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  1. 500 IQ

    Can I just throw this out here? It's not about chaos farming b grades with full support. It's not about FA. It's not about olympiad. It's about the fact that most raids go to Chaos, and all the cute little b graders that were thrown to Order against their will can't get geared to catch up. If it's not depressing enough that you can't kill a fly with 200 dmg, well, imagine not being able to kill a fly for a whole week! Just sayin. P.S. there are improvements now, with the ban of SE/Bish parties, however, it's a bit late in the game.
  2. why not broooo

    #nerfthemall. remove soulshots. all classes aoba health. no discrimination! Jokes aside, both teams had plenty of bishops, you cannot seriously put the blame on the class. It's not that the bishops are broken, just that the smart play is non-existent. People go for the kill, not for the win, all while running around like headless chicken without a clue who to target next. No offense intended. It's just one of them things.
  3. Feline King pet Damage on healer with cov

    Statistics and all are nice, but do you really think 3.5k dmg is a lot? i mean as a bishop, and not only, you got quite a lot of hp. 3.5k dmg on a crit every 100 years won't kill ya, pets rarely crit too. NOW TO THE REAL HIDDEN ISSUE OF THIS POST: 'nerf summoners so when I have 5 cats and 3 ponys on me i can still heal and not die'. Well bugger, lady, 5 archers on anyone's ass and you can't overheal that. There's no balance issues. It's just drama. P.S. I LOVE YOU SHILENSE. YOUDABEST.
  4. Hi, It seems that the expert skill to empower summons is not working, summons have the same stats as before learning the skill. Can this be looked into please? Thanks