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  1. To the president!

    Yeah president Trump cant do shit vote for Barney #2020 make L2 great again!
  2. How transfer rank Kamael?

    you can only reroll to your subclasses here yo cant just pick whatever you want
  3. How transfer rank Kamael?

    I think i can translate Basically Arbalester is nerfed 4300patack to 3800 (judicator is getting nerfed too)and npcs dont offer swap gear so he can reroll and also he cant add other classes subclass because he is Kamael. Pretty match what i got.
  4. Verolomnyy/aka/6666

    How is it called?? might as well everyone use it if not bannable same for DreadZ adrenaline and bunch of other cheats
  5. Verolomnyy/aka/6666

    What was the point of the post?
  6. Dynasty vs S80 armor

    Moirai is abomination waste of adena (unless its heavy)
  7. Can someone explain me how top player bar goes up? i was top player quite often even on full duration events 25 minute ones do i need to be top 1 or what... it just permastuck 8/12 for some reason