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  1. Buffing

    But stacking crit rate couldbecome a problem with Elegia and top bow. ~dunnoneed some testing here~
  2. Buffing

    500 crit is max and then comes Paagrio.... Focus on top wont help at all. On one of my topics i was asking to remove the crit rate limit then focus would help.
  3. About changes in general

    Chevignon i don‘t think you can compare your + 10 jewels and 300 wind resist (you need a bit more) with a s84 top +16 300 wind weapon and high enchanted skills.. In interlude this is even a bigger problem. You can‘t compare a+6 dc set with a +14 drac bow… Anyway a Sph is the lowest cp/hp class, its supposed to deal the most damage over time.You deal damage, but you also die quickly. Advols sps had 8,7/ 1 Kill/death ratio in interlude. And here he has a lot less. Advols party got top S84 mage weapon drop on 2nd day of this season at Core!? (another topic) You see/saw any Sps/Nerco/Sorc pwning? Even Logistik(SPS) was not doing so well with his 300 and +16 Buster.(he‘s not even close to 2/1 ratio). I also said that Eye of Pa‘ agrio is too strong. And Cop and Eye are not helping vs skill crits from tyrants and gladis i think… I am sure you wipe off that DeadlyKisseR with a top s84 +16 fist weapon 300 fire attack and nice skill enchants on fire. People did keep saying emp echo was too strong (already in beta time), but its not the class or mages in general. Another tyrant i hit only for 660 damage with a normal hit. He was hard to kill. But i hit Chevignon for 1100 damage with a normal hit. Get some friends and charge Kat with 4 people next time!And remember Slug removes vortex! its also supposed to deal more damage for removing the debuff…. I also dont understand why archer have this -10% crit damage. Archer crit rate is about 35% each hit now. Mages had about 28% with pow. Now it‘s around 20-18%. If you start fighting with a mage on 900 range you are already in disadvantage as archer. It would have been better just to remove emp echofrom the game, but all the other changes are still over the top. There is almost no mage playing now. You see it yourself? More fine tuning would be nice.
  4. About changes in general

    I meant the surrender + 30 Wind weakness is only for enemy weapons Surrender stays at -20 wind for the enemy wind resist. With the hurricane u might be right but ingame it does not show.
  5. About changes in general

    Venth what skill enchant you mean? windvulnerability hurricane lowers the enemy weapon attack by wind damage not the armor. Same with surrender enemy weapon not armor. That's only good vs other Sph. Or its bugged in the declaration/stats . Some Sphhad it and my seed of wind + some attack was gone from 320 to about 273~ But youcan enchant the hurrican with + windsame as vortex and slug. Same as Tyrants and other classes.
  6. About changes in general

    it wasbubble damage on a guy with low mdef and no elements? whats the point here? that how a bubble worked on retail. u can avoid bubbles most of the time.. . if u dont like bubble or Slugs. Nerf it not the class. And i am sure there is such players.
  7. Increase Adena/Drop rate in Farm Zone

    he did it on last patch and that 30k was me
  8. About changes in general

    For me it seems you overreact sometimes with the changes you make. Before sph was too good. Now allmages are too bad. Sph was rly good because of emp echo and that server buffs are in favor of slow casting /high m.attack mage. Also a lot of top players were playing it. And thoseplayershad the bestitems. Sps/sorc/nerco were relative gimp even before you change all mages. Now they are terrible. Titan rush/stunand crit me for 8k(with a good weapon).Does anyone cry about it? Anyway,this is H5 not interlude people are supposedto do more damage because everyone has more cp/hp. And a lot of people running around with no elements on their armor for a long time. That's a big problem here. if someone have360+ resist, he is not so easy to kill. That topic in general forum was about bubbles doing 30k magic crit damage. They have 30mins cooldown and are madetoo clean an area. Dunno why people with 60elementand low mdef cry about it. To avoid big drama and empty server in the future my suggestion is: Invite some good players with knowledge to a private forum and discuss some balance changes before you make them. Some people who like to play on balanced, full populated server! People who try to be objective with all classes. People with good ideas and who would like to help.
  9. About casting speed limit Playinga bit with sph and with spsifigureout that Enlightenment/pvp (bonus castingspeed) is much better for sph than it is fornercos/Sorcer/Sps on this server. Simple because myspshas already 19xx casting speed. Casting Enlightenment only brings it to 1999 Casting speed. 1999 is the limit. Whileplaying on sph.i get 1999 casting speed from 15xx useing Enlightenment. Which isunfair. On retail this was not a problem because udon'trun around all the time with allbuffs on yourChar.Consideringthat sph arealready the best mage in this chronical.Ifind it„unwise/unbalanced“. Also the pvp bonus(counter castingspeed) on mage weapons realy have a low effect for some mages but for Sph its good. Mages are not overpowerd only sph is a bit. Suggestion: Putthe limit higher.We also had no limit in interlude About crit. rate limit. Also it seems to me that archer/melees crite rate is rather low. Because of „Eye of paagrio“ 30% crit reduction. If u remove the limit here aswell archer will get around 500-550?~ and would crit a bit more. And a higher weapons would actually be better. And Moonlight Sentinel would be less gimp compared to Ghost Sentinel. Suggestion 1:Remove the crite rate limit Suggestion 2:Lower Eye of paagrio by 5% down to 25% About sph 25% more m.attack dont mean that this class deal 25% more dmg! Lowering the overall dmg from sph by 10% was over the top. That was about as those 25% m.attack. Its not the class thats overpowerd but one skill empoweringEcho 25% more m.attack. If u rly want to balance u can just lower this skill to 12,5to 20% m.attack bonus . Thats a fair change/balance. Suggestion: Lower emp echo to 12,5% - 20% coming from 25%. I would love to see more of other mages! andMoonlight Sentinels. I am wondering if those suggestions even work with your gameclient. Overall this season is far more balanced as it was in interlude. If u check the k/d ratio of people. In interlude there were tons of people with 8/1, 7/1, 6/1 and 5/1 kills/deaths ratio. In this season the best people are around 3/1 to 2/1 k/d ratio. (n0rfuK dont count only 300 kills). Its a enjoyable season. Alita playing a sph but i also play it in interlude!
  10. we were just nukingthe mobs coming We did not aggro more mobs We failed 2 times because one of the hero died before we dismounted by the event the heros getting a lot of damage maybe more as in interlude
  11. Elegia robe set vs dynasty.

    Its not a bug. Elegia set is not Masterwork. Dynasty set is all Masterwork except for the main part. all is fine!