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  1. thats a lot! but u wont make this with B grade gear on Mage
  2. well jack if u make a new Archer with bop/mage u wont get 2000a 😄 so there is something wrong with some classes like Warlords
  3. Warlords always had a problem. People need some time to learn and they were just more used now 🙂I am wondering if u know which one it is. U cant blame people to play the best class lol
  4. Aantaria


    u made + 10 s grade fist on day one? and you are not top 1 player?:D
  5. Aantaria


    anyway most people playing Archer these days not mage
  6. Aantaria


    lol tyrant and gladi are total op on this server 🙂 why u run around with no resist ?
  7. rune protection is not the problem here ....that skill was just fine last season 😄
  8. Why so aggressive Pepper ? Sometimes as duelist u lose some of those buffs in combat and you don't have the time to rebuff them. It's a change/boost for some classes.
  9. sure duelist is up for it 😄 i think there is a reason for some buffs to be 2mins usally they had a cooldown so u cant use them each 2 mins! so be happy u can now
  10. he did 9 games here because its each week and interlude style
  11. ya its pretty unfair to other classes who have 2 mins buffs/skills aswell
  12. skill crit and zealot dont add on each other^^ zealot is just 100% crit power on AUTO HITS ONLY.
  13. That's a very good idea... Subclasss should count as the main class in the Statistic(or in an extra one) so u could finally see which class is realy overpowered and which is not. Like everyone who plays SpS as main or subclass should count as SPS in that statistic with k/d and all numbers! Of coz its still not 100%(all the noobs could play one class) but u could have a fair direction of the real power each class has.
  14. what rule did he break? 😄