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  1. Verolomnyy/aka/6666

    I don't know why you are not perma banned already for using 3rd party apps.... @Emerald?
  2. Return once

  3. dark panther (tank pets) hit +10 000 dmg

    People discovering the power of reflect lel Enjoy it.
  4. Allow Prophecy to party members :D

    Hello everyone! I 'm sure it wont hurt anyone if youallow the casting of prophecy skills on party members and give them a 5 minutes duration... Thanks,
  5. Melee DMG

    I might think attribute defense might not work properly... Gluttony is using holy attribute.... And with the current tank boost + 3xAI..... Makes that huge damage.... Without those skills he is 0....also he is perma stunning people..... Which sucks..... So you have low holy attributes anyways.... Jackie is using earth on his weapon and I'm sure he farmed so good on broken STS..... To have full epic jwls and everything needed already..... That's your second low attribute defense..... And for topqq.... If he is on titan on frenzy.... Again normal.... Use double reflect buffs on you.... You will still take good damage... But they will suicide by attacking you I don't want to be mean or anything @Emerald.... But boosting Eva's Templar damage would have been enough.... There was no need to boost the offensive tanks which have AI.... Sos.... Or seed of revenge.... For that.... An offensive tank with full epics and good buffs + game play sense can be a real killing machine without the 30% dmg boost...they have root to get close to target and stun to perma hold the target and kill it.... Oh hi Gluttony that's for you..... You can outrun most characters in game and perma stun them.... Good for you Cuz you could farm with broken STS class and now abuse another broken one... Loved your comments Btw in the other thread.
  6. Small fix

    I made a test with bottle of souls before leaving server.... I used 3300 bottle of souls and farmed adena worth of 4000 bottles only (20k). The damage increase of using bottles is not worth the investment unless you leave your char on clicker/nostromo macro to make bottles overnight.... Making 700 adena is just trash. The bottles should either be free or at worst 1a each bottle of 5 souls. You run out of bottles very very fast..... And the damage boost is almost non-existent. Also don't expect to win any mage 1on1 with full buffs lel.... Since any mage will do better than you 99% of the time with ~6-8k more m. Atk than you......
  7. Tank

    Don't be mean.... You can win starting gear with top gear.... If you can't.... Delete l2 or play tetris
  8. Questions about Hierophants

    Confirmed... Is not that it's something op.... Since the heal is once every 7 seconds or so... And you have to cast 2 skills in order to heal someone.... But judicator is a joke here other than making the party OP for 15 seconds every 5 minutes.... Debuff land rate is kinda low or non existant.
  9. a question about augment skill wild magic

    The active one was working fine on beta.....
  10. About phoenix knight

    PK was nerfed so that he won't ever be top 1 kills lel.... I was thinking you knew that already after everything you wrote It happened once in the past in the hands of some smart person.... But crybabies happened and when they cry... Emeralds reacts. Don't you see everyone hates tanks because of some aggro.... Tanks interrupt easy fragging.... Less adena for the cry babies.... So it's a no no...
  11. Remove clan leader when Banning characters

    This keyword .... I see ....
  12. hero weap

  13. thats not good

    I think Emerald said somewhere that the rates for crystals is 15% ?!
  14. Cardinals and other healers need some tuning

    to much trouble for Emerald.....I think you also need to edit client files to give new id and also server files ... I just hope this thread will not end up like Dominator thread ....where he got an unneeded nerf and considered a healer in queues.lel