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  1. Yep sadly it is what it is. Moonlight Sentinel had extremely low damage compared to other archers. Spamming stun was literally only key to stay alive a little longer, when i used the rapid shot skill it lowered my range so short that when i walked to hit a mage i had already half of my hp missing. So i couldn't really use my key skill rapid fire often. I was literally a massage to duelists and to healers like kat i did 1,8k damage with drac bow and QA, Baium (to kat). When i got close to them and use rapid fire it was actually quite effective because stun was really fast. I tried to somewhat ask for the lethal shot to have an effect but nobody cared, it would have been a balance to the class even if the lethal chance would have been like 10%. But yeah you are basicly right, only a fool would play elf archer in this server.
  2. Managed to hit worst luck of my life in enchating today so the game won this time. I'll be back next season tho 😉 However before i take my leave i grabbed some saved footage from this season. Thanks for everything guys! Bye!
  3. Extremely grateful for this patch, i can actually play this game
  4. stop crying you are walking into the zerg and you get insta domination, this can't get out of hand u knoiw
  5. I am going to compare, if i can. You see i am not going to bring in celestian into a topic about food but in this case where are talking about effect of skills then for show i can bring a comparison. Thanks for reply tho, it's appreciated.
  6. I know the features, i am asking why is it removed? Otherwords how is it OP? I don't think CELE on gladi and tyr is beyond more OP
  7. I have noticed lethal doesn't work. Just does damage and has no effect. Why?
  8. btw imo the cele should be for defensive purposes only, it should BREAK if you attack the enemy, specially in server like this. Make you immune against everything in oly for 10 seconds. It's brutal. AND REALLY, if that's ur excuse that you need to wait to play against stronger classes, then maybe make exception in class based, if you re-enter into class based it will reset.
  9. That's the worst suggestion ever. Give them cele before every match? These reuses are there for a reason and your cele is effing sick skill. This is the only way we see some of you competing and we know you don't have cele then we can safely enter and maybe we have chance.
  10. can you copy the error here? btw windows vista :S
  11. Since you are the first guy with solid reply and actual filed i will check it out. And thank you for sharing it. And everyone else who has knows anything how to make our game better i ask you to share it.
  12. Im running gtx 1080, ssd, 16gb 2800mhz ram. Hexa core. Im 30-40fps in interlude. When i watch twitch raegar playing he has some kind of modified Client and i saw him having absolutely no lag. When i watch those Dvp interlyde siege videos he had no lag. I don't think he had better conputer In 2006 then i have now. Thus the question is there a way to get no freezeing lag in here? Last interlude server first 2 weeks was nightmare. I see that my System is using below 500mb of ram even when i am using your provided Ini file. The files don't help. Is there someone who has a solution And doesnt have to chase players with their mouse laggong like hell? Sorry that it's typed little bit retardedly vcoz im running 2% battery on phonr
  13. Hasn't it been friday for a long time? Ppl who actually have ability to don work during the week.
  14. yep, like last season i was told that i needed to swap my main class like 2 times to get to my desired class so it's not different today