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  1. Its normal... .Th has boost attack speed passive while the other 2 dagger classed dont have it.
  2. U should add some sticks with btb level 4 and mental shield level 3 for free .
  3. Lebron


    Just a thought Emerald.There were some seasons that lasted like 2-3 months .It was some time ago ,dunno exactly how many seasons ago or even what year .Maybe u can check the configuration of your server when it was the most populated .Because since than many things changed .For example melees didnt have such a hard time because of the new maps .This new domination maps and escorts in wich the pvp is concentrated in 1 point between spawns didnt exist as well .Its just silly for the melees they are spectators watching range pvp .Forts its kinda similar but there are walls ,people can go pvp inside and outside .But outdoor maps like escort and domination are terrible and unbalanced as hell .Anyway this is just some example,there should be others as well . Maybe go back to that point and try a new direction to improve the server?Also try to improve geodata ,again its terrible .It can be fixed ,u just need better files .Maybe ask for suport and L2ovc community will go donate ,dont think will be a problem . Or maybe go for a l2 classic .That might be fun too dunno .But i think server in this configuration that is right now ,it wont get better .
  4. Lebron


    True archer can do that and will be very hard for the mage .But archer will make way less kills on the map ,and honestly i dont think its worth it ,OVC is all about killing and not preserve yourself from not dieing .A no zerk archer will have hard time killing other classes other than mages and even vs stacked mages it wont be easy ,they are also slower wich means their kite takes a hit too .
  5. Lebron


    BTW i agree with most point in the OP .In fact i suggested in the past that valakas and baium should be locked for the 1st 2 weeks .Same as for the sieges .Shadow epics dont think will help .It will create more unbalance since will be harder for the casuals while nolifers will have no problem to have this "shadow" epics as "perma" epics . A grade also needs to be kept cheap or even free late in the season to help newcommers .gear up faster .
  6. Lebron


    Balance its not just about archer vs mage .Mage is a killing machine at any stage .Archer is suposed to soft counter mage anyway ,but mage aint totally helpless .If archer has aq baium and db+++ thats end game and mage needs reach it as well to keep it up its simple as that .End game mages are not a joke,they are still at the top of food chain .If u dont know that than it means u never reach it and u dont know how good a mage with valakas +dc+6+tatoo+oe AM +shield+shield buffs+refresh can be .
  7. For this type of playstyle that u described i would preffer necro .Necro aint dependable of refresh if u play with half life and use cdl/death spike combo .
  8. SH power is that it has the highest m atk and 2 type of attacks .Use his nukes acordingly to the target resists .Some people may be more stacked in wind resist (archers for example) and u can wreck them with dark magic in some cases .Also slow its high landing because of his high m atk and with magnus u can kite most melees quite nicely .I would suggest to play full time with magnus unless u got refresh+valakas,wich in this case use powa .
  9. Lebron


    But why destro should be good only in some maps like forts for example ?If somebody wants to play just destro and not switch classes like underwear what is he going to do ? ....be good in 1 fort map and the following next 6 maps he will be in agony ?While archers and mages can be good on any given map including forts.Archers/mages can very well ignore any objectives since they are farm machines and nothing matches that .While other irrelevant classes are going for objectives (melees like warlord tanks ) to make a buck for a living . Balanced doesnt mean good in 1 type of maps and bad in all other .:) It would be balanced if it would be the same for all classes but its not (just gave example with the archers and mages) .You can put forts 50 % of time and mage/archers will still outfarm/outperform titans .
  10. Lebron


    Titan is the most demanding class in terms of buffs because he has 3 selfbuffs that u cannot even conceive to skip them in frenzy/rage/zealot .Other classes can have as many selbuffs but can be skipped since dont have such impact (tanks for example and everyone plays agrobot anyway dont need offensive buffs) .Also other classes can use this selfbuffs in rotation ,(for example u dont need to use ue and mirage at the same time ). I dont think titans need any nerfs btw .They are balanced by default .Why take their ability to 1 shot ?Its what defines them in interlude ......without 1 shoting threat they can be kitable and especially here with this geodata .Also they are very vulnerable to range damage and debuffs and their speed is awful outside of zealot .
  11. Lebron


    Focus is skippable true, champion aint .People think frenzy is enough for destros ,but its not ,zealot is almost as important so titans do need a short reuse on zealot as well .
  12. Lebron


    Its not that terrible if u use a dagger before dashing .And best way to do it is with macro .
  13. Its not 1/10 .Dunnot from where u pulled that number but its far from the truth .SPS m crit more like ~ 1/4 while other mages something like ~ 1/5 1/6 .And this numbers arent pulled out of my ass ....its from testing .U can test yourself and see it with your own eyes .And i dont think Emerald touched the m crit rate ,it should be the same as it was the previous interlude seasons .
  14. Where is the problem ?U get hit 4k from GS and u nuke him 1k (3k m crit) .Dont u think that is balanced ?I mean archer should be soft countering a mage anyway .I tell u whats unbalanced .Its when u get hit 3-4k and u hit 400 damage back .Its unbalanced at that stage of server when population is low and archer can afford to drop other important buffs(acuracy and p def ) just to counter some mage they dont like .....now thats unbalanced and nothing can be done .If someone hates u and wants to counter you u can do nothing about as mage .
  15. Interfaces are very usefull for this kind of server .It improves fps quite significant .I know from personal experience,its quite a difference especially in mass pvp .The issue here is that some of this interfaces come with features that u enlisted and can be considered "cheating" .Using an interface should be legal i think but if u get caught cheating u should be punished ,interface or not .