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  1. test actually what? u cant even dualbox and shit to test it properly, and emerald bitching about that we dont test anything during beta lmfao you CANT test anything with late game gear +10 elegias and +16 freya weps, we need to able to open dualboxes so we can actually test shit.
  2. Duelist: Uber nerfed, aoe damage,single target, rush impact range , u name it, glad nerfed in every aspect Tyrant: Maybe the only one class which above other classes, has slightly more to its aoe damage and single target dmg compared to its counterpart gladi. Dwarf: only double digit iq players plays it Archers: Still untouched somehow but for solo players its TURBO bad, you need team around you to abuse archers strength Daggers: Dogshit, you cant do shit in mass pvps even if you hit 15k with backstab, wait 2 weeks if you really wanna play it. Berserker: Worst class probably, dont expect to next target/rush impact with 2k aoe damage and kill everyone, it does really low damage, far away from its glorious days of gracia final Soulhound:Again dont touch this class Btw kamaels need "Pride of kamael" buff enchanted to +30, since in our server making +30 skill nearly impossible for couple weeks for obvious reasons. Mages:Kinda balanced right now you can pick anyone,they got greatly nerfed also. Dominator: LOL , dead class go next Tanks: Same problems that dagger has, you need epics and low population to be relevant Titan: Again need low pop, and u die to reflect insta Warlord: Its meh, when u got epics later on, Summoner: No info, maybe itsgood when u enchant summon to max. BD/SWS : LOL Bishop: Easy to abuse it, with no gear for good adena here u go , gl Edit: i forgot pride of kamael was self buff
  3. all classes are dogshit, choose one and try your luck