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  1. BeyondControl is now recruiting again for some JUICY FACTIONS ACTION. Hit me up in DMs if you're interested.
  2. How do they work? Are they consumables or like a passive inventory rune? And once activated/purchased, does the timer keep counting if I'm offline or does it stop when off and only counts when online?
  3. Hi Impr0x! We've closed recruiting for the time being, as we're settling in. But we thank you for the interest, and wish you best of luck!
  4. My main man here is layin it like it's meant to be. BC will 90% be joining Chaos as of RN. We're newbies on OvC, but can't wait to steamroll some vets.
  5. You sure? I read today that Lesley's group is going Order.
  6. In case you're unfamiliar with the Law of the Large Numbers, here's why more people voting actually matters: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_large_numbers
  7. Thanks for the input @Chevignon, we'll definitely consider that!
  8. Why is Kadaj's name familiar? Where did you guys play before, @Digicult?
  9. Fun fact, my dear @Lesley, Statistics was one of my favorite subjects in maths class in high school. But during my bachelor and Masters, data analysis ended up being a MAJOR nightmare hahaha At least I still remember a couple of things
  10. > Funnel strat We League of Legends now boys
  11. Just remembered that we had this video on one of our clan member's old Vimeo accounts. Rune Siege in a high rate PvP server (9 years ago): https://vimeo.com/12359419