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  1. For the daggers it should be better then they get maps like giran town/close range fighters maps. Still i think its good class for 1v1 vs mages, healers. players don't know sometime about map vote so suggestion should be map name (info about map) if its possible @Emerald
  2. In code min max value its not call Infinite 😄
  3. Even if from code side it will be incoming heal amount for all class? example if you got heal next incoming heal from some skills have delay? This is need to be answered by @Emerald he know better than we can do about over heal players and get back bs to action.
  4. thx, summons was 28+ last season its not bad but i saw info about change list 10 so it should deal less damage 21%. But still mc rate and mc dmg nerfed all games even summoners so better than nothing
  5. Mk so just let healer play with formula if low online less heal effect. This is my offer
  6. 1. Phantom summoner 2. Kameal Berserker 3. Sagittarius and be rd for all change in late 😄
  7. Is where any way to balance auto clan side/leader choice for switch sides? Just suggestion for team play and make better community in game. Example - new players can be invited into academy with rewards/skills and so on. Better take new player into clan get him better boost with clan skills and help him integrate into late game. @Emerald is possible in code make this?
  8. max 15 ppl in clan? with knights and guards
  9. Yes its luck make 3 mc ir now with sph and some help with long range assist... 😄 He cant over heal where is limit on cd time and max health
  10. Even sph/sorc/sps with full mc/mc dmg rate can't kill him? 🙂
  11. This is team game not solo 1 v 1. Just try tactic with party target on healer. He will die in few seconds. I dont know why is so many balance on server with custom cd nerf and so on
  12. So try tyrant and dagger rape him in one target in ~ 10s. Still i don't on stun time its 2s ? with enchants max 6s ~ ?
  13. Full buffs, no full lethal he one on one only with same grande items, enchants and no attribute - answer is yes. where is no nuke in server anymore expect titan with fr/zealot. Maybe i am wrong don't know just playing from c1 and code from c6 l2. Its h5 more formulas in game play ever can be made.
  14. Class counter class its not about balance just game play role ...