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  1. lethal!!

    I checked it and it works on Mini Events when killing the enemy gods .... might work on other raids too .... will have to check some more and come back with an update ...
  2. selfbuffs

    tyrant with SOS? oh no thanks ....
  3. Attribute strange behavior

    Maybe dummy has holy defense
  4. [H5] Baylor Instance Bug

    We just had Baylor Instance and no1 could join. Everyone got the same error: You can only join event with 1 character. Please take a look on it. Thanks!
  5. [h5] Cardinal Celestial

    I noticed this yesterday in pvp..... But I tested it twice while in town today.... In the morning and before posting it.... Might as well test it again tomorrow.... It's wierd....
  6. [H5] Chaos Items

    Chaos items that drop on epics cannot be upgraded.
  7. Olympics

    In H5, if I remember well, you start with 10 points because characters would reecive 10 points every week to fight in olympiad.... Can someone else confirm?
  8. Celestial shield skill gets canceled when you move. It should only get canceled if you use skills etc
  9. [H5] Kamael Subclasses

    There is a little bug where a kamael can pick the same subclass Female/Male version... Female Soul Hound [Main] test: - should not be able to pick the Male Soul Hound subclass. Male Soul Hound [Main] test: - should not be able to pick Female Soul Hound subclass. Male Doombringer [Main] test: - should have the option to create Male Soul Hound ...not Female. I also had this encounter where I had Doombringer main and just created a trickster subclass ...and when I tried to add another subclass I had only the following options (it displayed the correct sub when I checked again later)........ I couldn't replicate it again though.... so it might have been .....a glitch
  10. what about increase adena drop

    You seem to be the kind of guy who likes to one shot everyone and feel good about it ... adena not being enough is what makes you play longer ... if you get a lot of adena and get end game gear in 2 weeks and 1-shot every single new guy that joins the server later ... it's going to be bad for everyone (except you ... more posts on chat about how good you are with your DB+0 no heals). Enchanting now is way way easier with the auxiliary stones. I find this to be helpful for new people joining the server. Also since adena was increased by x10 the game feels smoother and it feels like you make progress faster. oh and this: and that's only the event time ... from mid-end interlude period that's ~6 hours online every day in events only.
  11. Downgrade weapon (S84)

    nevermind i was tired The operation seems a bit expensive .... ~60k adena just for this ...pfew ... Sorry for wasting your time <3
  12. Wharehouse Frightman

    Please stop posting ... Whatever you post is either a "CryMyARiver" post or .... "i'm clueless kind of post" .... The service is free... like freight was in interlude...even if it says that it takes adena.
  13. Attribute Master Yin/Yang

  14. Wharehouse Frightman

    In h5 there is mail system... Use it buddy. You're welcome!
  15. Current downgrade option doesn't keep the SA of the weapon even if that's what it shown (tried with a S84 vesper bow). În the window I was told that I would get a Vesper bow + Focus but I received a normal vesper bow instead without SA. (this might apply to s80 or S grades too didn't check yet.... Might do it tomorrow)