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  1. There is indeed no need to add another delay. I therefore suggest to cut down the voting time to 30-60 seconds, but then announce the map at least 15-30 seconds before it actually starts. This way people still have time to vote, and still have time to swap things around while also cutting down on the delay. Also, switching from OL to bishop or bishop to OL is not going to help me much in the 50% of cases I have a 10-minutes-wasted-in-town-because-reasons department. If you also want to cut down on the "yet another delay" departments, why not remove all of these "find the beast", "clear the chamber" or running to some pointless boss in frozen labyrinth? These are utter wastes of time. Respectfully.
  2. I change my class, buffs, stuff and sometimes dyes depending on which map is being played. Problem is.. the map starts as soon as it is announced, and if I want to change anything then I am stuck in the waiting list for 2-10 minutes at times (I mostly play support so it's not helping). Would it be possible to add 30 seconds between a map being announced and when it actually starts?
  3. @Emerald The opponent was not visible anywhere in the arena so there is not much to see. Here is the convo that happened during the fight. You can also check about the history of his matches to see all of them end in Ties with no damage done (and potentially Wins if someone logs out as he wants)
  4. Hello, Our dear "friend" Besserdechnyy is currently abusing a bug from the client which makes him invisible/untargetable in the olympiad games and taking people hostage by asking them to restart for him to have his wins. His claim is that the Freya client is bugged and it's therefore completely ok since it's not his fault. Obvious bullshit lie aside, this is a groundbreaking bug which prevents normal scheduling of olympiad matches and opens the gate to abuses such as win trading without any risk. I would suggest Emerald to tackle this issue in a serious manner as it's borderline cheating, and at best an easy way to ruin the experience of people trying to play the game.
  5. @KoSzOs I am not sure if you're trolling or completely delusional, but god damn son you need some holidays.
  6. I play Cardinal taking a close look at debuffs to cleanse in a timely manner so I am quite well informed about what kind of debuffs are thrown around and how they are thrown. I will repeat once more: theory and practice vastly differ. Nobody has perfect execution, nobody has all of their skills enchanted +30, and nobody does what you might think could happen in a perfect world. Party or no party.
  7. A lot of theory that just doesn't happen in practice... Nobody uses Surrender to Wind Very few even attempt to use Hurricane before Vortex/Slug, because that's a give away that they are going to burst their target, giving time to retreat, and also that means the SH is in range to targeted by the whole other team. Most SH just Vortex/slug and then try to finish the target with a few hurricanes if needed. Slug doesn't have 50 elemental attributes but 20 like every other basic elemental nuke (http://l2j.ru/highfive/index.php?p=19&skid=1456)
  8. Lots of bollocks there but I can understand you complaining: the nerf is clearly too strong and it happens way too late. However... Denying that SH was balanced or even "weak in pvp" is really hypocritical. Mentioning retail as the ultimate source of truth for balancing when this server is nothing like retail also shows clear lack of judgement.
  9. While SH damage needs to be nerfed, I'm afraid this is a bit overkill... Removing Empowering Echo was enough, this is much more impactful not only to SH but all nukers. Everyone will be on tyrants and archers now. For people who didn't test yet, magic crit rate was reduced by 40-45% (my magic crit rate went from 28% to 16%), but more importantly the magic crit damage is really wonky now:
  10. Hello, yes that's exactly what I am doing, but it's still not making sense why it happens only on this server Oh well, I will have to deal with it
  11. Hello, I have had connectivity issues on the server since the very beginning, but I suspect the gravity varies depending on how many players are on the server. I have a relatively high ping with a lot of spikes / lost packets but I blame this on my WIFI card and a less than stellar router located on another floor. However, I have a specific issue with L2OVC which leads me to think is linked to some specific configuration @Emerald implemented on the server/client (maybe to prevent dual boxing?). When I lose connection, it is not possible to get another stable connection while L2 client is open. While I am in this intermediary state (WIFI icon is fine, but no connection to internet), I receive an error in L2 client stating that the hostname cannot be resolved. I then have to close L2 client and then restart the WIFI before I can get another connection (within 2 seconds of restarting WIFI). It is not possible to get a stable connection without closing L2 client first. Just for comparison, I can play L2 on retail or League of Legends for hours without any issue (except a few lag spikes here and there). Would it be possible to identify what could cause this issue?
  12. Hello, I am playing Cardinal as I have been for years, and I have to say I am pretty happy with the level of balance on the server*, but I would like to suggest decreasing the reliance on Chain Heal. Currently, Chain Heal does most of the healing as it is fast too cast, doesn't cost much, the cooldown is low, the range is high and it heals several people at once. While Cardinals have many tools to keep people alive, most of these tools are completely overshadowed by Chain Heal as they are just inferior in every way, and healing barely boils down to Chain Heal on cooldown, Balance Life when Chain Heal is not available (for the next 2 seconds...), and some occasional Major Heal / Cleanse here or there. That's 3-4 buttons. As I am writing this, most maps are won by which side has the most healers (not the best healers by any means) and who has the most geared SHs (can't really heal a 4k 6k vortex slug combo) on open maps. My proposal would be to either tune the skill with one of the following points, or a combination of following points (e.g. cooldown to 4 seconds and mana to 350) increase the cooldown of Chain Heal to 6-8 seconds or increase the cast time to match Major Group Heal or reduce the healing done to 15-20% max hp instead of 30% max hp or increase the mana required from 200 to 400-500 On the other hand, Restore Life is much slower to cast than on retail for no apparent reason. Restore Life could be modified so that it becomes viable again, complementing Chain Heal so that Cardinal doesn't lose too much healing output. Body of Avatar, and I suspect Battle Roar for glad/destro, could also be changed so that they work with Improved Condition. * Additional suggestions below from my observations SH need to lose empowering echo on a server where mana is not an issue. NCSoft dropped the ball when they introduced it, there is no need to keep their mistakes alive. Gladiators and Tyrants are a bit too strong as they can rush every other second (another idiocy from NCSoft) and crit for 4k or more while having 25k hp and a shitload of resists: either increase Rush cooldown to 5-10 seconds, or slightly lower their damage There is basically no reason to play a dagger over a tyrant/glad at the moment. While Warriors have spammable rush and good damage, Daggers struggle by having long cooldown on Shadow Step and no more fighter prophecies that do not reduce movement speed (like Profecy of Wind in Interlude). Furthermore, their damage is currently ridiculously low, although I doubt that the few daggers I have encountered were geared with 300 elements, enchanted skills and AQ/Baium.