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  1. Hello. Today i went to do the mission The False God .In the start the anakim/lilth buged and didnt hit the device. After a minute or so they started attacking it but we didnt proceed in the mission . We stucked in the 1rst room killing endlessy mobs till the time expired. we tried to hit the device ourselfs but it just said damage blocked. .
  2. So the limit to gladiatiors is 1 per party or 2?
  3. Juno

    dear GM

    as i said the problem isnt the tyrants or the fighters in general . each class has its pros and cons. the problem is the barrier (if you have one ) and in the cancel rate of the pvp fist/dagger . And i agree with you if you play and organised party lets say mage with necro slh etc you can curse the sh it out of a tyrant and make him usless Also the dmg on the mages is fine mby the magic crit rate could get a slighly boost but a slight
  4. Juno

    dear GM

    Well its more broken the cancel they do with their skills. and how frequently they do it than their dmg. Also the rune protection. but overall a skilled mage can bearly handle a tyrant and not because of their hp/def , but because our dmg is nerfed significaly.I as archmage can handle one tyrant on me(mby 2 if they are glass cannon) in mass pvp . unless they have Barrier (it procs so frequently that is broken). So overall i dont think he should neft the ogre but fix the chance on cancel/rune protection/barrier. Just my thought on the matter though
  5. I couldnt edit so i post again . But it happend to ffa antharas too. Mage with top s84 weopon dpsing from the start and didnt get a sigle drop.Could be a problem with ffa and the mage class.
  6. In this morning in frintezza boss this happend to me and 2 of my clan members. We where with mages inside we full dpsed and we didnt get a reward (couldnt get a pic because it restared after the boss) Also it was a free for all boss so we couldnt pvp
  7. Juno

    Soul hound landrates

    I have seen stacked slh with prestolen buffs from his cp making insane dmg and he didnt need to steal buffs . But yeah overall its strenght comes from being able to steal and denay buffs for opponents
  8. Juno

    Soul hound landrates

    True. Semms you havent seen a retail slh with stolen empowering echo,majesty etc to see him reck whole group of ppl alone
  9. Its true that kamaels in general are end game chars that need alot of items skills++ etc to realy shine especialy SLH. But i still thing the nerf on DB is a bit harsh . He could get a little buff . For example from 10% the disarm/stun to be raised in 15% . The range nerf is fine. and maybe some overall dmg boost like titan received? . Just some random thoughts. Also if you wanna play db i believe to go in critical damage built with AA oriented. since disarm/rush impact are nerfed.
  10. Well last season when i asked about the drop rate on bosses i was told it was total random. And i think its true. I was in a party (archer myself/bp/slh) and the slh took the epic jewel and it just had started playing. Also i with the archer had low gear too. It might was with most points on older seasons but now i think its just plain random.
  11. I wouldn't call it a nerf. More like balance . That buff is good on IL but in hi5 since the summoner get 2 diffrent buffs for its pet (Spirit Sharing & Servitore Share) That use the summoners stats as a basis, then that buff on top just makes them way to powerfull and if you enchant it to +15/30 .Well you get the point
  12. As the title says. Its a question about the drops. Are they completly random or they drop with score? like top dmg/heal etc? @Emerald Thank you in a advance
  13. Maybe the bug was that you were able to dismount. Because the mission says that you need to kill the zombies with the dragons breath
  14. I just finished the mission and did a 1098 kill score. So its not a bug and its possible and I can say its fairly easy if you make the proper set up
  15. I think thats the whole point of the mission . Not to be able to dismount!