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  1. Magic Crit

    With those u would have 100% mcrit on off c6, here u could cap max like 30% (which includes and hero staff with low m.atck) with all those nerfs. Not to mention last seasons at least u could go for casting speed/matck, now u don't have any good alternatives to improve.
  2. Magic Crit

    I'm playing tyrant, but that doesn't change the thing, that some classes gets fcked while others not touched at all
  3. Magic Crit

    invest smth into chance that doesnt gurantee u get that passive on s weap (which is expensive pleasure aswell) while dd only needs 2 rings, not mentioning that valakas costs almost the same as these two.
  4. Magic Crit

  5. Magic Crit

    By your logic - get hero bow/dagger to be able to do dmg with archer/dagger then, make the same rules in this game.stfu if u can't offer smth constructive.
  6. about magic critics

    Stack elemental resist+ unholy/holy resists + song/dances resists and u can reach 80% non removable resist stack, wtf are u talking? Surrender removes just one type of resists, which doesdnt play big role at all. It's sad, that Emerald listens to none competitive cries who don't have valid factsand makes fast decisions..
  7. about magic critics

    On every damn at least some decent server including and official c6 back in the days. You just went full retard in thissolo conversation wihout zero knowledge about this game, just flaming things ur golf-ball sized brains couldn't handle.
  8. about magic critics

    Those m crits hits max for 2k, learn to buff retards
  9. Streamer Topic

    Best streamer!
  10. I think i found a Dagger Server

    Not to mention if u run into group, u get 1-3 random cancels and ur are fcked up, u need to play smart with it, choose ur targets, get from behind, if it's so op, play it ur self and end of the story.
  11. In-Game Poll

    Could be about maps, which should be selected more often to display in map voting table, etc. Couse i guess my self and lot of others, just avoid some ridiculous maps just by going afk.
  12. Angelic Icon = 2 Minutes Duration?

    It must be some topsecret video then, if u can't share here...
  13. Angelic Icon = 2 Minutes Duration?

    U just burned, that's what happened.For me it looks likeundeniable evidences, that madlaxy shared.
  14. Angelic Icon = 2 Minutes Duration?

    So he linked u a link, ur turn, words are words u know
  15. Angelic Icon = 2 Minutes Duration?

    So u come to any topic, u say some bullsh1t wihout proves and it's done? That's how u get those badges?