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  1. new event

    it sounds good for some events with 5 or less peoples some element stone some adena and some parts or something like that
  2. ICARUS free but no sa

    ty for your respond Emerald !Zosiek newbis cant kill easy peoples so for colecting 399 gems need at last 2 weeks so who is retard we can see ... with best regrats VooDoo
  3. ICARUS free but no sa

    Hello Dear we make 2 much crafts for noobs geting free icarus coz we want more fair play with old and new peoples (geared and new ungeared peoples)but as i see weapons are free but need 399 gems for sa so making free icarus weapons its useless for newbis coz they need more than 2 weeks for 399 gems can you plz fix this and put sa free on icarus weapons ?? ty and have a nice day