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  1. Adena

    If the server opens with the same Adena ratex as before the x1000, the time you will spend in getting s84 equip will be so much more than the time the seasson dures. the Cost of enchant skills is huge. The Giant codex and giant codex masteri almost dont drop. Attribute enchant ratio is super low. Besides that, in my opinion the wayto get the certifications should be by subclass as always in h5.
  2. please

    Yes please
  3. Store problem

    When you use the offline mode shop, you cant loggin with another different character from another account. Inmediantly get disconected.
  4. Attribute Test

    Nice, agree with that limit.
  5. High five?

    I think that after all the reportswe are playing a completly different high five chronicle. Mages were SO boosted, archers were boosted, and you cant use a lot of h5 skills as they are in h5. Judicators? They dont exist here. Tank seeds? Force meditation skill in tyrant last 3secs. These are just examples. I just want to say that H5 requires more complexitivity in setting things than interlude. Besides, i think that some people dont know that the meta changes in H5 and we dont have just the 2same powerfull classes anymore. Regards.