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  1. First of all, i understand that Master Ability is kind of a reward at higher ranks and it should provide some kind of advantage. But it's absolutely unfair to play against with the settings that are on right now. Yes, I am kinda butthurt about it. There are many people nowadays that reached the critical rank to be able to learn Master ability, and let's be honest, 99% of players will choose celestial. According to older wiki, celestial should have 3% chance to proc when under attack while having "hidden reuse timer" that is usually longer than 30s. Not on this server, today i joined mini-event Deathmatch where i faced unnamed titan on his gladi sub that has learned Celestial master ability. What was absolutely BS about this, was that when we were lucky to get to 1v1, his celestial procced thanks to which i was promptly dead. That is completely understandable, slight advantages etc. Problem occured the moment i resurrected and went straight to him to finish him off (gear bonus drop <3) when his celestial procced thus making me lose the fight once again. In span of 15 seconds his celestial activated twice. I thought to myself, aight, that's one lucky player, won't happen again i bet. Boy was i wrong In average every 15-20 seconds his celestial activated after single skill was used on him therefore forbidding the idea there is that "3%" chance of activating while being attacked. As i stated, i understand it has to be some sort of reward of reaching higher rank and actually spending the time to PvP but it definitely has to be tuned. Also, i've never ever seen that celestial Master Ability was activated on SUBCLASS, as certificate skills should be in effect only on main class. But i guess that's this server specific.
  2. Honestly, if it's damage from a Skill, then it is for sure interesting case. If you have Nvidia graphics, check if you can' record it from GeForce Experience through instant replay. I will try to replicate it on my own and post later.
  3. yaop


    Let's be honest, most gladis builds for AoE pvp, they may have some low enchant on single target skills such as TSS or others, but it's not a priority. And daggerers are simply weak. Edit: im a dumbass who can't format
  4. yaop


    Buffs that i used regularly on such characters. Aditional Notes: 1. Adventurer- not sure if Gift works here on skills as Trick etc. but it should :> Daggerers dont gain damage of their skills from Patk- thus my choice of 0 berserkers and greater shield 2. SPH- Personal choice using PoW instead of Magnus, but maybe magnus is going to be better here as every fucking SH is faster than GK on rabbit totem (yeah wtf) Blood Pact is also personal choice, i dont use it particularly often on Adventurer, neither on SH but. well.. Couldn't be bothered to get on such characters and do self buff, as this should be your preference (adventurer- focus xxxx) or absolutely common (sh- seed of wind, echo) Other opinions are welcomed even for my enlightment.
  5. Have you stood in a bubble by any chance? Bubbles are way too strong and may have done this.
  6. Ehm.. As i said, problem is somewhere else..? (17 seconds celestial was skill crit duh) edit: If you are activating potions during hide and celestial, then yes, it deactivates the skill. It's an active skill (toggle if you may). Makes sense it does that.
  7. Every pvp i see bishops, GKs and GLADIS use celest, and i doubt they are turning off potions. Hell, i am GK, i dont turn them off and i have full 10s barrier. Problem is somewhere else mate.
  8. I may have gotten slight stroke from reading that. But if you are implying that Tyrants have higher mdef and pdef than tanks, you are slightly delusional.