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  1. if that would be the case i would never cry and btw you never know it's a crit anyway, i sometimes hit with vortex normal hit 1000 dmg and the crit with prominence is 800 😄
  2. The damage is done to a kamael archer if i remember correctly. And it's this way across the borders. Since there are so few mages anyway maybe it's possible to add somebit of that extra m crit rate ? When i hit 400 then my mage crit is x2. So even if i would have gotten one crit i literally hit 800. and i also run valakas.
  3. Just wanted to say that not adding s84 to bosses is a good call. Nobody is jelly. Please don't add drops before first ppl start crafting s84.
  4. nobody likes duelists anyway why cry
  5. matis


    You need to come with ideas like this a little sooner
  6. My bad, he name is Nikeis not naikis
  7. Hello my friends name is also naikis, if he first can he take the name?
  8. You don't need to have 2 healers in one pt calms ur tits man, get one healer and happy good
  9. matis

    a questions

    Yeah i would be all for it to cancel out the game bosses for first week and not drop top s84 items, only mid ones.
  10. matis


    I don't think that's gonna happen
  11. matis


    You can't exchange adena ta fa for like 2 weeks
  12. matis

    Chronicle choice

    I have nothing against H5, but in my opinion IL RAN BETTER and had less problems. -Last things i remember in H5 was having a large discussion about elemental damage and how the damage just didn't make sense. Also having better weapon: I made same damage with Dynasty weapon +9 as with s84 mid grade magic weapon. I was dueling around in main town to figure out why do i even got a ++ s84 weapon in the first place. -Didn't we have a large thread at the end of the H5 season that it's just not ready yet and next season should definitively be IL because there are no large scale elementals and maybe the damages are more correct.