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  1. Tank

    bro sorry for the reply : but really look who is in top pvp : a titan with moirai lvl 4 atributtes named NIM no comment dwarf hero stun lock's you , tank hitting 6k ,anyway ... i liked the server a lot but no point in playing : end also for me
  2. Tank

    HE is GM , can create a char in 5 seconds fulll equip a SOul Hound - 1 v 1 any char starting gear - if we Wins - i delete l2
  3. Small fix

    + De buff of Soul Hound to realy work ..... at least until the Death of that player .... we are jumping Bunny s on the map with 0 dmg . 1 milion adena i invested i my char and i am hitting 0 dmg full empower . and s84 . Steal Divinity takes out their personal buffs most of the time = never
  4. Tank

    kERRIGAN u speak the true .. Soul Hounds is of Debuff - but Debuff don t work , im tired to JUMP LIKE A BUNNNNNY on the map and hit 0 dmg ..... after i invested 1milion adena in my char so sadddddddddddd . 1 titan or taht tank in moirai lands 6ks 7ks and me can t land 1k dmg ...... RIP Soul Hound
  5. selfbuffs

  6. Tank

    GM Please check Soul HOund Damage is Pathetic - with full gears84 (empower s84 + chant magnus + dark lvl 7 atribute i hit 289 / 300 dmg ) mage level 82 no atributes destiny weapon +0 hits double/triple dmg . tested i will not add photos (they will be deleted ) just please check Soul Hound , can t killl nothing just Jump arround like a Bunny . regards
  7. Tank

    did you take some .... ? reflect on Soul Hound and Bishop ????????? where to stack those buffs more ?? would do 0 dmg back reflect works only on heavy gear .... is this a real suggestion ?
  8. Tank

    + 1 add the sad thing is = tank with Moirai heavy set and normal weapons hits you 7k and Soul Hound with S84 empowered lvl 6 dark + full buffs empower m atk can t hit more then ..... 800 m atk crit 1k if im lucky . what u can kill with soul hound = nothing probabaly same like SPS / sorc with average gear etc . but a tank or titan with s80 gear destroy s you .
  9. Tank

    i add ed also photo , cause something is wrong , is not the dmg he Hits - are the Crits - i ave armor +8 lvl 6/7 Plus Phoenix Knight Stun is Bugged = lands from big range not close range . you must check it out . the dude with the mage was right = we complaint for mage hiting 8k and now we have tanks hiting 8k Glutony is not running after experience players he always run for newbies level 1 / level 2 ....
  10. Tank

    nothing not normal here - Glutony is full gear - he hits this Damage only in Flame that lasts 1 minute = just kite him 1 minute and after he goes back to hit 400 dmg per hit .
  11. About changes in general

    After playing and trying diffrent classes is clear that Skill has 0 impact in the game play : is a Damage contest sadly . SOul HOund example -They are mid ranged magicians-They have low mattk (low magic damage and curse rate)-They have low pdef and are more vulverable to magic, debuffs, and archers than the other kamaels-They run out of MP quickly-they have low hp and are stun magnents-Silence and Doom are their worst enemies-They have low dps and really low dps without skill usage so a Newbie Soul Hound who main things are Debuff of p def , m def can t kill other player same or Higher gear -> why : De buffs don t last more then 2 seconds GM u should think to extend the De buff rate at least until Death of that player : so classes like Necro , SPS , Soul Hound can be playable . Just a opinion of a newbie player - who do not have 10 hours per day to play and farm gear but enjoy Fun classes mentioned up . regards
  12. About changes in general

    Advol 1 question , do you think anybody Cares of what u are barking here ??????? i played from day 1 until the point of the all server Mage , so shot up pls , rerol if u are a GOOD player like u are crying here - is just a game have fun , ciao
  13. About changes in general

    Is more then clear - that this changes were SUPER OK new players camed in - much more fun then 4 seconds PVP before = if u played H5 and not Minecraft before u know that Spellhowler was broken , beeing a MASS PVP server u can t have a mage hiting 6k - 2,3k on normal (5 mages * 3-4k average damager per hit = 15k plus Insta dead = where is the balance ) I agree with the guys up = this RAT PACK of Advol , Hitcha , Deadly will complain as they played 24/7 (adrenaline bishop ) and now they hit normal DMG = WHO cares , ciao bye bye . Mages like SPS , necro , sorc should get a boost a litle 10 % +++++ Titan rush should have more CD that s clear - anyway his single target when focused dye s in 4 seconds . I am trickster with pranah + Jewels +10 + Rezist 300 = Deadly yesterday was hitting me 2k per normal hit 6k crit so is more then enough . What about Doombringer , Trickster p atk , SoulHound who are absolute trash and nobody plays them nobody complaints . GM u did excelent job - The PVP is now very dynamic , yesterday was huge online - just need new ppl .
  14. 召喚petのbuff

    Pls somebody Tell this delusional Hitcha to stop Cry .... poor guy i feel petty , he played 24/7 10 days in a row to hit Normal dmg now , and think his 'somebody * delusional God Blessed you Hitcha = now you have time to Brush your Floopy Gums , Wash your chuby cheecks , and take some Sun light . +1 on the current Post . P.S - mage owners will QQ , oO
  15. 85 % of server SH

    On facts : 85 % of server is Mage SH , creating a super boring enviroment Tank with 4k mdef receives 6k , 5k dmg , die in 2 hits from SH (on the other side i Fight one SPS he was Hero -- 500 average dmg ,,,) so why ppl should Play other Mages ? or other classes ? I will not add photos , anyway the topic will be closed . Just saying this , cause we entered 9 ppl on this server to enjoy - 8 left , is like u play Starcraft - Spellhowlers Zerg 1 friend joined yesterday - quited in 2 hours = Trickster with pranah received 16k dmg not from Necro , Sorc or SPS that would be imposible . surprize from SH . top 10 in every event =11 are SPH . i Aplaude who plays melle on this server . probably more ppl leave or don t join the server then the 5 - 10 No lifers who spam forum of do not Nerf SH . Think about it . only facts here no complaint . enjoy .