pride/feelings :-j , please. It was strongly needed as a wake up call for people that thinks we all sleep :))).We.ve been here be4 their Time. 😉
  12. GoDDoNotSleep

    dear GM

    3 hours ago, Rhaegar said: you're not supposed to be able to 1v1 them as a mage anyway? H5 is a fighter client, hi5 is 1 of the most balanced in terms of classes if u ask me , there's no such thing as fighter archer mage tank client. As for the nerfs it shouldn't be touched about it's chances. In my opinion , the least u can do is just touch ,if u still nerf skillz 😉 , touch the totems ,self buffs, so on , not chances of dmg , mortals, criticals and so on. Or limit charges on characters that requires charges to nerf anything ,if it ever would ,in such a client. Nerf all the aoes dmg's and boost curses ( cause they're so less used in a DD's maniacs world , change the gameplay not the chars :-j )if you wanna change anything in that aswell . But just touch not anything else ))).
  13. obviously there are considerably less mages :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  14. oh but u did see me a lot , even tho' i haven't got too much Time To play. I'm not a kid that thinks he's a chick. I am what i say i am 😉 .
  15. We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.