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  1. BeMyFrag

    More cosmetics

    Server still needs balance improvements and you and your minions care about cosmetics ...
  2. I see ... since it's coded already ... maybe just let it be as a server feature 🙂
  3. Rapid Shot has a 3 hours duration because by default it's a normal buff with 20 minutes duration. Dead Eye / Rapid Fire on the other hand are 2 minutes buffs by default ... Don't want to be a hater here but don't you think that compared to other classes, you want yours to be even easier than it currently is?
  4. Can't it be something separate (extra) like a special NPC where from time to time teams can go and register for a team duel or test setups?
  5. BeMyFrag

    Soul hound landrates

    It's harder for SLH to wreck a whole group of people ..... when the people in the group are perma full buffed ....with all the available resists etc. That class shines when he steals buffs and weakens his enemies ... here steal divinity works like any other cancel skill... which sucks for business (>.<)'
  6. It's actually 7 kills.... But who's counting ✌️ Depends on what you wasted money on and also what class you played.... That would actually be a good piece of information @Emerald
  7. I tend to disagree ... ranks 8/9/10 are quite useful .... too bad that 95% of the server wont get there until it dies.
  8. You miss understood his post 🙂 He was referring to the fact that the map starts exactly when it's announced in chat... and if it's possible to actually add a 30 seconds delay between the announcement and the actual start of it. It has nothing to do with the 1-2 minutes waiting time in which people are frozen. The reason behind this freeze was explained by Emerald in the past. I feel you brother. As support it happens that if you are not joining the event as soon as it is announced, to be forced to wait in queue for a long and boring period of time. It just can't be helped. 😞