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  1. Summoner's Pet radius

    So explain to what u invested tons of adena handles? Comes from fcking animal, who stands hidden over the wall in pvp action type server.
  2. Summoner's Pet radius

    What u invested? B grade +6 set? It's fcking none items required to this rat class, while ppl that wanna make dmg, invested like 80-100k already and they have to work for that, while u hiding in some house with ur pussy playstyle.
  3. Emerald read

    Seems like this this handles f1 player felt like a star here, fcker don't even comes from town without healer/ol/se and he barks here. Newcomers wants to come and enjoy some pvp, since u'r going to end like playing 15 vs 15 in next week, gz with that dog, shortest ovc season of all.
  4. Summoner's Pet radius

    Have to agree, radius is too big, they just send those rats without risking anything, no efforts required.
  5. Perma ban such rats with all hidden alts behind.
  6. why not broooo

    @LesleyWhy didnt u go to order ur self and start creating balance core? Seems it u likedto farmorders with our backup, just looking like a clown with such arguments, since u didn't initiateany move, just taking easy path ur self and now trieng to prove smth.
  7. Subclasses

    38 eur for class change, maybe that's the case why u don't want to implent such feature which doesn't affect anything, besides would add more options for ppl.Crit errors, rly? Dwarf,orc,human etc can take all those classes but somehow it doesn't affect anything. What causedreal problems was DE using sps animation, nothing more, and I didn't ask for it.
  8. Subclasses

    For me this restriction its stupid Have to agree andwe play faction type server (it's war against 2 factions, not between races), would be nice to be capable to enjoy it with class u want.
  9. Subclasses

    I know that, but im asking only basesubs can be taken (for example nuker can take nuker (sps>sorc, sorc>sps, PR>HE, HE>PR and so on.)), As I know l2 originaly doesn't allow to sub warsmith/OL and elf-DE each other, so that wont be any problem here.
  10. Subclasses

    Hi Emerald, wanted to ask why it's not possible to sub class that is like ur base but from other race?Like elf with base sps, to sub sorcerer an opposite for example. My suggestion is to let ppl to play classes they want without such restrictions, since that doesn't affect balance or smth at all and would be a nice to have such feature around, so ppl won't be thinking about re-creation of their characters and lose their progression, since they wanted to try smth new. P.s I know u mentioned about elf not able to sub DE classes cause of animations, I'm asking about available subs for each race.
  11. Enable Clan Academy

  12. Good idea with more sides, would be even more fun.
  13. Summoners joke

    It's a comedy that u don't get any reward for killing those sh1ts, who will waist his time attacking 20k hp summon for 15s if he doesn't get anything in return, why would u need to invest anything into gear, if u can play this joke, pathetic role.
  14. Strong PC, low FPS

    L2 is an old game, it has crappy optimizations, best way to improve ur fps would be to use .animoff or if u want to have max from this game - .allanimoff, but u wont see bubbles and heals as well.
  15. Not everyone here worksat macdonald's. Basically, majority ppl who invested their time in educationor are not braindead, has free time from work on weekends, on which sometimes they want to relax and play some old good l2, that's why we want to start a bit earlier and chill. Btw seeing ur forums activity, I highly doubt if u even go to any work.