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  1. Op skill vs mage damage but its correct formula 😉
  2. Did you try unblock ? maybe its just stuck account
  3. Will you play this seson with cat summoner ? 😄 We can duo summons
  4. Agree Storm Screamer count -> 115 no way they play with sub class archers 😄
  5. Yeah just statistic sometime makes bad changes 😄 Because player think where is more than one class in server 🙂
  6. Hi @Emerald Statistic -> classes can you make show sub classes score? Its show Spectral Master -> nick - > Sagara but he play always with sub classes and its hard to know top classes in server. Like i know its only one player maybe two with Spectral Master who actual play with this class. My suggestion show only main score in statistic now only sub class is possible to make it?
  7. Summoners pets not nerefed its default by h5 expect mc rate and mc damage all classes nerfed. on 28+ its good 1 vs 1 by different classes counters.
  8. All classes 50% mc rate and all classes mc dmg 25% nerfed. Its your answer 🙂
  9. At least someone love summoners 😄 Btw * Removed "summons damage increases according to owner gear". Emerald wont answer my question so i dont know it will deal less damage by 21% by old interlude summoner boost. So if you play last season summoner will be even weaker (maybe not need answers from main code master Emerald)
  10. Any news about any changes from server start?
  11. Hi, @Emerald can you tell us max buff cap at h5 Servitors? Its same as interlude ? 😕
  12. For the daggers it should be better then they get maps like giran town/close range fighters maps. Still i think its good class for 1v1 vs mages, healers. players don't know sometime about map vote so suggestion should be map name (info about map) if its possible @Emerald