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  1. Good idea with more sides, would be even more fun.
  2. Summoners joke

    It's a comedy that u don't get any reward for killing those sh1ts, who will waist his time attacking 20k hp summon for 15s if he doesn't get anything in return, why would u need to invest anything into gear, if u can play this joke, pathetic role.
  3. Strong PC, low FPS

    L2 is an old game, it has crappy optimizations, best way to improve ur fps would be to use .animoff or if u want to have max from this game - .allanimoff, but u wont see bubbles and heals as well.
  4. Not everyone here worksat macdonald's. Basically, majority ppl who invested their time in educationor are not braindead, has free time from work on weekends, on which sometimes they want to relax and play some old good l2, that's why we want to start a bit earlier and chill. Btw seeing ur forums activity, I highly doubt if u even go to any work.
  5. Usually ppl don't work on weekends, so the time isn't important here - more earlier on Saturday, more play time for us (working guys), we don't talk about teenagers who can nolife no matter on what time it starts.
  6. Have to agree, most ppl has morefree time only on weekend's, and now half weekend is passed then it's opening..

    Who the fck are u here to know someone? U think it's somehow special to take hero from class that nobody participated? Stfu already
  8. Healers ruin late game

    What else to expect from tank bot with full mage buffs
  9. Healers ruin late game

    Perfect faction server would be without any kind of healers, only true pvp. But that's just a dream..
  10. CANCEL

    Mages hits 200-300 to dagger while getting 3k+ and still here come somes random dagger who wants to pwn all classes and starts such bullsh1ts.. Cancel is only way to do smth to dagger, wtf u even talking here?
  11. DE/ELF classes locked by race

    Would be nice if u bring back old system, there u could sub elf classes as DE and opposite, subs already cost u adena, so why would u have to be limited. That doesn't give any unbalance (since it's not OL class or smth very special), just more variants for people, who likes to experiment or who wants to try smth new.
  12. Gladi/tyrand

    Im not even playing with glad, and they falls off later on even more, then ppl begins getting s grade parts / epic juwels.
  13. Gladi/tyrand

    cool story bro, none of ur facts were correct. Anyways,next time, write 9999* dmg per every skill with 0cd, will look more serious.
  14. new features

    U flood way too much mate, wanted to hear community's opinion, i heard ur's, u can stop now,let others to express. That's not a secret, that u can play and between 5 ppl in the map for whole day and be happy with it. I just wanna expand servers lifetime as much as possible.
  15. new features

    The main reason, that u dont have to work ur ass hard, to have such weap, since with this feature, its more than easy to make one. That's the main problem.