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  1. Naikis


    what about removing pvp master work from dyn moirai only leave pvp on vorpal elegia and master vork( but no pvp ) to vesper so players no interested in farming armors since with dyn theyget much more adenas drops and have almost same stats or even more m atk
  2. i dont need it me self i just want more guyz to have good weap so less gear penality for me:D
  3. hello maybe change that hero weapon att can be selected by owner ? because now only holy and that make weapon usefull only for fighters
  4. master works add m atk not even 2 full% so still elegia should have like litle litle more:)
  5. its retail mate all servers we use bubles with sublime or cele on top
  6. if we ragequit server will day ez as that
  7. Naikis


    Not rly i cant beat tyr or glad on newbie gear 1x1 if player know how to play and if i can one shot u guyz try make sph and one shot me gl
  8. Naikis


    make 2 overs 2 bish i still kill u solo if u mage or bow and found some friends
  9. Naikis


    whatis next 2 archers cant hit same target ??? or maybe necro cant join sph on party because soom kid recieved 12k slug with gloom ? maybe allow only sws bd and warsmith at same pt .................. we play this game to gave some group gfun ant fight other groups .......... to be able to say smoke this pack anyway new seazon new nefs every time i love this server but u making it worse and worse with all this party not allow to have something in it .............
  10. Naikis


    make overlord be able to join pt with bishop why u punish organised players for some randoms who leave anyway this server only runs because of few nolifer clans here and u punish them because randosm cant found friends ? lineage 2 is all about group plays if u dont know how this game works atleast listen player who knows.... @Emerald peace
  11. Class nerfing in midle of the seazon is stupid why players even make over if they cant found party if not possible to go at same pt as bishop
  12. So over cant be in pt with bishop ? U are insane better fix gear bonuses not nerf server even more
  13. Naikis


    all i am asking is to reduce - gear penality effect because most ofthe server is -90 -100% gear penaly....and i cent get more than 1k aden per map if not count votes and mini event rewards ... also cant get any stone enchant and otger stufff.... @Emerald
  14. Naikis


    i get top gear because i know how market works and we farm duo for this but i cant get any adenas after i put eleigias why they dont let ppl farm like on start and just double that or so for newbies .....