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  1. I'm sure it is a scam shop... Been there for days... Also seen him logged and set the same shop again.....
  2. Are you chaos or order?
  3. Jaedon


    You are too funny.... Please continue playing your kitty char and stop posting on this forum. Too much trash to read from you.
  4. Jaedon

    motivate the nubz

    Not a bad idea but.... 1% is too high.... 0.1% better
  5. he used to play Arcana Lord not Phantom Summoner Phantom might be too challenging for him ...
  6. Jaedon


    Let it burnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  7. Not sure who created this trend but it's so retarded The only places I haven't seen it happen it's Zaken and Queen Ant ...I wonder why
  8. Jaedon

    New type of olympiad

    I am not sure the boss jewels are the real problem there
  9. The portal NPC is so overcrowded