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  1. Hey Emerald ❤️ keep up the good work mate !
  2. Guys its just a game, i personally like the competition, say its ok sorry and lets play, with whats going on around the world thats shouldn't be hard to say and also life is short to be so negative or keep being naive 🙂 , I miss you come back and lets have fun
  3. Hi mate, I don't want to say it but it doesn't scale more it is 3 p.atk
  4. Relype


    I am a random in this server, it was my first time joining MW and what most people said about scam and etc.. well I didn’t had any issues regards to this, also I did’t see any trash talking at least not from me, and about the H5 I also cannot comment as I was there just to beat the shit out of everybody, which I would do again next H5 as solo player. I think people are too emotional in this game, personally I don’t really care, in H5 I just switched to red mode and killed everybody who was standing on my way clan mate or not .. hahaha
  5. Relype


    Hi Emerald, thanks for replying, just send this to denied and keep on going, I will just say that all the coppies of Infinite closed because they got sued and RvB was the most successful one, it closed because there were problems at the start with their server and the game and the admin just closed it thats it. And still RvB had 600-700 people last time on start for a month and then died ... however i tried to help and obviously you can counter forever.... And telling me that im part of the problem is not cool really, I just tried to help with my best, and I quit because I felt like I got bored, and you cannot judge me for my decision, and for that reason i created this topic. Try to keep your anger and don't be stubborn as I see everybody who create a topic and just suggest something with their good feelings got smashed by your negative answers and thats it, like we are your enemies, thats how it looks like. GL
  6. Relype


    I think that the best chronicle for faction server will always be Gracia Final, but I don't know how hard is make it work. This would be a great project with great opportunity.
  7. Relype


    Agree, but we can take the good things back then at least try to implement as change which might result in a success. We take the goods now and the goods back then, we do some testing , and thats how we can see if its going to be worth. I am also working, having family to look after, but the point is that we can improve the server... People who work or study are usually leaving as they have other things to do its not like before like 10 years ago as you said, most of the players were just playing .... So this will help the casual players to keep playing and not to worrie so much.
  8. Relype


    As i said in my post and thanks for the replies! About the noobs trading the epics, I said bellow that they should be made untradable for best balance. And you said that you will be bored for a server to last 3 months well is it good when it lasts 5 days ? or a week.... this system is build for faction server to last minimum 1 month, which i think is the right time before we got bored. Also stop talking about dmg This can be adjusted in further tests. Always mage dmg can be reduced and archer dmg increased. I dont know why you opush so hard for epics to be available in shop. as people said if i donate for 100k fa and selling it and at the same time farming with adena scroll its one day valakas.... As i did last season. We need a better system around jewels. Or we can add epics to be available to buy with difference points which we obtain by making kills. Dont know guys more suggestions around this area would be great, we need to make testings with archers and mages in dmg without epic system and adjust the dmg, Thats all i think is required. Or we can reduce the bonus of the epics 15% to 5% and same for valakas for reuse time and other stuff... Its too much
  9. Relype


    Well require rework but I dont see any other idea which actually can save the server 🙂 and make it last longer. Also without valakas I barely crit and i was doing 600-700 dmg to archerw with resist, so I dont see it that bad at all, I can die with 3 crits or so. Regards your comment about placing archers in a shit position, well currently they are shit because of the all expert skills and stream rewards which mages receive and get 100+ casting speed m.atk and etc... And if we leave epics in shop how the hell a mage can stand against archer with 4-5k crit ? Please explain it to me as I dont get it, they get baium and aq first day and thats it, transaction to archers is starting in day 2 with draconic bow and 2 epics ..... I am sure admin can increase the dmg of archers a little bit if they remove the epics, either p.atk or either crit dm , this can always be adjusted , but leaving epics will still leave the server in the current state of a week server and thats it. I am Happy to make full testing with you guys if its required and see what will be the best , because without testing you wont understand what i mean 🙂 . As i said this all has been tested ot interlude server and gracia final faction server, and thats the only way you can make a stable server. A server with epics in the shop is more for PVE/PVP servers , where casual players have chance to farm somewhere in a zone to catch up. I agree with your statement to a degree, It will require a further dmg rework, but mostly on archers and some mages. But hey nothing is easy and straight forward, and I think have enough time to test before new season starts.
  10. Relype


    why do you think like that ? GH with lv 78 without epics still hits 2600-3k with crit upo to 5-6k archers would relay on enchant bow A grade or S grade and etc, archers without epics will hit again 2-3k with epics is 5k , and mages without valakas and AM +10 wont hit as hard as last season, I did daimon +8 + valakas and full expert skill sfor M crit and yea I was hitting nearly every second hit crit of 5-6k but i had skill enchanted nearly +15 so .. without valakas i wont be able to do this i will just hit 600-800 ... And if I cant do same dmg as i did last season then how I am going to kill archers and daggers so easy ? I wont be able to simple as that.
  11. Relype


