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  1. They only gave me 250 for being a hero, it's very little, isn't it?
  2. XD, yes, it's crazy, it's out but out, of what it should be even ,the jump range doesn't seem normal to.
  3. Pleyades


    To deactivate the lethal in the raids, because the daguers take advantage of this bug to get raid points and get more drop.
  4. You don't feel like anything else?, some chips a soda?, the mission of the tank is to attack spam, is its roll, and as much as many do not like tankes do a lot of damage in H5 thanks to its seed!!!, what I like most is to see opinions of people who never juice h5. See if I can guess, are you a magician?
  5. I can get to understand it in iterlude, in h5 it is more complicated, having two weapons at 300 and two armor at 120 is not easy, and returning to what I said at the beginning, you decide that I should play, and not me, if you choose healer or tanke you have great possibilities of not entering, choose magician, archer or dagger.
  6. ahh well, that there are 50 archers on one side and 50 wizards on the other and they kill you for the range is a great balance, good argument thank you, I think it has been silly my question, your answers define why public success, thanks and sorry for the loss of your time.
  7. No, No can play the class I wanna play
  8. Is it really necessary? Should I play what the server tells me? and not choose what I want?
  9. The seed must gain with the reflect damage and it doesn't. The skill Lighting strike slow the target and I think it doesn't. Fortune Seeker: Blazing Boost, not working properly, only at maximum distance