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  1. Talking about classes. How do you feel about newly started titan rushing and stunning me with ressist stun , antharas + blessed zaken and hitting me for 11k while im with elegia +7/8 set and full elements. That is probably fine. The reason why only SPHs were top , was because people did not know how to play archemage , necro. Look at our necros man... Mojo being the top necro ? First time playing H5 , had to explain to him that the cele from subclass certif. is not a bug or script im using , but is an actual skill. SpS - Logistik was actually able to win 1:1s vs me with less gear 80% of the time because of the cast speed he reached, allowing him to cancel animation between skills ( for the lol players is like auto hit reset). Interrupting my skills . Archemage - Roughboy was simply undergeared , due to less online time , but i was hitting him 750 normal with my gear , while he was hitting me 1.1k ( me having 3 parts 3 fire ressist on set + ressist fire buff). So you talk about stuff you do not realize how they work. All the khavataris ( YOU INCLUDING ) were rushing on me , inbetween half of our faction , without healer on your back. I am with healer in party and you were expecting to kill me , while 10 ppl are hitting you , noone is healing you, while i not only run / kite , debuff you , dmg you , but also get heals. Yes that is indeed a reason for nerfs. L2P.
  2. @Emerald i would very much like to sum it up for you!!! On server which is populated by mostly people that : Never played retail server Has literally 0 idea about macro play Never heard of proper positioning Total lack of any kind of fast reactions, not to mention everyone spamming that people abusing " NEXT TARGET" are bots. Running on Drago set with 0 elements, 2 berzerker spirits , while being hit by mage with 300 element + seed !!!!!!!! THEY THINK THEY SHOULD SURVIVE THIS!!!!!!!! Skill rotation to them is like a bad word , randomly clicking skills. But those people started crying about thing they DO NOT understand and respectively cannot fight. So lets : Not only nerf crit dmg , Lets change skills like empowering echo by huge amount ! Have a full geared SPH ( me , nickname Hitcha) with Valakas,baium +10 sacredium ( 1 INT AUG) skills +15+++. And as far as im testing critting archers that started 5 mins ago for 2000. Reduce the damage to literally 0 to a SPH that made First 10k kills on server, first rank 10 . SPH that runs 21k mg attack with POwing ( more than some people do on magnus with similar gear) You know i was writing this post and just now realized , if you would be able to realize those things , you would not do this terrible changes , take those inexplicable decisions. So this makes it pointless to continue listing why you are in the wrong. Have fun , I got nothing to prove here. @Emerald for your info ( I shared it already with @Chevignon ) H5 is and it will always be how it was (before you nerfed it i mean) - - SPH has top dmg and is most useless in pvp . - SPS + archemage are imba . Necro is the god. By the official statistic ( sadly i couldnt find it, to share the link) High Five was the update the made most old players come back to the game on NCWest. Due to its balance. You just destroyed that . As i said :
  3. Actually the math is quite correct. I was wondering what is the reason for that .. but then i remembered : Masterwork Dynasty RobeStockings M.Atk. + 1.25%, Max MP + 80, Dark resistance + 2%Gaiters - M.Atk. + 2.08%, Max MP + 133, Dark resistance + 3.33%Boots - M.Atk. + 0.83%, Max MP + 53, Dark resistance + 1.33%Gauntlets - M.Atk. + 0.83%, Max MP + 53, Dark resistance + 1.33% Total : 5% Mg attack from masterwork parts Masterwork Vesper RobeCircet M.Atk./MP Regeneration + 0.41%, Stun resistance + 8%, Magic Cancel Rate - 4.5Stockings - M.Atk./MP Regeneration + 0.68%, Stun resistance + 5%, Magic Cancel Rate - 7.5Boots - M.Atk./MP Regeneration + 0.27%, Stun resistance + 5%, Magic Cancel Rate - 3Gauntlets - M.Atk./MP Regeneration + 0.27%, Stun resistance + 5%, Magic Cancel Rate - 3 Total : 1.63% Mg attack from master work parts On top you add the % extra the vesper gives as a higher grade set , and there you go , your answer.