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  1. Buffing

    Titan doesnt need any boost ,i saw he has 20% damage boost dunno why.This is really not needed .That damage boost needs to be removed and also paagrio eye needs be removed .Titan should be balanced by default .
  2. Melee DMG

    That tank must be end game gear,while people that are complaining are either robes or some other undergeared with low resists on his element .The issue is not him hitting 8k,its his initial damage...400 damage non crit is quite alot for a tank because people lacks p def and 300+ resists towards his element .Once they got those he shouldnt be able to hit more than 200-300 damage ,meaning his crits will be max 4-6 k max on ai+f1 .If he has endgame gear and got 300+ element thanpeople shouldnt complain about his damage if they dont have endgame gear with maximized element resists . BTW anyway FI+AI is quite strong ,so maybe a slightly tweak is required .And im thinking here something like 75 % crit power and 25% crit rate instead of 100 crit power when wearing blunt .Zealot for the titan should maybe get same tweak as well .But that pagrio crit rate resist must be removed because its way too effective .It makes fighters crit as offen almost as mages and that aint fair .
  3. Buffing

    That paagrio buff that decreases critical rate should be removed .Since buffs like FI/SOS countercritical is removed than would be fair this buff to be removed too .Its just too much of a nerf for classes that relly onautoattacks (archers/trickster/tanks/warlord/titan/zerker etc).With that buff the real crit rate is maxed at about 300-350 instead of 500 .
  4. Melee DMG

    So than u want mage/archer server ?Because if thats the case no melees would get close .Something like this will never work .Some classes are better against others by default,u cant change nature of that .For example trickster is pure antimage class ,soulhound or titan are antitank classes and so on ...u got my point . I think what u wanted to say is no healer should be able to tank when focused because in the end hes still a robe class ,
  5. Tank

    That damage is normal for an offensive paladin .Its hi5 and paladin has 2 ai that both stack ,wich means his crit multiplier x5 (Buffs +aq+baium) goes x20 if hes using a blunt .As u see his normal hit is 400 damage and than his crits are 8k .Its just simple math ,dunno why people are amazed andsuprised by this . Now dunno if thats balanced or not for a server like l2ovc ,this is up to debate,but personally i preffer such tanks ,wich takes abit of skill and somewhat dedication to reach that stage anytime over those cancerous unskilled agrobots with -9 str and mage buffs .
  6. About changes in general

    Lets say a map lasts 20 minutes .95 % would mean 18 minutes full frenzy zealot .This is impossible,frenzy has cooldown 5 minutes while it lasts 90 seconds .The only selfbuff that a titan can have 100% of the time is rage .OE zealot in theory can be up 100% of time but in practice its just not possible since u need low ,meaning here on a faction server u need good minutes of inflicting self low with earthquake . I think what u mean is when u see titans fighting they are 95 % of time with their full selfbuffs up .Yes this makes sense to me because the player would be retarded to go pvp as meatshield just with rage up .No zealot at least for the titan ,they are useless ,its that simple .So in a 20 minutes map he can be a reliable pvp class lets say half of the time ,while all other dds can pvp 100 % of the time ,they dont have the drawbacks that titan have .Their improved damage is the rewardthat balances their drawbacks ,otherwise nobody would play them .What would be the point to play titan if u need waste time and effort to lower yourself every 2min or so in the end to put dagger/glad/tirant damage ? Also they dont have shitloads of hp as u said,their hp is more or less as much as daggers while abit more cpbecause titans need go -9 con unlike glad/tirants who go +4 con.Dont put titan in the same context with glad/tirants .Mage shouldnt tank a frenzy-zealot titan .Even for tanks should be difficult vs them .Healer or not shouldnt make a difference for the mage ,its normal .
  7. About changes in general

    Titan and healer arent compatible especially on a server like l2ovc .Its just too difficult for the healer ,some experienceis needed in playing both titan and healerto know when to heal and when not to .Since i play here in countless seasons i saw only like 2 healers that knew how to play with a titan in partythats it.I avoid them like plague Instead of helping me they mess me more.And if u see some titan+healer than its their merit ,because like i said its not as easy as some people might think .And also is this incompatibility for titans to play with other kind of dds and healer in the same party since heals 24/7 is not good for the titan for obvious reasons . Healer +range its the typical l2ovc healer .Mages benefit the most out of them .And beside this titan also has zealot that decreases the heal power,so in this cases only restore skills are helping him . Btw if a mage is m critting 4k ,where is the problem if titan does 8k ?We talk here about 0 range and 900 range .1 mage alone shouldnt win vs a good titan .And offen is 1 way trip they can only rush make a few kills in best case scenario before dieingand picked apart by other range classes .
  8. About changes in general

    Whats wrong with titan 2 shotting mages ?Hes supposed to be the king of melees with burst damage due frenzy zealot rage .This is perfectly fine if they got an OE endgame weapon with max element.Also hes suposed to be the only counter to this annoying tanks .I hope that when i will be able to play a hi5 they wont be reduced to useless gimps , In a way thay are already nerfed due to making FI and countercritical selfbuffs ,wich btw is perfectly fine imo.
  9. ''hate''

    U cannot enjoy the game if u have fanboys tanks ,surely this did not happend to you .If u would have agrobots fans following u everywhere on the map u wouldnt suport them so much ,thats for sure .Because there is no point ,u cannot play normally when your target is hijacked all the time by some immortal class .
  10. ''hate''

    Why ?Because its annoying sh1t .And this cancer tanks know its annoying otherwise they wouldnt do it .If someone has on obsession on somebody doesnt matter reason he just needs be braindead and there are alot such specimens in this community,they can ruin anybody experience .
  11. ''hate''

    So if a tank has little brain he can lock anybodys target for a long 1st 15 consecutive seconds if he does it in a specific order and at the right time .Also after that his target will be target locked more than 50% of the time .
  12. ''hate''

    Correct me if im wrong but cooldown for aggression single targetis6 seconds static reuse .(or something like that) .Aura of fate and challange for fate are long reuse indeed like u said arround 40 sec .And i checked server features,i didnt find anycooldown nerfs for agression .
  13. ''hate''

    Hahaha ,this is little funny but sad at the same time .I know what u mean ,unfortunately this is the community .When i was playing hi5 before (wich i dont atm cause no huge free time on my hands) i had 1 guy chasing me all over map just to agro me .He even took some pictures on some maps to post them on forum when i had low kills wich was rare cause i was top kills anyway,but this guy tried to make it like it was this way all maps .And before there was paladins with mage weapons and mage buffs abusing selfsacrifice ,it was really stupid situation if u had such "personal" fans .
  14. Phoenix knight bugs

    The bad part about removing sacrifice is that it was a way for paladins to lower themself to activate self AI .I would see no problem with sacrifice if is modded to be identical as it was in interlude .Sacrifice+20 or more would be still good enough and not OP as HI5 version .
  15. Phoenix knight bugs

    If u did play hi5 before than its understandable .If sacrifice is allowed to work retail like than people will abuse it making agrobots with 0 offensive buffs and just defensive buffs that can self heal and spam agro just to annoy people and nothing else,and bunch of ddswont be able to kill him.Solution to remove it from events looks extreme i must say ,i would rather nerf their heal power instead . Its pretty much annoying to see people playing this type of character especially in hi5 when tanks can be solid legit pvp chars that actually can kill .Let the healing part to healers ,paladin healing for 2-3 k himself or others is gamebreaking mechanic .