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  1. As the title says. Its a question about the drops. Are they completly random or they drop with score? like top dmg/heal etc? @Emerald Thank you in a advance
  2. Maybe the bug was that you were able to dismount. Because the mission says that you need to kill the zombies with the dragons breath
  3. I just finished the mission and did a 1098 kill score. So its not a bug and its possible and I can say its fairly easy if you make the proper set up
  4. I think thats the whole point of the mission . Not to be able to dismount!
  5. Juno

    Vesper Noble

    Hello i would like to know if its possible to improve the vesper set into vesper noble . Because i didnt saw in the shop the Vesper Noble Enhancement Stone . And if so , is it free the or it costs adena? Also the icarus/vesper weopons i assume they dont need soul crystals to get the SA right? Because i only saw stage 18 in the shop
  6. Juno

    Certification skills

    Its worth investing in my opinion. But you need to have a proper party and good coordination to make most of it
  7. Juno

    Certification skills

    Thank you! Also one more thing. Is appetite self buff like SoS?
  8. As the tittle says I want to know if the certification skills work retail like. Stat wise and if they are only in the main class or they transfer to the subclasses like the passive skill you had in the IL