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  1. Expert skills on summoners

    Yess it should, Emerald nerfed it to the ground after 2 seasons I played it. Was working properly but i can tell it was oped as fk, 1st season I was only person who figured ut how powerfull it might be in such mas pvps. Did not have any competition beside one gladdy. On maps ive been doing like 3x times max kill streaks there were at time,(max was like 50 and after i was not getting adena for most of kills, as they reapepeted themselfs)most often surviving few maps w/o death and 60 kills on each. And then.... Emerald found some java files which claimed tidal has 96 power instead of 226 like on off, stats got changed as well and additional nerfs like delay on stun increased arrived... No more fun since then with 12k magnus crits.This is how you destroy class in +/-1 season.
  2. Hi

    Sry for abandoning the thread. I am quite sadlya lifer nowadays it seems. It turned out to be a thread about how sh1ty tuxevil healer is (whoever he is). Was about to say this after 1st vid on page 2 or 3 and i still see i would be OT so: My eyes bled on lack of proper use of skills, unless he has 3 fingers in his only singlehand he is not excused Have fun guys, even tough it is highly unlikely considering how rarely im even on my pc (sht last time 3 weeks ago fok) mby ill be back smday to remind you how to rage but stillwont have time to give healinglessons to such excepcionaly hopeless casesdescribed above for sure. Cheers.
  3. Hi

    Hi there. How is new starwars chronicle? Is it worth starting atm? How many online average? Not realy sure if wana dl 20 gig client to see 1st season is quite over. Cheers
  4. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    Make p2w Helios to sustain bugless classic and im all in. Being serious, dont think i'd play helios, played epeisodion and indeed was nice chronicle except exp/items/adena drop were retarded. was quite best chronicle since god itself cos of class diversification that made it little more complex but still super easy for any handless ppl w/obrain but a huge pocket moneyto buy soul jewels chests. Classic looks tempting, you should go straight forit.
  5. Dagger: Adventurer

    kinda, with just exception stab ss bonus is c5 and until gf haste is still way to go for any dagger
  6. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    It's tetrislude, cant be best by default
  7. Augmentation bonuses

    your experience on lvl 20 trial account on NA and EU official servers - why would you play both? sounds legitimate, not- is not relevant either even if it is true. None of priv serves u presented had official IL files and on any newer off chronicle they had augswere working exacly like here. You can go back to your imaginated world.
  8. Melee and geodata

    its old bug that happens as well on off in way newer chronicles. It got fixed onlyfor skills- and i heard it got fixed for skills on ovc as well. u need to click in front of ppl you want to hit, it was like this for some degree in any off chrnicle.
  9. bluff is derengement(mental) type. stun shot is a stun type, You should get it(detarget) as often as stun itself. Note there is way higher chance to get stunned than bluffed since mental shield gives 50 rez and you as well get wisdom +20 rez. While resist shock gives 40 rez, tough you got tezza for it exclusively. none of these shoud rly land into full epics anyway, resist rate surely exceed 100% unless you got 10con/menbut well, its custom on quite every interlude to not make debuffs useless.
  10. Dagger: Adventurer

    Its quite unclear for myself as well, it is between 35-45% for fd depending on circumstances(25-35 for fp). It might have some mod depending on critical power total/or just epics,Never rly tested it this particular diffrence since it would be too time comsuming considering you still got 5% +/- random and not this bug impact after all. I remember thatwhenwith 2 rings noumbers were closer to upper limit f/e.
  11. Dagger: Adventurer

    it was bugged even on h5. blow landrate is terrible, you can try to convince emerald to fix it but even with direct evidence on h5 it has never been fixed. and it is harder to prove anything on il, you can try to setup your own c4 server- legitimate leaked off files are widely aviable - but it is pain in the assand will most likely not get fixed anyway. on h5 i made a thraed about: blow landrate - it had base of 0.35 and was getting doubled from back while on off it was ~.65 base and +/0.15 bonus from back. bacstab angle- it lands only 180 degrees on ovc, on off it lands from 270 whole formulas - broken af, like nothing was right with em, bs was same as blows and everything had like 100% ss bonus and more kind of starwars fd/fp giving 60/90 bonus for blows where should work totaly diffrent for blows/stabs- the only one which got moderately fixed. good luck guys, if none of these was bugged id realy play dagger as well on h5
  12. Augmentation bonuses

    yeah, cos your experience on javas where passive crit rate gave 280 crit rate is relevant. augments never got nerfed, only javas had em super broken.
  13. Lethal blow

    its c5 or c4 update. check legacy for patchnote. quite sure c5 to compensate decreasing crit buffs nerf from 50% to 35% later on nothing in formula changed except for element, passive cd and duel sht
  14. Lethal blow

    ok so how it should work: deadly- quite eaz to calculate has like 15% soulshot bonus lethal same as above, litle more power and like 4% more from lvl diff also it can crit stab +/- 50% ss bonus cos of totaly diffrent formula than ones above, can crit thats just amatour explenation version for you to get it
  15. Training Dummy with PVP attribute

    sa gives 5%, pvp might 5%, duelist spirit 10% what else you need?just makesm math