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  1. Well... I think this started day 3 or so... since order hardly won anything, a couple of us thought of making full summoners party, play assist and 1 by 1 annoy the shit out of the squashed bat crest clan/ally w/e. When u have a cat on ur ass there`s like dozens of ways to "not die and cry like little girl", especially when u have a party. But when u have 4 cats and a black alien looking creature on ur ass, wtf are u gonna do? I tell u what, DIE! Two events in, u can tell they wanted to ragequit several times by now, but couldn`t cuz they payed :)))) We loved it and kept on doing it occasionally. Emerald bro... classes pretty much stopped being the reason of imbalance after season 3-4. People on the other hand... Here`s a suggestion for ya`: use ur migthy ban hammer on some 20 ppl and maybe the shit load of players u lost cuz of these ppl will revive the server next season... it`ll probably hurt ur pocket a bit tho. Maybe somewhere along the line u forgot u have a private server and that u can actually ban whom ever u want. This isn`t the first time they abuse, wont be the last either. P.S. I loled @update.
  2. 666th


    Summoners are ok, they become a problem when they start assisting on the same target. That is a consequence of all u guys being pussies and joining the same steamrolling chaos side. On order side, u play 10 events - win 1, maybe 2; story of this season. No matter how many balance changes Emerald does, ppl will always fuck it up; so if u`re strong, epic, pro and ur clan is the sh1t - stop crying, grow some balls, grow some spine and JOIN ORDER; anyone can literally change faction every other event.
  3. I noticed the same things, was lf confirm, thx... kinda sucks that they`re missing from the features list.
  4. does the summon receive the extra buff slots off divine inspiration? how does gift/blessing work on self/party members/party member`s summons)? does it get clan skills effects? my summon`s buffs keep on changing (visual bug) doesn`t affect it`s stats but i cannot ever tell what buffs it has. it shows buffs that i don`t even have in my scheme... like within an event i can see some 28 different buffs, constantly changing within 20 slots .