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  1. Tell us how it attacks from walls etc, avoiding all obstacles, animation gets broken then it passes stairs, maybe begin from this?
  2. Fcking trash better tell us how ur cat is flying in fort maps over the place?
  3. Jeez coming from doom set tank bot player, how can u talk about smth then u didin't even manage to get out of daimon with ur trashy subbed mage, so where did ur uber farm went? 😂 Couse mages that rly invested into gear always had top kills in maps, gfto rat.
  4. Since I don't find any of ur arguments valid, I'm not even bothering with it, buddy. Hint: read mayhems post, that came just before your's, it may help u a bit to get on correct path.
  5. Pss wanna tell u a secret? Pow and cov has same speed reduction.
  6. And what u made it with your B grade bot class?
  7. Paper (pow, bers prolly not even dc set+6, two handed staff, so no shield protection) wants to get crits from GS with dead eye (aq,baium,valakas) and DB+10 atleast for 2k, keep dreaming boy.
  8. l0l

    Remove C

    If he removes C grade, what u gonna wear?
  9. Like those fa helps u to do smth, at the end u are still trash who just proved being bot is the only way u can play in maps, otherwise u spend most of your time kissing the ground, so no wonders why this uber reroll
  10. Ofc u are not playing , couse can't to get out of B grade on two weeks server.
  11. The one that barks loudest about ELO being wrong calculated 😂
  12. how is going with B grade tank so far? I saw u are just shining with that class, at last u found smth not too hard to play with, I'm proud of u son!