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  1. New type of olympiad

    I dont think its bad ideea .It should be more fun this way for everyone and would limitthe feed to some degree also .
  2. New type of olympiad

    Split olympiad in 2 category of classes .Category 1 where oly farming classes can play between themself and category 2 with less powerfull classes . CAtegory 1 :destros,glads,tyrants,healers,prophet,summoners,warcryer,overlord, Category 2:dagger,mage,dwarfs,archers,warlord,tanks
  3. FA and scroll price

    So adena scroll is 12500 FA .But whats the real price for FA on the market than ?It cant be ~ 10-20 adena ,that will make the scroll translate in ~ 125000-250000 adena(12500-25000 old adena) .This x10 is a little confusing .So the FA price its same as before meaning 1-2 adena .
  4. shop price down!

    Changelist #5 * All Adena/FA rates/prices have been increased by x10. * Added toplist at the end of Aden Siege event with top clans. * All players of the 3 top clans in Aden Siege event will get a top player point + box of luck. Like this
  5. wtf is this changes????

    Cancel is borderline OP ,in 5 seconds u are dead ,unless u are a class that can afford full resists .I think cancel needs a different aproach ......1 cancel from a mage u might survive and overcome but when 2+ cancels you are just a sitting duck waiting to die .Whats OP about cancels is that can be stacked ,there should be a limit of how many buffs are removed from a target .
  6. nerfing everything minus archers

    I was referring some seasons ago before this new augments were implemented .Dunno wich season u talk about but 7k damage or pr with 7k p atk was never possible without this custom augments even with db+16 .
  7. nerfing everything minus archers

    u talk about siege ?Well im talking about events .For siege should be no rules i quess .
  8. nerfing everything minus archers

    How are archers stronger ?When might/dm went back to how they were few seasons ago .And i know better ,archers were balanced back than .Now the only difference was this custom augments .And u are wrong ,archers have counter wich aredaggers .But i also think archer acuracy is kinda high and should be lowered from dexterity rebirth ,to be on pair with evasion .
  9. nerfing everything minus archers

    So u want bot parties back on l2ovc .I really dont understand this people .U complain about archer ,than think how immortal such parties would be with se+bishop,didnt u see this season ?What more proof do u want .The change was for a reason .
  10. nerfing everything minus archers

    SE/EE arent useless .Ask Maze to tell u .I could swar i saw se/ee as immortals as bishops here in l2ovc .Its the player that makes the difference .This classes have their uses for those who like to play this classes .
  11. nerfing everything minus archers

    The point of ee/se is that beside heals he can provide mana recharge as well .If mages are playingwith powa instead of magnus your mana will go down fast .Ofc they wont heal as good as bishops but mana management its way better .Its an option and players need to chose what they need most .SE+Bishop was just overpowered in the same party .It was for the greater good and for the sake of balance .... Also u didnt play lately .Archers are now balanced since OP custom augments went back to being retail .
  12. nerfing everything minus archers

    1 more thing .Those images are abit funny and out of context .Ofc in a duel or in events 2vs2 ,where nothing else is a threat your damage is irrelevant because he can take dark resists ,wich clearly he has .If server would be populated with all kinds of threats (archers,daggers,all different kind of mages ) archer cannot take more than el prot/divine and u would easily nuke him for 1k damage (4k m crits ) .
  13. nerfing everything minus archers

    Thats not hard to quess .Hes dark elf archer with might/dm passive+active and his jewelsmust be +5 minumum .
  14. nerfing everything minus archers

    Archers and mages are on steroids .Both mages and archers crit me for 4k but im the one with cap damage as melee .People need to stop this,Meaning mages complaining about archer .Just be full unbiased and admit it mages are in the same category for once .Wich class are the top killer on the server ?Thats right its archer,mages .
  15. nerfing everything minus archers

    The only thing sure is that u are an idiot and a lowbie killer .And u use "I" when was more aproppiated to use "We",the bot army .