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  1. LOOOL can u tell me what monitor u got? 1080p?
  2. My answers edited with screenshots.
  3. It's pretty easy. Go at Options.ini file and give permissions at User Selecter Users -> Edit -> Check Users again and then the first box check at Full Control Allow!
  4. Some people said that it's still the same.. im using this program for a lot of servers/years and it works quite good. Maybe it's same thing as the l2.exe/l2.ini inside the addons folder but i always using it.
  5. Download the program online search it at google and then run it and it will ask you to find the exe u want.. find l2.exe from system folder and then press OK
  6. 1) Dvp was playing at perfect l2 files without modifications so less lag. 2)Rhaegar's mod is just visual not help fps thing 3)Playing with animoff as emerald said 4)Find a skillgrp without those heal animations etc to reduce lag. 5)Find soulshot.ini file which disables effects of soulshots/spiritshots 6)Try to use Large Address Aware (enable ram more than 1-2GB)
  7. I think the most funny thing at first ovc servers was enchant through pvp... e.g +1 to +2 needed 25 PvP (not assists) and bishops never got adena through assists/pvp you had to pay him before map in order to join at your pt.
  8. Ofc not i'm not luffy i don't have any reasons to lie im not gonna play necro this season i'm just saying the facts.
  9. At last il season i used to buff full my pet.
  10. @Emerald at this topic for example u say Necromancer pet can only buffed with speed buffs fix it please,
  11. Hello there one more time, since next season is IL i would like to make some suggestions. 1) Launch epic bosses 1-2 weeks after server opening not just 3-4 days. 2) Decrease party limit to 4 cause as we saw 5 people can make strong enough party and not killed at all. 3)You can make unavailable S grade for 10 days, by this way even newbies can farm better and hardcore players collect enough materials to enchant or etc. 4)Remove domi/ee/se limit with bishop in party and make bigger cooldowns or even lower power of skills That's all for now and i would like to say that any other members can answer so Emerald see all suggestions in one topic to avoid spamming.
  12. My opinion about archers is just like archers are much easier to play than mage, i got dead eye/vicious stance/archery/bow mastery +10 and i hit 4,5-5k almost everyone at least. Mages need more skills to be enchanted in order to be competititive and that's the reason server is full of archers. You just can't blame archers while there are so many more things that has to be nerfed like bishop score/assist or even land chance of vortex. I'm not talking about Mellany who got +10 chance i think even an Private (1) mage lands vortex 95%. I DONT BLAME it but just think before you post. PS. I do not have attributes on weapon PS2. Got baium/aq/icarus bow+10.
  13. There's always people who like to change something,server is pvp and pvp classes are mostly archers and mages where's the bad thing? Archers are stronger but if was the opposite again another guy would complain about the unbalance. Don't forget it's h5 some classes need ++ skills in order to be competitive. If u gonna play dagger u know that without ++ skills u are not so powerful. Check some good mages/daggers/archers we got all classes strong players. Mellany knows how to play and he got decent damage,Relyte(dagger smth like this) is pretty strong too. No matter what class u play u must KNOW how to play it, it's not interlude just farm take valakas and start killing you must rush some epics , not spend adena without reason or even buy fa to buy adena scroll. Server started the same day for all of us there's no excuses for chill players who playing 2 hours per day.
  14. Those kind of topics are pointless cause Emerald is not gonna change a thing, i don't wanna blame you bro but it's not gonna happen. I've already make some suggestions and emerald denied them all in order to keep server alive for long time + attract more "serious" players.People nowadays want to play 2 days and be full and when another player reach higher level they simply quit. As i remember the first seasons of OVC after 2 months server had full online without all those changes.Emerald started to "fix" everything without reason, every client has it's own modifications what's the point to edit everything in every client? We gonna reach a point that all classes gonna be the same max dmg 4k (no matter if it's magic critical or critical).As @Lesley said H5 is still on development and that makes things every harder to balance it.In my opinion those changes only "destroy" server cause u can't make all classes equal for obvious reasons. What's the point to switch to H5 client while u gonna make it same like IL? Emerald is trying to modificate h5 close to IL(not retail IL but to his edited IL). Server is not gonna be long-term cause of community first and not changes at all.People nowadays do not have enough time to play and farm so they quit when they stay behind to gear/attributes/ranks etc.