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  1. iPlay

    Buff destroyers

    Who cares about UE when you have Armor break + crush, both of those under frenzy + hd will definitely kill you.
  2. iPlay

    Buff destroyers

    Just saw a twitch stream of ovc new season and I was like hey, maybe they got their senses back and buffed destros, but the first thing I see on the website is - Denied suggestions - buff destro Before the nerf to destros, there were like ten destros on the whole server who could consistently get top spots without support. After nerf there were 3-5. After another nerf all destros just stopped playing a server where daggers or archers or summoners or gladis or virtually any class can one shot any other class, but destros aren't allowed to one shot because they cry, for gods sake just remove the freaking one hit max limit, whats the point of having it when a destro has to buff against either physical or magical damage with max 2 or 3 resists and as far as I remember even then I could afford only one vampirism buff which didn't allow me to regen a lot from hits. This was my favourite server until they nerfed my favourite class into oblivion. Bullshit as usual. Oh and topicstarter don't worry there will be destros in fort maps, its just they need more investment to actually be viable, why is that? because of nerfs, ty and bye bye, gonna check back next season to see whether people actually want to see classes except archers, mages, summoners and gladis.
  3. Yo! Looking for a clan to play with, veteran ovc player, usually top 10 pvp until I quit.
  4. During the first 3 or 4 seasons self buff were not considered as buff slots, I always considered this a huge nerf to all fighter classes except for daggers (since they don't need a lot of buffs that other fighters need), especially titans (yes, I play mostly titan and I hate that this class is nerfed to infinity) If this is done, boy I'm back in business...
  5. You got owned dude, admit it and rest in peace.
  6. iPlay

    Raid Boss

    To the last-hitter is better, or to top 3 damage dealers and healers
  7. And here's the difference between daggers and all other offensive classes. Daggers don't need 30% of the buffs - might, berserk, dance of warrior etc etc. which gives them effectively 3-6 more buff slots to get full rez.
  8. It actually has an effect, but minimal. If you want more heals get epic jewelry on the person you're healing, problemo solved.
  9. Wow, like people who play titans on the server didn't know that lol. And it's not balanced until they nerf daggers coz I get 1.5k backstab through freakin GUTS and TMH 6664 (that's around 4k p.def)
  10. Exactly, but why do I have to hit these mages (and at least 60% of mages buff like this) with my destro 3 freakin times? Correct, because all mages cry destro's are op destro's are op and TY @Emerald for ultra-nerf.
  11. Sorry? The topic is about A grade smartass
  12. In this particular case there is no point since daggers are supposed to own mages and archers. What makes me mad is that daggers can land 5k+, make it max 40%HP+CP like destros and everything will be fine.
  13. Some insult to your injury Shot00111.bmp
  14. Seriously? What about destros then? Why do I have to hit mages 3 times to kill them when a dagger can one shot them?