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  1. Dont think thats a viable option, some players get 80 kills per map and so, they would indeed love this feature but it would just be another reason for 99% of server to cry about. Personally i think that a good alternative would be adding a quest system to the 'farm area' - the robot place in COT, where u can get 1 quest item per monster kill and at 300-500 or some number u could get a high % enchant (custom 90-95% chance or something like that), since u have to give up playing events to farm it and theres a 1 hr limit per day and if u're just going with a farmer class u might get killed and lose time so u cant abuse it. ps: i dont think a flat +1 enchant is a good idea, however u do it, the game is all about RNG, it should stay like that, just maybe find a way to get better % chance scrolls in the mix
  2. they get less mana in mana pots, thats plenty of a nerf when u have to pick between mana effectiveness or survivability, not being able to get recharged is also a nerf that happened last season, not getting healed by other suports too, ´no unicorn buff means their good abilities like balance cleanse are cucked, what else? every class got nerfs, bishops arent an exception by any means. and uh, "normal server" do u mean actual normal server where u have buffers in pt (including a recharger) or a java server where bps get mana pots and never oom so theyre mighty fine and better than in ovc? cause in the first option bps can mostly keep themselves alive with just cp pot spam (which u cant do in ovc) excluding one or two heals, if its a big fight like ovc. and in the second option, well, theres not much to say, mana potions.
  3. like honestly can someone ban this guy from forums already. toxic 10 year old, jesus.
  4. uh, no. the way to fix the pop drop is to bring back the classes that have been completely removed like SE having people not being able to play their mains wont keep them in the server. and also, have more non-ranged maps in rotations for mid-late server life, first weeks there are a lot of gladi/tyrant players and thats part of the fun, when server turns into full archers vs mages, everyone that likes to play gladi etc just leaves... maybe also work around the whole "voting for maps only gives a chance for them to be played" since u can have 50 votes for a small range map and then what goes through is an archer map, that kind of sucks imo. and even with whatever changes, the pop will always drop, it gets boring after a while, just maybe not as drastically, since gladi tyrant wl etc players will still have maps to play, which they currently dont really get that often.
  5. isnt it funny how this topic started with "kat healing for 17+ mins omegawow" when its obviously not even true, he for sure stops from time to time to get his mana recharged with the bow ( which was an ovc feature ) but the person "crying" about it doesnt mention that part... the classic. so will u remove marriage features @Emerald? gotolove and the bow recharge ?
  6. "look this they are doing something that isnt f1 must be bug, go ban" *ovc community*
  7. imagine being organized on a server that rewards solos and nerfs every single bit of organised gameplay like even a fucking recharge mechanic or simply having scuffed domi that can only heal his own pt and still supports cant heal eachother, not to mention clan only 15 members and only like 2-3 of them can have clan empower... other than that, ure absolutely right, the donation method works best.
  8. there are people out there selling 500 SSB for 5k adena each, is that a scam shop? its just a way to keep ur character online, maybe for online time top or something idk. u may think of it as a scam, but it really isnt, any person with a brain will look at that and close the window, if u get scammed into buying one of those staffs then thats absolutely ur fault.... ps/edit: theres also a small chance that some people dont know those are sold in gm shop, in which case its actually helpful to them to be able to get them at a shop, even if its expensive rofl
  9. yeah, i think everyone should get the bonuses, clans are already nerfed to a maximum of 15 ppl, after u pay 188k adena, and then most dont get clan skills, its just weird, but it is what it is..
  10. 188,150 adena clan lvl 8 with full slots. 60 eggs, around 500 rep per skill (some more, some less) (2500 adena per skill) 60x2500 =150,000 188k+150k = 338k this isnt 300% accurate, just some quick math, might be less or more, cause im not sure of all the rep prices on skills, it might be 30-50k less or more. but its around those values oh and this is assuming ure not buying eggs, if u buy the eggs, its a bit more ( idk eggs prices)
  11. as lebron said u need rep and eggs. for clan lvl 8 it costs 188,150 adena. for full clan skills u need 60 eggs. and average skill is 500 rep (2500 adena) some are more expensive some are less expensive. so yeah it is kind of expensive to get clan going if u wanna do it solo edit: lvl 8 with full slots i mean.
  12. check again, he's there. top 10 assist score kill.. u're the one i dont see anywhere, u're not making justice to the pray4mercy name ))