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  1. ES error creacion de personaje

    Thank you very much for the help, I was able to access the server. The problem was that having 250ms could not create the character. Thank you
  2. ES error creacion de personaje

    Ok, later I'll download another client. What seems strange to me is that I was able to play another server. For me the error is in the system. Do you use Windows 10 64 bit?
  3. ES error creacion de personaje

    no, retry error again.
  4. buenas tardes, al momento de crear el personaje, me aparece esto. yo descargue el cliente de la pagina l2ovc, es mas ayer probe al jugar otro servidor y pude. quiero saber si alguien me puede ayudar, desde ya muchas gracias.
  5. Bug create

    at the time of creating the character I get this error
  6. Bug create

    good, when creating the character the game throws me (does not answer), I have window 10 64bits. at the time of opening the task manager tells me that the application is 32 bits, would that be the problem? I downloaded the client from the l2ovc page. ty.