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  1. Another noob random who wants solo play in server 😄 u can get cancel even if target is celested whitch is op thing on his own so go look for friends or make sword muse and go for flags or something 😄
  2. Like any mage in interlude +5 wit 4 int expert book mcrit and base stats for extra wit...after got valakas play pow if got refresh surender wortex and huricane only with no refresh best combine spike also depends on enemy resists
  3. before crying about bad mages look at this dworf mafiaKingdom or something like this 😄 he was almost on every map top he was playing mage .... sure he had great team of supports but if u dont have great team or if u play with one broke hand like half players here u cant bee on top simple as that peace
  4. omfg even emo crying banned kid like me self can tell that this interlude was rly good balanced (no in refresh getting 😄 😄 ) but in killing top killers and difrent classes running around 😄 ( only warlord should have some limit like tankers got ) archers rules tops in interlude only then online is low so go cry for new sez not for nerfing 😄
  5. Naikis

    Auction house

    +++++ would be insane to have it here. With ability to buy sell augmented weapons with taxes ofc so ppl cant trade use trade 😄 since i feel i am the only guy who cant get refresh (sadly the only working augment in ovc ....) in around 200 stones 😄
  6. its great idea to add mini reward for losing and bigger for winning ( like ls or bews) so ppl would be more interested to join oly 🙂 and if u dont like that sps and sorc cant win make better class next time interlude oly is trash then we talk about balance and all players know it.so why good classes cant get reward for performing better than opponents ? you should be happy to have 30s fear here in others servers with mage or bow u only could be eatch other and thats fact
  7. thats why we need auction to be able to buy skills we need and others dont just need to make buyers taxes of like extra 10k festival or someting like this so item cant be shared non stop
  8. only skill working in this server is refresh rest u can delete dm gives like 5% ... rest is total trash actime might 65 p atk pasive empover 40 m atk and so on they nerf it because of "BALANCE" then the only skill needed nerf was dm long time ago ...... also i can add that server need auction to be able sell augmented weap with some fee for sure so ppl cant share it non stop with friends because i am already bored of using 150 ls every sez and cant get refresh so atleast i could buy others lucky one 😉
  9. Hello again where is rly big problem in server what needs to chance once and for all imagine mine cp supports at lvl 79 farm 4k on map and then they makes new char he farms 20k ez that needs to change so ppl can play one char boost it and still farm normal and rank up....... all i am asking is that ppl with lvl 76 and 80 and rank 1 and 10 could get same amount of adena the gear bonus should be only about GEAR not ranks lvl and shit .... it may sound like i ask newbie and nolifer get same cash but its not .....i just want that ppl can play one char and dont make new ones 2 times in a day... keep gear bonus about gear(B A S) not damn lvl and rank ....
  10. sad but interlude oly is only for tanks forces sumoners and elders 😞
  11. its not suggestion its real life guyz skills resests every fight all servers .... but ok i get u ;D
  12. only idiot would do this
  13. weaker classes still cant do nothing if they have celes ud rdy or not .... but its wasting time for stronger classes to wait before fighting eatch other again maybe do some voting would be nice on this 🙂
  14. Hello again i want to make suggestion if its possible to make reuse of all skills after every fight in oly ? I remember this problem was last sez and since u said it gonna be same interlude as last one i want to ask if its possible. Because then u need to wait 4-5m to reg again its not fun 🙂 @Emerald
  15. Hi on interlude we can have overlord in party with healer or no ? because here over no have chain and u cant count it as healer .... also how augmentation skills gona work like last interlude then shield adds 27 p def ? m pover 150 m atk and only usefull skill was refresh ? or u change it back like it was 3-4 sez ago only leaving nerf on DM so arcehrs cant hit 5k ? @Emerald plz reply because on whese 2 Q depends we come or no :)