    Hi all, By setting up a timer for epics , allows players not always to use them , as imagine even if they make it only boss obtainable, how on earth we are going to catch up if its not with timer? With expiry time they will need to be really be careful on when to use the jewel, I meant only the timer to start when the jewel is equiped! I have played in a server very long time ago who had this system and I can tell you that from more than 1k people online for 3months there were 3 people with epics. And that was the sweet spot. We had to relay more on enchant skills , buy normal gear , enchant and also be better in game. I understand why some of you are not very conviced with my idea about jewels, but my best time in faction servers was exactly when this was applied, And things like clan has all the epics didnt exist, as it was still a random drop and we had 1 baium per month, it didnt had valakas but they can always add for 1 per month as well. Epics are failing the game, its nice to have, but the difference between S grade weapon player without epics vs new player is less brutal than the full epic player against newbie. Difference between Daimon and Wizzard Tear in dmg is 70-150 dmg. Which is still less than actually getting valakas and have every second hit crit. Same for baium, AQ and etc. Chevignon, this idea is already tested and what you say never existed, simply because the epics werent allowed for trade! That was the formula of making the balance and not allowing big players to buy!
  12. Relype


    Yes, this server doesn't exist anymore for more than 6 years or even 8 and if its required time always changed with few minutes so its not the same, but it was making a great balanace!
  13. Relype


    Hello, I have the following suggestion which is proven to work well regards to the Epic jewels. Remove Epics from the shop Make Epics only boss obtainable Epics should have expiration time of 1440 minutes. 1st boss to be a week after start and make respawn time much longer Make S grade much more expensive, so it's unique and it is really end game, a good price would start even from 500-600k and then mats and etc. Or make mats much harder to get. Make A grade a bit more expensive and make it worth buying. Add normal scroll Make Blessed scroll to start from 0% and to require kills to increase the chance of success, by doing this we will no longer strugle with the first day +16. Of course make it to maximum of 50% after +12 to have balance. By making this changes you will increase the B grade fights there will be big gap between the casual player and the hardcore player. Everybody will be able to actually make more kills, and know that even if they miss a day of playing, they would still have a chance of recovering and come back to the game. If you remove the Epics from shop it, with the current S grade prices the people will be able to buy it in the first day so I suggest a massive increase of price, so S grade is something unique, which requires a lot of effort and A grade to be also more expensive and actally worth buying. This will bring much more new players and it will prevent others from leaving as the biggest thing which makes the server unbalanced are the EPICS and the low cost of S grade. I can farm valakas in 1 day and the disbalance starts from there. If you make an archer and you get AQ in day one and baium in day two days thats it, or make a mage with valakas and AM , the high dmg is there and it is really hard for normal players to catch up right? Our goal as community is to increase the longevity of the server and make it great for all kind of different players, personally I am a hardcore player, I take a week off and I play 24/7. I want to see new players been able to kill me and to make my life harder... why not, thats what makes the challange interesting. To see everybody using B grade a week longer which defenately feel more balanced and stable, will also allow people to actually enjoy the game, also donating would not be so much of a problem as currently what makes A grade buying from shop so OP is that combained with epics makes much bigger difference in gameplay., so with reemoving the epics that will no longer be issue. If you make one server last longer, you will bring more value to the business and make more customers enjoying your product, I am not saying you are not doing well, just saying that as a part of the server community we can provide you with suggestions of what we think is the issue and it is your decision to take it or not. I just want the best for the server as I dont want to see this game dying, at least not yet! I want to see other people from the player base to add replies and vote for the idea and of course if something of what I said is not of your likings please share your opinion, lets support OvC with our best! I am always open for chats regards faction servers, I've been playing in all possible big faction servers trough the years and thats makes my experise more accurate.
  14. Ok, but what do you think guys about my suggestion for removing epics from shop, making them with expiry time and increase the respawn time for bosses
  15. Well, what you guys saying about the people playing 24/7 is 50/50 right, let pick myself as an example, I changed to sph in the 3th day, I was sooooo behind , in one day and a half i got valakas + 8 daimond + active refresh, lets say i do the same thing but from day 1, I dont really think normal players would have much of a chance with me critting for 6-8k with 1760 casting speed with sph and buff boost up to 1900+ and 7k matk simple as that. There should be some kind of a balance I vote for epics to have expiry time and also remove epics from shop make it only boss obtainable and harder to get gear, as then people would have 200-300k in first day with S grade so thats not good, i would suggest lower adena we dont need big numbers, then make gear more expensive make A grade to worth buying. We need to see longer B grade fights, this will prevent the server from extinsion and let us all have for longer time fun with much more people. This is the only way to balance the casual players. Remove anything which can make some players benefit like streamer rewards , epics. I agree with guys above, this can be something different, let say clan rep or whatever. If we have B grade fights for 3-4 days and then somebody get A grade game will be much more challenging for the good players to make 70-100 kills, then even A grade dmg difference wont be insane, as people would be forced to enchant B grade weapon to get the dmg higher. Please add normal scroll so we can break weapon, this will remove the problem with +16 wep on day 1, then blessed scroll can be made like that , when you buy blessed you have 0% chance to enchant and you have make kills to actually increase the % . Bam , thats just small amount of effort we are not talking about class balances, we are talking about simple "ingame economy" and some small changes.... Lets vote and lets give more ideas to save Lineage faction server from extinstion and make it great