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  1. About changes in general

    3.5 from max range, arround 2k at 900-800 range with like 1/6crits, does that even sounds good for you, u should get like 5k at least with such crap rate, where mages crit more often than archers. Not to mention u get perma down attck speed from hurricane armor if u keep attacking sph, don't act like a victim here, emerald shouldn't even revert that crit. dmg. reduction at all.
  2. CC

    I won't mind, but consider that titans will 1 shot everyone
  3. Eye of paagrio

    How u manage to get such dmg lol? Mages with 2x zerks get way lower
  4. 85 % of server SH

    Kinda too late, was good time then u started to do some actions about sphs, but after few days it got reverted anyways and their dmg has gone too far day after day.
  5. Eye of paagrio

    Agree. Agree.
  6. Eye of paagrio

    Agree to disagree.

    +400 p.def and a bit lower m.atck that wont be even noticeable, sounds fair to me.
  8. Start from death boost stacking remove from bp's, it will be easy to implent and will be noticeable without touching the skills.
  9. So it could be done directly to bishop class, avoiding the other ones.
  10. Bug abused siege

    One tank without clan could hit attackers before castle wasn't even taken (had no owner), meanwhile all under clan crests couldn't attack each other.
  11. Changelist

    Exactly, every map top kills, now even in small area maps, seems they need to rule every aspect of the game.
  12. Changelist

    Can you explain, how can you boost some1 then it's already nerfed? Maybe accurate word would be reducing existing nerf (and then u can add numbers)? I saw some of ur posts lately, and dude, u should consider to stop this spamming without elementary understanding what's going on.
  13. ''hate''

    What about to remove this pathetic signature that takes half screen every time u post?
  14. For the purpose classes balance.

    That's my last post, fedthis troll way too long, who won't understand fundamental balance principles. My advice for ppl who will be making suggestion topics - just take care if you see this toxic lier under yourtopic and make sure you avoid his lies and spreadbullshiting like he did here, who is always trying to deny any other class improvement's if that class is not his. P.s Thx for the loughs, my discord just got their evening even better, cya ingame "salty-clown". The topic can be locked.
  15. For the purpose classes balance.

    In c6 mages had waylower dmg (c6 resist system) compared to h5 and in h5 they got lowest nerf with noticeably bigger dmg at their hands, that leads to best mages performance from all seasons (excluding u, since no matter how good class can be, u won't use it up at it's potential) and I don't mind about that.Maybe you could rethink over the night once again, how much bullshit u could generate in one topic.