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  1. Hidden stats

    This is a good idea ... hope Emerald can do it!
  2. twitch

    As a continuation for the post above... Yesterday was Sunday. Thanks for understanding and have a nice day
  3. im crazy with a daggers

    Please stop crying ... Thanks.
  4. Kat x3 celestial .. -1 min

    Why you felt the need to explain anything to him ... he is bad by default. No need to feed the monkey. PS. F1 doesn't need skill mastery ... so he doesn't know this stuff
  5. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

  6. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

  7. Scamm shop - be carrefull

    In your face @Balistical ... this guy is a new player with 2 days on the server and knew that those were free in shop... That only @Emerald can answer... Event though I strongly believe that he shouldn't have interfered in this matter ... and no1 should be banned for such things. Wish you luck... hopefully you didn't get banned for something else ..... and maybe there is going to be a change of heart and you will be able to play again.
  8. Scamm shop - be carrefull

    I left the server on Monday so that's -5$ for you. I'm also not defending anyone, I'm just stating the obvious.
  9. Scamm shop - be carrefull

    Also a scam would be trying to sell D(C/B) Grade crystals instead of blue(green/red) 13 or gemstones D grade instead of Stones of Purity etc etc etc. It's a player choice to sell his stuff with the desired price (even if in GM shop it's free).
  10. Scamm shop - be carrefull

    That's the person's problem for not checking the GM shop, not mine. I currently have a +0 demon dagger on sell for 1kk it scam? ofc not because you know it's free in shop and you ignore it. The guy is selling those weapons "to help" lazy people to get those weapons faster but not for free. If you are lazy and didn't check the GM shop first ...not my problem. Everything is there. What's next? a topic about people selling mats for 100+ adena telling me is scam because in shop they are 100a each? or about buff books being sold with higher prices than GM shop? I've seen plenty of these shops while playing this season and didn't come here to cry like most of you are. Ignore and move on. Also as a new player, until you farm rank 5 and get noble status, you have plenty of time to learn a lot about the server. What you have in GM / donations shop etc and what not. Stop trying to make excuses for other players. Have a nice day.
  11. Scamm shop - be carrefull

    Why would that be a scam? Any normal player can look and know what stuff can be found in shops.... Any normal player would always close those shop / ignore them. If that would actually be a scam.... Would be bannable on every single server... Guess what is not.
  12. Scamm shop - be carrefull

    Not a bad idea tho... Didn't need it so far but yeah.... Good idea nonetheless
  13. Question about clan skills

  14. Question about clan skills

    Egg prices ~1500 adena each... Adds another ~90k to the total.... I still believe it's a lot... And not all clan members get full skills in the end....
  15. Scamm shop - be carrefull

    I don't consider these scam shops to be honest... I believe everyone is free to sell anything they want as long as the prices and the items sold/bought are the same with the ones in their sell/buy "message". I posted about auction house because of pepper's statement about cluttering and useless shops. Auction house limits the time you spend searching/checking shops. Trust me is frustrating to look on the market every single time you want to buy or sell something or to try and find the best deals etc. It was a very useful feature on god+ when you could find something very fast and market was very competitive. Can you elaborate why you didn't like it?