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  1. How to fix population drop

    BTW just a thought .The addition of free +6 b grade sets and free OE B weapons should be considered right now,maybe would reinvirogate the current season also ,the gap betweennewbies and vets would be reduced considerably .Newbies would have much easier time to farm and catch up .
  2. How to fix population drop

    IMO as i stated in some other posts ,valakas,s grade and baium should be locked 1st 2 weeks .Dunno if would help with population dropping or not (maybe it would),but server for sure would be more interesting and more balanced like that .After 2 weeks S grade,valakas,baium can be unlocked while a grade becomes free .There is also the possibility to add +6 b grade sets and b grade+10 weapons after 2 weeks for free instead of free a grade .
  3. Thats the same as high five bonuses .Does this augments have same bonuses in interlude as in high five ?
  4. Hidden stats

    If its not possible ,than would be nice to have the formula for magic critical rate and skill crit rate so we can calculate ourself at least .
  5. Anyway i have also another reason why this type of augments doesnt work properly .That paladin that i made was just for testing(because i like testing stuff) if he can selfstain himself with sacrificeswithout TOL like in many youtube olympiad vids that are circling youtube and most of them are russians java(cannot find retail paladin olympiad from interlude) .BTW i have hard time to believe the skills from this server works more legit from those ru javas .Some people may be suprised but russians have much better understanding of l2 mechanics and access to better datawich is ussualy in their language . I really think this 2 augments need a check if they are working properly both active and passive,and if not they should be fixed .That was my intention all along .
  6. How to fix population drop

    Warlord and tanks are more than fine .Your boost suggestion should be for the offensive part and just for the melees that start in newbie gear.But like u said melees are just victims in the 1st 2 weeks .Anyway your boost sugestion cannot happend because people will find a way to start with end game(via donation or group farming) and if melees are OP with endgame stuff make no mistake they will do it .
  7. How to fix population drop

    About the serveri agree,the diversity kinda dropped off latest seasons ...less and less melee classes ,and i think here the map pool is the biggest issue .IMO maps poolshould be categorised in 3 types:range,melee and mixed and runed as equally as possible .Voting for the players should be justfor the maps and not what type of map . I also think people are getting bored fast because of the same interlude over and over .A new chronicle would be ideal .
  8. Well depends of the chronicle .Acording to the same site l2jru high five ,isas u said.heal empower givesstatic hp bonus.But i used the closest chapter to the interlude where it gives concrete data and it shows percentage (19% to be more specific same as prayer ) . http://l2j.ru/highfive/index.php?p=19&skid=3138 http://l2j.ru/gracia12/index.php?p=19&skid=3138 About the source its what i found and its better than nothing .Obviously retail forums about l2 old chapters and dedicated websites vanished long time ago .
  9. Just stfu,if u like to troll people u got the wrong guy.If u have nothing postive to say better keep it for yourself .
  10. Be more specific and bring evidence or some kind of source like i did .
  11. And here is the difference between a zaken and heal empower active . Heal with zaken :1320 hp healed Heal with just the augment:1279 https://imgur.com/a/EwPbEp7 Seems a zaken or an antharas has bigger impact than this augment in healing power .
  12. http://l2j.ru/gracia12/index.php?s=prayer http://l2j.ru/gracia12/index.php?p=19&skid=3138 I suspect this 2 actives and passives arent quite correct .I know l2j.ru aint the best source and its from Gracia but they are correct 90% at least with their database.Maybe someone has a better source info for this skills and from interlude... .But acording to this info the bonus should be 20 % for both passive active and for both prayer and heal empower at level 10 . I put this topic in discussion 1st because it needs a debate :),and if is right maybe should be moved to bugreports .
  13. How to fix population drop

    350 eaa for 1 part +7 is normal as for 120 ews and not reaching +9u was just unlucky .I did enchant my db to +11 with arround 150 ews but with 1st 130 ews i didnt reach +8 .
  14. Hidden stats

    Just wondering if its possible for the player to know some of hidden stats fromhis char .And im thinking here stats like skill critical or magic critical .For example a npc to tell u some of that stuff or maybe some command like we had in hi5 (.debug) .
  15. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

    On normal server there would not be dds vs dds+suport,lets be clear about that pvp would be equal .This is different type of server where people have the option to play alone so bishop needs be kept in check .