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  1. Feels like this season is dying..i see less and less people online every day in both factions.Not to mention many people i used to team up since the begining of the server stopped logging..It's a sign that things aren't going in the right direction.I noticed this thing for about 3 days now..Opinions?
  2. @hemo I don't want to play solo,what's your issue? It's my choice,if you don't like it,you free to do w/e u want..no expecting you or anyone else to understand my reasons. P.S : This post is for recruting only,not for spam.Thanks!
  3. Honestly, 0.It's just me and a friend.Some said they want to come and play with me,but when they found about the discord,probably got scared
  4. Seems that people don't like to play with communication programs,too complicated...But they don't realise that's what makes the difference in this game.
  5. It seems you got a counter for everything anyone says,so there is no point for me to continue...it's like you have a fight with a friend about 2 things each one sees as being the best thing in each one's opinion and they contradict themselves by trying to counter the other one's argument...it's easy to type what an individual must do in some situation,but when you are there in the middle of the fight it's a bit trickier...
  6. Well I'm judging the stats-damage balance.There are many ways of stopping the summon's damage pouring on screen,but leaving that beside,on his p Def damage should be a bit lower.
  7. Some people are right here but GladeHeal too...I am no too and I share his concern about the ridiculous damage of pets considering he has top gear and enchanted to +6,buffs are fine...people talking but they actually don't think about the fact that summons got such big atk speed that cancel even battle heals.Also erase on elf/dark elven summons work like 6/10 and 8/10 but lands so hard on that feline cat.Only 2 times since I joined server I managed to erase it from first cast,in most of the times Order teammates would've killed it and I still couldn't manage to erase it..So my point about summon stats is that the atk speed is mainly the problem...cause every bp will reach Glade's level of equipment and enchant sooner or later,maybe even better..and I wouldn't mind to get 2.5k-2.8k from summon as long as I know I got an actual chance to heal myself or try erase it in that time.Just my opinion,don't judge me.
  8. Hello everyone! It's a bit late,I know, but I decided to start my own clan since I have been in one or two from Order side and it didn't felt like I was in a real clan,everyone is playing for himself,everyone wants to take decisions,nobody wants to improve as an individual and as a clan,so I decided to accept the challenge of creating a competitive clan and maybe some day,even compete for sieges(but it's not a priority for now). First of all,I gotta say that Discord is 100% neededpeople that can't use discord can't join the clan.I'm currently recruiting an active SE, 1 Bp and some archers with brain,that actually know how to kite and assist as well.We are 3-4 guys at the moment,we helped each other to make items so far and now we are trying to grow this group bigger.We are playing for the love of PvP right now,but it can be something more.I am waiting you guys with PM in game on nick yoDeyMa or here on forum if you think you can fit it. Good luck to everyone!