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  1. How transfer rank Kamael?

    Change from 4300patack to 3800, it's not fixed/ it's delete class.
  2. I have rank (7) ARBALESTER fixed, judicator will be fixed. Different subclass non-available. Goodbye server? NPS doesn't give change equip.
  3. What the next class fix?)

    I found a new imbalance. Take the Gladiator.Take the Judicator with50% heal and buff. Full top gear, and kill all when low people in-game.
  4. What the next class fix?)

    Back to the topic, this time I used ARBALESTER( jussi ), who will be next for the fix? Duelist(Gladiator),Grand Khavatari(Tyrant),Dagger? Or maybe delete summon Soultaker? Can I have the whole list? By the way I almost forgot.Good Dodge on the eventPERFECTLY BALANCED.
  5. What the next class fix?)

    Do you want to specify where you can get free education? I would love to learn. This not have to this topic sense. But people cry when receive from the tank without rings 4-8K the Next tanks?
  6. What the next class fix?)

    The desired meaning? Dance of Berserker for 2 minutes. reuse time240 с. it's an active buff. it's not working all the time. Counter CriticalFor 20 minutes. With this buff, you will get the same DPS as mages.
  7. What the next class fix?)

    Corny there is no access to buff on mdef... Who have been playing who knows why you need it.
  8. What the next class fix?)

    You gave berserk dance. But did not give СС. Remove dance Berserk buff. For more balance.
  9. What the next class fix?)

    t's no one's fault that Archers is weak in these Chronicles. Because the arrows are reversed for a long time. Assassins not receive buff Counter Critical. To deal normal damage
  10. What the next class fix?)

    Sorry for my bad English. I was trying to say that the meaning of the lower mages. If cut Counter Critical. Canreflection damage buffs remove?Run tank with 1800mdef -25% it's funny. it's pain. But all people cry When tank kills with 1 strike. Need to cut stats?
  11. Played tank, but not so that runs without the two Berserker buffs. With relatively weak equipment 2 crit for mages. Tomorrow the damage will rise and cut again? better would the speedrunning performance gave and accuracy )). Mages before crits were killed, and now the usual damage? Turants by default mdef higher than in tanks and so same pdef and hp...
  12. Deflect magic

    I think that's not entirely true. Because the resist is when a mage in 1 shot but anyone who can look at the property's ability will better understand. But the feeling is that it stands at 50% or 30%. Because it's no good. As 0 property. I wanted to know if it was properly configured? or was it deliberately altered?
  13. Increases Magic Attack Resistance by 100% for 20 minutes. Was it changed on purpose? he certainly should not give mdef. But reduces the resistor by about 50%.
  14. The character is stuck in the city.

    Plizzz help. Soe doesn't helm. Restart too. All chars on the account were okay. He is constantly running, and inventory is unavailable. When in town.