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  1. Melee DMG

    Well on low rate you have 9 players in a party, with 1 healer 1 ee + 1ol/1wc and at the high five chronicle russians and eu top partys were running with 2 healer 1 recharger.. So ye you didnt get the point as i see.
  2. Melee DMG

    Well here you go but i have no screen from the players. Probably if you check the inventory u'll see all the items.
  3. Melee DMG

    Hello! I would like to make a suggestion about healers / melee damagedealers. So lets go on from a healers pov. Now healers are worth nothing on the server life in a mass event like epic at servers primetime. Why? I am attaching a photo about my stats and my received dmgs in last days. Those dmgs means 1-2 player easily can melt down a healer in ++gear with ++atri w/o a tank agroing my target, i wonder if a tank agroing me... Couldnt even step. My suggestion if everyone likes the server now (i mean the class balance and dmg side), to allow atleast ol+cardi or even 2 cardinal in 1 party... one cardinal survives like 10sec. My other suggestion is about classes: - titans: never missing on an evasion buffed archer. dmg is increadibly high, pdef ishigh. Some way it supposed to be nerfed (a bit!) - tyrants: never missing on an evasion buffed archer. dmg is increadibly high, pdef is increadibly high! - tanks: 5-8k dmg on a pvp armor with full buffed nukers. Nah! Absolutely nonesense. - daggers: i'd say ok, but those skill crits (reuse) seems broken. like shadow step 3-4 times in a row. cmon. - Hammer Crush , Armor Crush: with vorpal robe set, resist shock and + con dyes 1/1 lands. Is it possible to check those rates?!!! Thanks!
  4. draconic armor

    Hi. Draconic armor cannot be elemented also seems bugged to me. What was the original idea with those elements? Thanks!
  5. So nerft mages agian

    I didnt tests nerf yet but the last point is a bit overkill. I am pretty much at top list in everything and i played healer only on this server. However every other who started and played ~ arround me are all rank8 or more and the only parts are the sprees and kills and now its more hard. I dont care actually just saying.
  6. 85 % of server SH

    Well imma come back one sphs are nerfed and once Emerald is answering topics.
  7. Multi TVT

    Logical suggestion! +1
  8. This one ok but the other ideas.... Can someone properly explain why do anyone wants to nerf cardinal? They can be killed easily, already 1 healer / party its enough nerf.... Why would you touch a skill, when there is class who can 2-3shot others even if you healing them with chainheal. LoL.
  9. I agree with all. The only one part which i disagree is the healer's part. Its not interlude anymore use wild magic and buffs for it and u'll critical heal pretty much. Chainheal is ok, mages outcritting chainheal anyways.
  10. Olympiad reward

    That was only an example. But as i see the community is just retarded here to do something.
  11. Olympiad reward

    Well mate more ppl more fun and less chance to feed. No? In H5 oly is bigger part of the fun then in interlude thats why there is different locations to give chance to different chars.. Also whats the point to play oly, even oly jewels disabled. Anyways seems like u cant even make a building comment when you see there is a suggestion from MW. sad.
  12. Olympiad reward

    Hi. I dont know whats the olympiad reward right now, but i would reccomend to add something like 1rank up or so to get it interested to everyone. The current olympiad period were really poor!
  13. ''hate''

    The part i dont understand why is @Emeraldavoiding a proper statement about the guy's behavior and Hombres just spamming when i am not even talking to you.
  14. ''hate''

    Usually i am not making any post againts others becouse i dont give a flying fuck but in my opinion it crossed a brige on me also.
  15. ''hate''

    @Emerald Just to point this out: point 13. point 20. point 21. After he wrote that down, he clearly went againts server and its population. Gl to deceide.