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  1. @Emerald Please I've been waiting for DAYS for my clan to disband and to join another clan with clan skills. Can you accelerate the process? I tried to declare someone as clan leader but the "petition" went in. @Okan so back to waiting 😕
  2. You are a peasant bro, get on with yourself. I have 0 knowledge of any chronicle above Interlude and that is known.
  3. Both are the same thing Chev. I didn't HAVE the knowledge about the weapon effects, and I thought the top s84 wep would be the top wep.
  4. Imma post things here if I want to post things here mofo. All im saying is that the bow should be the same atk speed as the mofo dynasty bow.
  5. I am so confused as to why dynasty bow has more atk speed than the top bow on the server. This is some BULL. Got all this sheeee t for nothing cus sh it don't make no sense. S80 armor is worse than dynasty S84 bow is worse than dynasty anything else I need to know before I fucking spend my time and adena in all this non-sense. Thanks, Pissed Off 33k, concerned citizen, fuking QQ, fuk Mithrill Alloys and Crystal S grades. P.S: im not really mad, I still have the mats. But I spent so much in getting all this sh it together to find out the bow doesn't have as much atk speed as the dynasty bow, as well as enchanting the bow has such a low rate of success ANYWAYYYYYYYYY Thanks
  6. Okay the title is a joke. Emerald how do u feel about taking the penalty off for deleting a clan / leaving a clan. Thanks for replying to suggestions, - Mr. 33k, a concerned dark elf citizen of l2ovc
  7. Anyone else just logging in every 2 minutes to see if Emerald opens it up a little early xD
  8. hahaha you got me. FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS xD
  9. See you mofo's in-game tomorrow. Thank you Emerald for restarting the season. You guys already know who I am, if not call me Mr. 30k. Thank you Mr. 30k
  10. Ugh WTB Clan Hall? Castle?
  11. SnoopDawg


    Not complaining. Just making a thread for discussion, if I was mad/complaining about balance I would of left a while back. This is normal? Okay....say what u know and move on my dude. Any way thank you big guy for your knowledge.
  12. A little bird told me that you much rather go with Dynasty vs S80 Armor. Any thoughts?
  13. SnoopDawg


    You can't argue with that, I've never played anything above Interlude. This is my very first experience in H5 and I have no room to talk about nerfing this and that, honestly I've never actually played in a truly "balanced" high rate server (PvP server) interlude and below. I'm going to let the people who know their sheeeiit take over I started this thread only for a healthy discussion, ofcourse we are l2 players and it's hard to some of us to keep our composure at all times. With that being said I'm going to run away from Sir Tank Gluttony and stay 10 meters away from him at all times. Thank you - Mr. 30k a.k.a SNOOP DAWGGGGG SHAWTY