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  1. There had to be a stability issue, no way Order would have won it if there wasn't some kind of error 😄
  2. It's not about some secret formula that would instantly make everyone equal, it's about fundamentals that many people here obviously lacks. Good to hear you're giving advices, I'm answering questions all the time as well, idea is to do it in a more structured way so this mountain of knowledge could be reached at any time. It would be nice if people were that enthusiastic about learning it themselves, too bad most of them are not that adventurous.
  3. That would be huge! @Luffy - I wish you maintain some decency and don't pretend you care about server's longevity then. With attitude like that, your "concerns" will look funny. No worries about that verbal smackdown @Rhaegar, turn it into in-game competition and we'll be good.
  4. So every season you'll notice newcomers who doesn't really know what they're doing - buying useless items, picking wrong buffs and behaving strange on a battlefield. I'm sure there are many new people who are scrolling forum at this very moment, and without some useful tips they'll do the same mistakes we've seen before, which might result in early exit. Occasionally, people create random topics and ask for tips, but they have no guarantee they'll be answered. It becomes very simple once you figure it out, but only a handful of people are willing to do it on their own. Veterans of the server could spill some of their secrets in a special forum section, where they would write begginer's guide about a class they mastered with general info such as 1) items buying order, 2) buffs, 3) dyes, 4) PVP tips and 5) other useful information, which could make L2OvC experience more enjoyable and last longer. Ofc, it is only worth doing if there are people who are willing to share their knowledge and spend some time in writing those mini guides. There's plenty of time before season opening, so in a meantime, veterans could teach, and newcomers learn and prepare. So, the main question is, are there people who are willing to write short guides? It would benefit all of us, folks.
  5. Agreed, people are thirsty for some Interlude action, especially under current circumstances. I know Emerald doesn't like being told what to do, but it's just a friendly reminder of what people long for.
  6. I like lovehate's idea of adena being not tradeable, that might solve the problem of organised clans pooling their resources and gaining huge advantage early. This will sound radical, but I'd completely eliminate economic activity. People that know how to play also knows how to manipulate prices and exploit economy, which, just as pooling of resources, helps them gain big advantage and create a huge gear gap between them and anyone else pretty quick. Those S84-ers that we see running around in a first week are usually not only those that played more, but also those who pooled their resources and took advantage of economy. Make everything - gear, resources, enchants, LS etc. untradable, you'd still be able to buy and sell them from shop. It's a PVP server and a very exciting one, encourage people to be better by participating in events and not by searching for other means. The more you'd PVP, the better you'd become, simple as that.
  7. Mages are quite fine right now,. Sure, they're not nearly as dominant as they were in Interlude seasons, but they're more than playable. The only issue I would have is their m crit damage, which seems a little bit too low. Anyway, this season classes looks balanced, good job.
  8. Once purchased, it will stay in your inventory for 6 hours. Scroll effect/timer only activates when you're out of town.
  9. Welcome, hope you'll find what you're looking for and have a great time on L2OvC!
  10. Server will start with B grade. Higher grade will be unlocked from the start.
  11. Those hard hitting archers are usually top players who invested hundreds of ours into getting superior gear. I don't understand why we should punish them instead of rewarding them for their hard work. For example, Rhaegar. From his latest post, I can tell he's common arrogant fool, but why would we punish him for investing more time and effort than pretty much anyone in this server? Anyway, every class is more or less equally annoying when you fall too much behind. As a noob starting late, I've witnessed it first hand (suffered a lot at the hands of mages and daggers, not just archers), but that doesn't justify these nerfing demands. Server's concept and its implementation is great, but this community could be real pain. Emerald, I wish you to remain strong in face of these never-ending demands.