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  1. Aantaria

    Dynasty S80 scroll

    That would be a great idea. In h5 many people skipp s80 to get s84 but that make those scrolls on s80 cheap 🙂 Also i would still consider this to make s grade crafting mats 10% cheaper~ not adena/parts/recs i only mean the mats. And on Dynasty 10% more on mats crafting.
  2. Aantaria

    S grade

    yeah a bit cheaper now would not be bad for normal s grade
  3. its fine how it is with the armor price/mats And drac set is much better for Archers
  4. could lower the heal power 😄 but its a good point to be honest +16 drac bow +6 drac armor +6 jewels 25 buffslots all experts 😄 and healer in the back ? makes all noobs want to quit~
  5. Aantaria

    sqrt damage

    why dont u take the class out ? much easier I guess there wont be anyone playing those anymore
  6. Aantaria

    sqrt damage

    Is this still bugged? This sqrt dmg also applied under NO Cele.
  7. Aantaria


    Winning a raid on Fire mantras and you gain about 60 000 adena if u sell the jewel after u have enough mantras.. vala should go for 550-700kWinning one main event playing 25mins and u get maybe 550a !!!!!! And better u lose the event and get god buff to gain more kills anyway.Free for all raid is ... just free money for the lucky one online! Seems really weird now.And on top of this if you play only a bit, raids are almost useless for you. No progress for noobs.Or if your side lose all the good raids 😄
  8. Aantaria

    sqrt damage

    You should test it before lol u only need 2 people. Imo if cele shield is to powerfull just increase the cooldown by 100% double time.
  9. Aantaria


    I think luffy was green!
  10. 180 secs is a good idea
  11. Dude Archers are total OP. Its just there are only a few drac bows and boss jewels 😄 duelist and tyrants depending on the map, . They dont rly pwn on open maps.
  12. Aantaria


    If u make em tradeable u should lower the drop rate of them ...so people can trade for some they like. If there are 100 people doing valakas and getting 20k fire mantras.. that raid boss droping about 6,6 valakas necklaces on one Raid.
  13. its only the first few days if people get a grade armor/tattoo
  14. agree with 3 and 4 🙂 I think the reward for winning the map in the end should be a better otherwise people are just after kills.