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  1. Buffing

    Okay question for the big/pro guys in here, This is my first time playing in H5. I need some1 to please recommend me the best basic buffs for the following classes: Adventurer SPH I know it all depends who you are fighting, etc. Just looking for things like, which zerk do I use, what are the MUST use resists, etc. Thanks and please only nice replies, - Mr. 30k
  2. Increase Adena/Drop rate in Farm Zone

    Awesome, I had no idea. Thank u sir. - I am Mr.30k
  3. Increase Adena/Drop rate in Farm Zone

    Not sure if this has been brought up and I already know that it is an all out PvP server. I like how u can only be in the farm zone for an hour (-5 minutes if u get killed). I was suggesting possibly increasing the drop/adena rate by a tad bit. Thank you - Mr. 30k
  4. Mages, questions.

    Call me Mr. 30k Thank u Mr. 30k
  5. 85 % of server SH

    I had to join the SPH club myself. I guess its the new "trend"
  6. Mages, questions.

    Im sorry Juve?
  7. Mages, questions.

    must be nice...…………………….
  8. Archer Snipe Skill

    Big guys here. Thank you PrayForMercy, had no idea about alt left click. Appreciate that.
  9. Archer Snipe Skill

    Hello, I'm here to support the movement: Make Snipe Great Again not sure what happened but the buff lasts 2-3 minutes now. It used to be 1 minute I believe. Why was it changed
  10. Mages, questions.

    Schure Schure Schure
  11. Mages, questions.

    33k crit is fine?
  12. Mages, questions.

    Not a complaint, not crying and nothing against anyone who plays mage. I'm new to H5. Not sure if I've ever seen someone hit for that much, is this normal? Any suggestions? I'm doing attributes, getting full resist buffs BUT my jewels aren't great. ANYWAY Thanks people

    Hi, Move the grand opening 24 hours back. Mmmkkkkayyyy Thank u
  14. H5 RIP mages

    Glads are OP
  15. Snoop lf clan

    Hello my children, I'm looking for an active clan this coming new season. Slide into my DM's.