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  1. My opinion about archers is just like archers are much easier to play than mage, i got dead eye/vicious stance/archery/bow mastery +10 and i hit 4,5-5k almost everyone at least. Mages need more skills to be enchanted in order to be competititive and that's the reason server is full of archers. You just can't blame archers while there are so many more things that has to be nerfed like bishop score/assist or even land chance of vortex. I'm not talking about Mellany who got +10 chance i think even an Private (1) mage lands vortex 95%. I DONT BLAME it but just think before you post. PS. I do not have attributes on weapon PS2. Got baium/aq/icarus bow+10.
  2. There's always people who like to change something,server is pvp and pvp classes are mostly archers and mages where's the bad thing? Archers are stronger but if was the opposite again another guy would complain about the unbalance. Don't forget it's h5 some classes need ++ skills in order to be competitive. If u gonna play dagger u know that without ++ skills u are not so powerful. Check some good mages/daggers/archers we got all classes strong players. Mellany knows how to play and he got decent damage,Relyte(dagger smth like this) is pretty strong too. No matter what class u play u must KNOW how to play it, it's not interlude just farm take valakas and start killing you must rush some epics , not spend adena without reason or even buy fa to buy adena scroll. Server started the same day for all of us there's no excuses for chill players who playing 2 hours per day.
  3. Those kind of topics are pointless cause Emerald is not gonna change a thing, i don't wanna blame you bro but it's not gonna happen. I've already make some suggestions and emerald denied them all in order to keep server alive for long time + attract more "serious" players.People nowadays want to play 2 days and be full and when another player reach higher level they simply quit. As i remember the first seasons of OVC after 2 months server had full online without all those changes.Emerald started to "fix" everything without reason, every client has it's own modifications what's the point to edit everything in every client? We gonna reach a point that all classes gonna be the same max dmg 4k (no matter if it's magic critical or critical).As @Lesley said H5 is still on development and that makes things every harder to balance it.In my opinion those changes only "destroy" server cause u can't make all classes equal for obvious reasons. What's the point to switch to H5 client while u gonna make it same like IL? Emerald is trying to modificate h5 close to IL(not retail IL but to his edited IL). Server is not gonna be long-term cause of community first and not changes at all.People nowadays do not have enough time to play and farm so they quit when they stay behind to gear/attributes/ranks etc.
  4. That's want i meant. Most of the times the player who took the epic jewel also obtain tons of items and also please consider to launch epic bosses after 2 weeks.
  5. I believe that if all streamers use the same banner is gonna be really good in matter of advertisement i decide to make this. In case anyone wants to use this at twitch as top/bottom banner. If here resolution is bad u can download it from here : https://imgur.com/boi6KS1 Also if someone wants a modification i can do it for you no cost just drop write here.
  6. Hey i guess it's gonna be good for server if you launch epic bosses after 1-2 weeks. It's a huge advantage to have an epic jewel at first 2-3 days let a week pass and then launch them. Also you can remove gear drops from epic bosses/bosses just the old Material/Part box and maybe a good amount of adenas. -------------- Last h5 season when i player had +7 skills and above adena income was HUGE. I killed a guy (same gear,level,class) and i got 370 adena cause he had slug +7.
  7. Well players leaving cause the l2 community now adays is waaay different compared to previous years.As i remember before 5-6 years at ovc server was full for 1-1,5 month and then starting to fall ( totally 3 months open with good online ). People now adays play for 2 hours/day and they expect to be in top geared people and that cannot be done and then they leave.You can't compare yourself to a guy who plays 10 hours/day and u play just 2 its normally that this guy gonna have x3 more your items(maybe more). I remember a lot of "legends" who played for 4-5 seasons at interlude and now they left cause server became newbie friendly... L2 is not newbie friendly and when u try to make it people gonna leave of course.The only Emerald's mistake at my opinion is he makes so many changes AFTER server launch and that's the worst thing u can do to a server especially at a gve server.Just take a loot at this last season h5, a lot of people made sph then emerald nerfed them it's ok they didn't left at all and then emerald just nerf sph more!!!! So i guy who spend so many adena to mage gear MUST sell them for reroll in order to be competitive. Some other people made archer party and emerald reduced critical wtf? all these changes why? What's the point to open an C6 server and buff/nerf almost all classes? and then open H5 server and DO THE SAME THING? YOU CANNOT BALANCE LINEAGE2. L2 needs time if u got no time u can't reach top.If u make server so newbies can reach top then TOP players will leave cause you throw away their progress. P.S Community makes the game don't forget that.
  8. + to all except last one. low ranks must keep fighting and chasing in order to become stronger cause otherwise high ranks in order to be there they hard played for long time so its unfair. He can just reduce party members from 5 to 3 and make bp join based on map active players and with this u cant have full parties with bps. Also i think that farm zone is kinda stupid thing and let me tell u why, at the beggining of server if u farm 1 hour at zone from 76 u go 78 for sure(arcane power is op at the beginning) + a good income of adenas and that's wrong at my opinion cause i know many people who just farm at farm zone with 3-4 and that's easy adena + xp out of nowhere. It's better to "enable" farm zone ONLY when double is on => more people at farm zone => harder to exp, and so many more "small" changes that can improve server's quality. @Emerald tell us your opinion about those if u can. Thanks in advance!
  9. I guess it became non attractive cause no matter the changes the gameplay never changed. 1 full party farming for 4-5 hours then give all adena to 1 person and this person can easily farm for all with a daimon or a dc set.It's interlude pvp is much more "easier" than h5.At interlude when all enemies got avadon and wt (76-77lvl) and u got 78 lvl with daimon and avadon or wt and dc u got huge advantage. That's why i say about to make it harder and that can be achieved with many ways like PC Bang Points so adena would be a bit weaker or even disable a armors/weaps for 1 week. Disable boss jewels for 1 month maybe in order people to keep fighting to get equip. As i remember a lot of people got daimon/dc/valakas (as mage) in 1 week and maybe less.That's how server dies fast.Ofc i didnt blame Emerald for anything all im saying is the minor changes that have been done to server have just "improved a bit gameplay" and not make it attractive.
  10. Hey there. I would like to ask when it gonna be interlude season again and i would like to discuss with other player and emerald some "fixes". First of all i think that server must become more long-term and in order to achieve that server must be harder (higher prices and even lower xp rate) I want the old ovc back (rebirth system) and not rank ups and take rebirth skills cause some classes got really buffed if u know what skills to learn. Use the old rebirth system (3 passives only) and in comparison with lower xp rates that would be brilliant i guess. Since its general discussion i would like to see the opinions of other old or new players of ovc in order to go at suggestion section and make a aio topic for this stuff. Thanks.!