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  1. To be real Demon On H5 it's not needed cuz with Dark Crystall It's done but thx. Apreciated.
  2. Nah thx. Better to switch tank then and just kill that class on oly..
  3. @EmeraldI would like to recomend you to add on H5 B / A grade sets since someone people including "me" like to play Titan on olympiads, so as we all know Titan have the advantatge on H5 to prefrenzy vs everyclass but since there's no B/A Grade sets we cant do it cuz to do it you need (Vorpal Light / Heavy) and since those sets are little bit expensive it will be impossible to do something on olympiads.. Thx in advance, Seif.
  4. Seif


    Maybe It's the time?
  5. No one said "Nerf Mafia or Kat" they are just making example about that Mages can get in top so easy since that guy who made the topic it's crying about the archer damage..
  6. Seif


    About Gladis Oly it's retail only class it's little bit boosted it's GK nothing more..
  7. There's no diference by spamming 1 Key or 3(most of mages) it's about how you move my amigo. If you go to archers like a free meat they will 2 shot u cuz of range .. so it's normal.
  8. Same thing here it's the 1st time I get it..
  9. @Hoseki I Tested mage with +0 skills and not even the right expert, no bp nothing only refresh and the right buff. And guess what easy 30 kills and as I see mages are perfectly balanced.. For topics like that Emerald do bad choises and server drop so hard..
  10. That what exactly im trying to tell him .. since seems he is just low gear mage and he dont want to get such damage ...